Skylander Fans Rejoice, the New Imaginators are here and They’re Awesome!

Is your child the biggest Skylanders fan out there? Well, if your video game-lover is totally into the super-cool and creative world of Skylanders, we’ve got the goods for you this Christmas!

Skylanders Imaginators take your child’s favourite franchise up a notch (or rather, a few). Activision Publishing, Inc. has released their newest creation. And, it’s just in time for the holidays.

skylanders-imaginators-starter-packSo, what’s so new about this version of Skylanders?

Well, Imaginators lets your child bring his very own creations to life (at least digitally) in brand new battles, puzzles and more. There are new storylines, new heroes and new villains. The story behind Skylanders Imaginators takes an ancient turn. It begins long, long ago when an ancient (any mysterious) power called “Mind Magic” is used to create Skylands. But, this “Mind Magic” isn’t all good. In the wrong hands it can be dangerous and disastrous.  Don’t worry, this game is more creatively fun than doom and gloom. After the “Mind Magic” was released into the Skylands, Kaos started creating an almost unstoppable army. Now the Portal Masters are tasked to create Skylanders Imaginators – to stop the evil army.


What else is new with the Skylanders?

Skylanders Imaginators is also introducing to new guest star characters. Crash Bandicoot and Dr. New Cortex are part of the Imaginators line-up! There are also 31 new Skylanders Senseis heroes – and, that’s also with the infinite number of new creations that your child’ imagination can unlock. Along with this, the game itself features more game play choices. This includes an array of musical options, with tracks from famous artist and DJ Armin van Buuren.

Don’t worry about missing out your child’s past play. Imaginators supports all 300+ Skylanders from past versions of the game.

The Starter Pack is available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii.

There’s also a mobile app for Skylanders Creator that features creation tools similar to what the Imaginators has to offer.


Congratulations you found it!

Today’s prize in our 12 Days of Christmas is a handful of Skylanders Imaginators Starter Kits for either XBox or PS4.

To enter, simply answer the question in the graphic above (the answer’s in this article) and click here to complete the entry form and you could be one of today’s winners!


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