Real Stories: The True Stories of 2020 That Made a Major Impact

2020 brought us a lot of things – bush fires, a new virus, a global pandemic, lockdown, online learning, a newfound appreciation for our kids’ teachers. And these top stories.

Count down with Mum Central as we take a look at the real stories of 2020 that made us laugh, cry and think.

1. Mum’s Heartbreaking Video for Son Minutes Before His Adoption

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18-year-old Hannah’s story is both beautiful and absolutely heartbreaking. Her journey of love and loss at such a young age, and her accompanying video, designed for her son, Tagg, showcase just how selfless the act of adoption really is.

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2. Experts’ Warning Over Knock-Out Bottles

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The ‘knockout bottle’ – Source: Facebook

Next, we have a warning to all sleep-deprived parents after we discovered some mums were resorting to something called “Knock-Out Bottles” to help their little ones sleep better at night. This dangerous mixture is definitely NOT something to try at home.

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3. Three-Year-Old’s Tragic Button Battery Death 

button battery danger Brittney Conway

In July 2020 Brittany Conway swallowed a button battery. She died three weeks later. Her parents spoke out about it in September, sharing what exactly happened and warning parents about just how dangerous button batteries can be.

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4. Parents’ Plea for their Bullied Six-Year Old

Six year old hospitalised due to bullying

Another tear-jerker story is this one about little Sophia, who was literally bullied to sickness. She is sick nearly every night, in and out of the hospital with anxiety, vomiting and more.  Sophia’s parents shared this heartbreaking picture of their daughter in hopes that people will understand the impact that bullying can have, even at some a young age.

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5. Clever Dad’s X-Plan Could Save Your Teen’s Life


This post is especially popular with parents with older kids. A simple “X” in a text message allows kids to alert their parents that they may be in a dangerous situation and need a way out. Such a simple yet effective concept – a must when your kids start to venture into the real world without you.

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6. Dad Accidentally Orders a 6-Metre Life-Sized Dinosaur for His Son

dad buys son dinosaur
Source: Andre Bisson/Facebook

This one had us LOLing for DAYS – this poor dad thought he was ordering a small dinosaur statue for his dino-loving son. Instead, he received a massive monster that required a crane to deliver. His son loves it though. He even named it Chaz.

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7. ‘Covid killed my son, but not in the way you think” 

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This year has been undeniably tough, especially for this poor family who had to say goodbye to their 12-year-old son after he took his own life. His dad has made a very poignant video explaining what exactly happened and warning families that isolation played a big role in his son’s suicide. So sad!

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8. MIL Goes Behind Mum’s Back to Get 3 Month-Old Baby’s Ears Pierced

baby ears pierced
Source: Bigstock

We all love a good horror MIL story and this one was a big hit this year. According to Reddit, this MIL decided to go against her daughter-in-law’s wishes and get her three-month-old baby’s ears pierced. Get the popcorn ready – drama ahead!

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9. Son Supports his Mum Through Labour

big brother son birth partner
Source: Milk and Hannah

These birth photos are absolutely stunning, not just because they represent new life, but because of nine-year-old Charlie, the young man in the blue and grey, holding his mum’s hand as she labours and births his little sister, Robin. Charlie didn’t leave his mum’s side and these pictures had us all welling up with tears – what an amazing mother/son bond.

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10. Parents Take Toddler Car Shopping: Leave with $41,000 Bill for Damages

Toddler ruins audis in car dealership SI
Photo: Johnathon Weiss/ Bigstock

Our final story of the year was this hilarious blunder which proves that toddlers and Audi dealerships don’t mix! Just wait until you see HOW she damaged the cars. And not just one either – 10 of them in total. EEK!

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