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Spacetalk Adventurer Smartphone Watch for Kids with JumpySIM and FREE App Subscription

It’s the gift that keeps on giving year-round and one that continues to pop up on kids’ Christmas and birthday wish lists year after year. What is it? A smartphone watch for kids, of course!

We’ve already mentioned that the Spacetalk Adventurer is one of our top picks for best Christmas gifts for kids 5+ and now we’ve got your chance to WIN one for your little one.

Spacetalk Adventurer smartwatch for kids
You could win 1 of 2 Spacetalk Adventurer smartwatches! Source: Supplied


Check out the new Spacetalk Adventurer features and enter to win one too! We’ve also got a limited-time discount on the Spacetalk Adventurer.

Get yours for $60 off plus no app fees and a JumpySIM.  Scroll down to see the details.

Five stars for Spacetalk

Spacetalk is one of the first names in smartphone watches for kids. They have over 20 years of experience in child safety and are considered one of the most trusted names in the smartwatch game.

Spacetalk also comes with plenty of positive feedback and rave reviews from families who love their devices. 85% of those who bought it gave the Adventurer a 5-star rating.

The Spacetalk Adventurer comes with all the features you want in a wearable phone. Source: Supplied

There’s a lot to love about the Spacetalk Adventurer too.

✅  Peace of mind

For parents, it’s the peace of mind that sets it above and beyond, especially for parents with children that are just starting that journey toward independence. They may be to or from their way to school or stay late for extra-curricular activities. Or they may be away from you at a sleepover or walking down the road to a friend’s house.

Knowing that you can contact them at the drop of a hat, and they can do the same to you, provides a sense of relief and assurance that makes parenting a child at this age so much easier. It removes the fear and anxiety all the while letting them gain a bit of freedom.

If you are ever late to pick them up, you can text or call them. And the same with them. If they need a goodnight text or even a quick video chat, while at a sleepover, they’ve got it on their wrist.

Enjoy high-definition video calling on your Spacetalk Adventurer. Source: Supplied

You control it all

The Spacetalk Adventurer offers this peace of mind for parents (and kids) without any risk of a security breach, social media, or unsafe callers.

Parents control everything on the Spacetalk app so only approved contacts can be added to the phone. There’s no internet or social media access either and the watch is on a secure 4G system.

The smartphone watch simply connects via the Spacetalk app on your phone. Keep track of everything too: their chat history, their activity level, their photos. It’s all fully accessible to you.

Spacetalk Smartwatch app screenshots
Source: Supplied

Know where they are

The GPS is also a godsend as it can tell you exactly where your child is. This is especially handy for kids who are old enough to venture out, maybe play at a park down the road or walk to a friend’s house.

Feeling worried? Give mum a call! Source: Supplied

For parents, the Spacetalk Adventurer ticks all the boxes. For kids, it’s even better. I mean, what child doesn’t want their very own phone? ALL THE KIDS!

The perfect first phone

The Spacetalk Adventurer is designed as a first phone for kids aged 5-12, who are generally too young for a mobile phone.

Of course, you can choose when you want to buy your kids a mobile phone, but many parents (myself included), took this route. Smartwatch first, mobile phone later – and it worked as a beautiful transition.

It’s also a little easier for kids to take care of and not lose – after all, it’s attached to their wrist. A phone is a lot easier to accidentally drop or leave at the park. I mean, I’m an adult and I have dropped/lost my phone more times than I can count.

You’re in control of who your child can contact and who can contact them! Source: Supplied

✅  School-friendly 

Many primary schools do not allow their students to bring a phone to school but they often allow smartphone watches for kids, as long as the watch comes with a School Mode – which Spacetalk Adventurer has. This ensures they can put their phone into a do not disturb mode during school hours to avoid distraction.

Spacetalk Smartwatch app screenshots

✅  New wellness update too 

A cool new feature of the Smartwatch Adventurer is the wellness update. Kids can send you a mood update right from their watch, making it the perfect way to help kids talk about their feelings.

The new wellness app is great for navigating emotions. Source: Supplied

Quality you can trust 

The Spacetalk Adventurer is one of the highest-quality smartphone watches for kids too. It’s got a beautiful high-definition display so you can clearly see the people you are chatting to. It’s also easy to navigate via both the app and the watch itself.

Plus, it’s water-resistant and includes an extra screen protector. Again, perfect for kids still learning that thing called “responsibility”.

Made to withstand the rough and tumble of kids. Source: Supplied

Getting connected

The Spacetalk Adventurer requires both the Spacetalk App and a Nano SIM card to work. You can connect to any SIM but we highly recommend JumpySIM which comes as a bonus with every Adventurer Smartphone Watch for kids.

There are three affordable plans to choose from ($13.75 a month is the cheapest on a 12-month plan). And, if you opt for JumpySIM, you don’t have to pay any Spacetalk app fees (SCORE!).

The app itself costs $5.99 a month so this is actually a really awesome deal.

Buy now, save $60 

For a limited time, you can also get your Spacetalk Adventurer for $60 off. The regular price is $349, so grab yours now at the reduced price of $289.

But be quick, the offer is only valid until 31st December 2022.

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Be sure to also enter to WIN one of two Spacetalk Adventurer smartphone watches for kids below.


mum central

WIN a Spacetalk Adventurer Smartwatch, valued at $349 each. This smartphone watch for kids ticks all the boxes for both kids and parents.

To enter, simply complete the entry form below in full and you’re in the running!


This competition has now closed! The winners have been named in our Summer Winners Announcement! Feeling lucky? See our current competitions for more opportunities to win. Remember, you have to be in it to win it, good luck!

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