Cupid Strikes as Robert Irwin Takes on Adventures with New Girlfriend Rorie

OK, ladies, it seems that this Christmas Robert Irwin has someone special to kiss under the mistletoe (or the lush Australia Zoo canopy of trees) as one of Australia’s favourite Wildlife Warriors hits the street looking very smitten indeed.

Remember Robert’s eye-opening Stellar magazine photoshoot earlier this year? We couldn’t believe our eyes either, admiring how much our favourite guy has matured. So you probably won’t be surprised to hear that Australia’s favourite 18-year-old  has since been joined at the hip with a gorgeous new sweetheart.Robert Irwin

Remember this smoke show? PHWOAR. Source: Instagram / Stellar Magazine

Robert Irwin is officially off the dating market

There have been rumours of Robert Irwin being linked with Lucia Field (The Wiggles, Anthony Field’s daughter) and Emmy Perry in the past but this is the first display from Robert of PDA (public displays of affection, for those playing at home) to have been witnessed. And that says it all really.

It’s been reported that Robert Irwin has been seeing 18-year-old Rorie Buckey, who is no stranger to the limelight either. She’s the late Heath Ledger’s niece!

It’s been said that Robert was spotted out on a date with his new girlfriend on November 18. A simple but sweet date night, just like any other couple after a hard day’s work, the two lovebirds grabbed burgers and fries from a local Grill’d restaurant (we get it, the zucchini fries are top-notch here!) and headed to the local beach to eat.

Robert was seen pulling Rorie in for a sweet cuddle as they watched the sunset. Awwww, it warms my heart to know that romance is still alive with the young ones of today!

Robert Irwin girlfriend
Robert Irwin and Rorie Buckey enjoy a cheeky little Grill’d sunset date night. Source: Instagram

Family matters

We all know how important family is to the Irwin family and we have no doubt Rorie family have very similar values. If you think you’re seeing double, you’d be right – Rorie has an identical twin, Scarlett – so we can only imagine how close the sisters must be.

Robert Irwin girlfriend
The sisterhood: identical twins, Scarlett and Rorie Buckey. Source: Facebook

Rorie and Scarlett’s mum is Kate Ledger, big sister to the late actor Heath Ledger. And many of us can remember how the Ledger family rallied together at the time of Heath’s accidental death. Both the Irwins and Ledgers have suffered a heartbreaking loss, shattering their families, only to bring them closer again.

How they met is a mystery, but it really doesn’t matter …. we’re just thrilled to know that Robert is having some fun. We’re hanging out to hear of any double-dating stories if Rorie, Robert, Bindi and Chandler become the new awesome foursome of Australian WIldlife Warrior royalty.

And just like Robert does to Bindi, we’re sure there’s some subtle sibling sledging to come in future Irwin interviews about his new love, we can’t wait!

Congratulations Robert, we wish you and Rorie all the good things and happiness in your young lives. But also, don’t be standing under the mistletoe too long this Christmas Robert ;).  Follow Robert on his social platforms to keep up with what he’s up to – from his spectacular photography hobby to day-to-day Australia Zoo adventures and cute candid captures of the family downtime, you’ll find it all (and more) on his Instagram.

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