Get ready to shimmer and shine all the way to school drop off. Thanks to the latest beauty trend of transforming your locks into holographic hair, you too can release the magical mum unicorn from within.

All you need is a horn to headbutt your kids into gear and you’re ready to fly.

unicorn hair
Source: @fabhairbyjosh

Rainbow hair, don’t care

We have US hair salon Ross Michael Salon to thank for this Insta-worthy new look which uses Olaplex to help lighten the hair before streaking it with a mix of different dyes. The result? A rainbow of subtle, metallic colour that will certainly turn heads.

Have a look for yourself and tell us, would you rock the holographic hair look?

unicorn hair
Source: @fabhairbyjosh
Source: @fabhairbyjosh
Source: @hollyslifeandhair

So pretty right? And a big a step up from my current hair-style of a mousy grey mum bun.

The perfect hair for unicorn mums 

Magical unicorn hair is also magically on-trend, especially if you’re currently rocking the unicorn mum parenting style, which, let’s face it, we ALL are.

unicorn mums

So, to all the unicorn mums out there, wave that rainbow hair in the air like you just don’t care and celebrate all the glitter and sparkle that we bring to our kids’ lives each and every day.

Now you’ve got the mane to prove just how f*cking magical you really are. And we are here for it. Just as soon as we find the time to go to the salon…

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