Sick of Slow Walkers in Shopping Centres? There’s a Fast Lane For That!

Welcome to the fast lane. The shopping fast lane.

It’s pretty much the greatest thing to hit shops since click and collect. And, while Aussie stores haven’t hopped on the Fast Lane bandwagon just yet, we reckon it’s about time they did!

Recently a shopping centre in the UK decided to end all Christmas shopping nightmares by adding a fast lane to their floors.

That’s right – you can make a mad dash to your shop of choice without getting stuck behind window shoppers, dawdlers, slow walkers and parents with toddlers who insist on stopping every five seconds to stare at the floor.

Speed shoppers, rejoice!

Essentially, the 220-metre bright orange lane is similar to the fast lane on freeways, aimed to eliminate road rage. Or, in this case, shopping centre rage.

Lakeside Centre in Essex, England decided to trial their Fast Lane after a MasterCard survey found that slow walkers are the biggest annoyance for shoppers. They are hoping to eliminate the frustration that comes with the excess crowds during the Christmas season.

According to Lakeside Centre Management, the lane is for shoppers who “who know where they want to go quickly”.

While the Fast Lane currently only exists over in the UK, it’s fair to say that this needs to happen in Australia. Like yesterday. It doesn’t look hard to do – a bit of orange duct tape and you’re good to go.

Perhaps shopping centres can also add a Parents With Prams lane while they’re at it…

If you’re especially sick of slow shoppers, crazy Christmas crowds or leaving the house in general, you may be happy to hear that online superstore Amazon Australia is FINALLY open for business! 

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