20 Incredibly Yum Chocolate Dessert Recipes

Lovers of all things chocolate and dessert, this is the round-up for you –  a sweet tooth’s delight. It’s all our favourite chocolate dessert recipes from chocolate Baileys balls to keto-friendly chocolate cake and all the Caramilk chocolate custard in between. They’re all here. Grab a spoon and let’s dig in!

No matter your personal chocolate preference, be it sweet milk, rich dark or controversial white, a chocolate dessert is almost always a crowd-pleaser. Let’s be honest, rarely is a piece of chocolate cake refused because it’s too chocolatey.

Speaking of chocolate cake, we have several impressive ones below in the chocolate dessert arena – including a glorious keto chocolate cake, so low-carb lifestylers can have their cake and eat it too.

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Scroll down and prepare to drool. From small to large, these chocolate dessert recipes are hard to resist!

20 Chocolate dessert recipes for chocolate lovers

1. Hot chocolate cake

Phwoar! This is not just your average chocolate cake here folks. Nope, not by a long shot. Hold on to your spatula and loosen your waistband, it’s HAPPENING. Hot chocolate cake is pure indulgence, and we deserve it!

hot chocolate cake
A chocolate dessert that’s like a hot drink but in cake form, YES PLEASE. Source: Supplied

2. 30-minute chocolate cupcake recipe

Cupcakes are the perfect cake portion for a grab-and-go chocolate dessert. A go-to recipe for bake stalls, birthday parties and sports wind-ups, this chocolate cupcake recipe will become your go-to for every cake occasion!

chocolate cupcake recipe
Everyone needs a chocolate cupcake recipe in their apron pocket. Source: Bigstock

3. Quick and easy self-saucing chocolate pudding

A pudding has to be the ultimate family winter dessert, agree?  Sure it’s not the most visually attractive dessert on a plate, but it’s cosy, homely, delicious AND it’s cheap as chips to make. This self-saucing chocolate pudding recipe is a real winner!

self saucing chocolate pudding recipe
This chocolate dessert isn’t just for winter, not by a long shot! Source: Bigstock

4. DIY Caramilk chocolate

You might remember when Cadbury’s Caramilk chocolate was a limited edition block and there was so much outrage when it stopped being produced that we had to turn to our own DIY devices. Keep this DIY Caramilk chocolate recipe, should it ever happen again.

Caramilk recipe
Move over Willy Wonka, we made our own Caramilk chocolate. Source: Supplied

5. No-bake Baileys and berries choc ripple cake

A classic no-bake dessert, chocolate ripple cake can be whipped up in just 10 minutes before being placed in the fridge to set overnight. A crowd-pleaser for all generations, this cake is a chocolate staple.

chocolate dessert
Chocolate ripple cake – a classic and family favourite! Source: Supplied

6. 2-ingredient chocolate cake

People popping around for dinner and need a dessert in a hurry? How about we propose you bake a 2-ingredient chocolate cake with just two types of ingredients? It takes just half an hour to bake too!

chocolate dessert recipe
A 2-ingredient chocolate cake? YOU BET. Source: Mum’s Pantry

7. Light-as-a-feather chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse, yummm! Spoons of pillow-soft, aerated, rich chocolate goodness? SIGN ME UP. This chocolate mousse recipe and is WELL WORTH the effort and makes brilliant individual portions.

chocolate mousse recipe
Chocolate mousse – an easy chocolate dessert to make! Source: Supplied

8. Keto chocolate cake

Just because you’re living a low-carb or keto lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t have your cake AND EAT IT TOO. This is one mighty fine keto chocolate cake recipe you’re going to want to work into your macros right away!

keto chocolate cake
Keep your macros open for a slice of this amazing low-carb chocolate cake! Source: Supplied

9. Sausage roll maker loaded chocolate brownies

You know I’m all for a good cooking cheat or hack. So when it comes to brownies, I’m totally cool reaching for a packet mix. You just have to know how to make the MOST of it with a few pantry add-ins… and even better, you can make these in a sausage roll maker.

sausage roll maker brownie
The sausage roll machine strikes back with brownies! Source: Supplied

10. Thermomix Caramilk chocolate custard

A chocolate dessert for the kids! This Caramilk chocolate custard is silky smooth and sets just right for an easy, make-in-advance chocolate dessert to please the littlest family members.

