Help Find Stolen Tiara Taken by Thieves from Little Brittney Conway’s Grave


Resting places are meant to be sacred. They represent you can go to for solace or to feel closer to your loved one. A peaceful monument to their existence and the impact they had on your life.

In a heart-wrenching incident that has shaken a community to its core, 3yo Brittney Conway’s grave was recently robbed by unknown perpetrators. The small, peaceful resting place, meant to be a sanctuary of memories for grieving loved ones, became a scene of disbelief and sorrow when it was discovered that the grave had been disturbed.

Her family, already grappling with the immense loss of their child, now faces the added trauma and outrage of this unsettling violation.

Brazen, Heartless Act

A Family In Mourning

Four years ago, the Conway family was devastated by the death of their precious toddler, Brittney, after she swallowed a button battery.

Brittney is described as a lively, vivacious little girl who was courageous and full of life. “If she fell off a bike, she would get back on,” her traumatised mother said.

When she fell ill, her mother thought she might have had food poisoning. When she didn’t recover, she took her to the hospital and was initially told it could be a virus.

A few weeks later, she was gone and the family planning to say goodbye to their brown-eyed baby with a sweet, infectious smile.

Brittney Conway's gravestone with stolen tiara
The gravestone before and after the tiara was stolen. Source: Facebook

A Touching Tribute to Brittney Conway

They created a beautiful black stone tribute to their daughter, including unicorns, bright balloons, lights, toys, and a small, locked box with a tiara inside. The tiara was a touching tribute to a bright little girl who loved to play princess and dress up.

It’s this tiara that was stolen by thieves.

Brittney’s father, Dave, went to visit his daughter at Mudgeeraba cemetery when he noticed the tiara was missing. He immediately called his wife, Lorraine, to ask if she had taken it to clean it.

‘No’, and she said. ‘Well, it’s gone’,” David replied.

Brittney’s devastated parents have issued a plea, urging the bandits to return the stolen tiara. In a Facebook post, Lorraine reveals the tiara has great sentimental value as it was sat on her bed before they laid her to rest.

“I was so angry to think that somebody would take something so precious from us or even her,” Lorraine said.

“I don’t hate you, but please just take it back to her,” she added.

Brittney's parents and sister talking to Today Show
Brittney’s family talking to Today Show. Source: Today Show

A community rallies to find the stolen tiara

The post has been shared in community groups and on individual pages in an attempt to get the item back. The Conway’s have stressed they don’t want to get anyone into trouble, they just want the precious tiara back.

Faded Ink Tattoo & Barber Shop posted to their page offering a $1,000 reward for the no-questions-asked, safe return of Brittney’s tiara.

It’s a heartwarming response to a devastating incident. Queensland Police have been made aware of the theft.

In an interview with The Today Show, Lorraine revealed others have offered to replace the tiara or offered rewards of their own for information.

The family, and community, are asking for any information that could lead to the return of this irreplaceable tribute.

It’s a low, disrespectful, heartless act to steal from a memorial. I can’t even begin to imagine the feeling of violation and sadness the Conway family would be feeling. It brings a lump to my throat and an uncomfortable feeling to my stomach. I can only hope the culprit grows a conscience and returns the tiara to its rightful place.

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