Caramilk yogo thermomix recipe
Great for warmer months and kids, chocolate custard pots. Source: Supplied

11. Soft and fudgy walnut brownies

A soft, fudgy walnut brownie that works perfectly every time? Yes, this recipe is definitely it. Cut a generous slice and pair it with a cold vanilla (or chocolate!) ice cream for a sweet and indulgent dessert.

mum central
Brownies, yummmmmm! Source: Supplied

12. Baileys chocolate ripple cake

You’ve seen the classic chocolate ripple cake up above and now we give you the brilliant Baileys chocolate ripple cake. It’s a boozy dessert so make sure you don’t share it with designated drivers.

Baileys chocolate ripple cake
This chocolate dessert took the internet by storm! Source: Instagram/ @createbakemake

13. Pie maker cheesecake brownies

Is it a brownie? A cheesecake? A pie? This chocolate dessert recipe is kind of all three. Dust off the pie maker, these pie-maker cheesecake brownies are an absolute chocolate dessert hit!

pie maker cheesecake brownies
Dust off the pie maker, we’re making cheesecake brownies! Source: Supplied

14. 3-ingredient Oreo balls

Oreo balls are delicious Oreo biscuits wrapped in coconut. They’ve got the flavour profile of a lamington with a sweet Oreo edge. Keep a stash in your freezer for emergency chocolate dessert cravings.

3 ingredient Oreo balls recipe
Oreo balls – just THREE ingredients! Source: Supplied

15. Surprise pinata mud cake hack

We’re ALL about the mud cake hack life here at Mum Central – it’s the perfect way to have your cake and eat it too. Check out this magnificent pinata cake mud cake hack for your next party. It’s so much fun!

chocolate dessert recipe
A chocolate-filled choc mud cake hack surprise, SCORE! Source: Supplied

16. Choc-mint ice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for mint chocolate chip ice cream! One of the greatest ice cream flavour pairings ever made HAS to be mint and chocolate chip. Skip the parlour, you can make this chocolate studded ice cream at home!

chocolate dessert recipe
Ice cream studded with chocolate chips – perfection. Source: Mum’s Pantry

17. Dark chocolate and salted caramel baked meringues

This dark chocolate and salted caramel baked meringue recipe is the ultimate indulgent treat. Call us crazy, but we think they’re best served with drippings of warm chocolate and caramel sauce. So wickedly good!

chocolate dessert recipe
WOAH. Source: Mum’s Pantry

18. Chocolate and Lime Cheesecake

This zingy lime and chocolate cheesecake is the absolute best idea for a special treat! A light and zingy filling with a rich chocolate-flavoured base, this cheesecake is a treat for the senses. Top it with flaked chocolate for an extra hit of mouth-watering chocolate.

chocolate dessert recipe
Chocolate meets creamy citrus with this cheesecake recipe. Source: Mum’s Pantry

19. Baileys chocolate truffles

Baileys lovers won’t be able to get enough of this bite-sized dessert! Baileys chocolate truffles are just the ticket for hitting the sweet craving without devouring a large dessert.

chocolate dessert recipe
Bite-size chocolate dessert is a thing and I’m here for it. Source: Mum’s Pantry

20. S’mores marshmallow dip

This s’mores marshmallow dip is the dip of our dessert-loving dreams! So easy to make and guaranteed to make any chocolate lover swoon. Give it a go! You won’t be disappointed.

chocolate dessert recipe
Grab a biscuit and dig in! Source: Mum’s Pantry

There you have it – 20 sensational chocolate dessert recipes for you to enjoy! Let us know which one is your favourite and if you have a delicious chocolate dessert, not on the list, tell us about it in the comments below. We’d love to hear!

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