Hairlarious! Women’s Shein Dress Has Internet in Stitches


Shein is known for selling unique fashion finds. After all, they are the sellers behind the terrifying teeny tiny bikini and often feature on online shopping fail lists. It’s not that their clothing is bad. It’s just that, sometimes, their designs are a bit…interesting. 

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What the Shein dress is MEANT to look like. Source: Shein

Take this black and white dress, for example. It’s got the outline of a woman’s VERY hourglass body on it, from the boobs all the way down to the thighs. I mean, let’s be honest – it would be hard for most of us to pull this Shein dress off unless you’re happy to duct tape your bits into place before sliding into the thing.

Matching your own body parts with the dress’s body parts is about as Mission Impossible as it gets. 

Social media influencer, Kayla the Amazon Goddess tried it on for size. And, well, it didn’t go to plan. 

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Kayla’s Shein dress was a little bushier than expected. Source: TikTok

The fashionista stands in front of the camera modeling her Shein dress, which is called the SXY 3D Body Print Bodycon Dress, and questioning what in the hell is going on with the print. 

I thought this dress was going to be super cute because I saw it be cute on everybody else but everybody else’s dress don’t look like it has pubes.”

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Once you see it, you really can’t unsee it

She continues,

Is it supposed to look like I’m covered in body hair? Man, I don’t even wanna show you the back. The back look like a hairy booty.” 

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The back reveal DID NOT disappoint. Source: TikTok

Which it TOTALLY does. Kayla turns around to show us, and, yes, there’s no denying the whole ensemble makes her look like Big Foot is wearing a bikini. 

Fuzz for days

Kayla is confused, because the dress actually looks GREAT on the models, and on the website, the design doesn’t seem to feature as much body hair. In the comments section, several women also share their own Hairy Pube Dresses, some which are just as shocking and others that actually look good. 

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Model vs Kayla. Source: Shein and TikTok

Hairy Pube Shein Dress goes viral

Of course, the comment section didn’t disappoint with people spitting out their coffees, especially when Kayla reveals the back. 

Why does it look like someone laid on a copy machine?” one person asked.



DoodleBob made this damn dress and I’M SCREAMING,” said another. 

Kayla then shares a few more reels of her modeling the Shein dress, this tie with Shapewear on, and, well, it’s still pretty terrible. 

But, for $15.00, which is what Hairy Pube Dress retails for, I guess it’s worth the laughs. 

More funny fashion moments

Of course, this isn’t the first fashion fail that had us all very confused. 

beginning-boutique fi

Remember these barely-there bikini bottoms that give your flaps free-range to hang about? They went crazy on social media and the comments were HILARIOUS! Take this lovely comment, for example:

“Sweet lord, this would make my vagina look like a hedgehog stuck under a floorboard”

Amen girl.

Fendi Vulva Scarf
Let’s not ever forget this vulva scarf from the house of Fendi. Source: Fendi

Next, we have the trendy Vulva scarf. Because nothing says ‘sexy’ quite like a vulva around the neck. This hairy number was designed by none-other-than Fendi and retails for $1300. So much WHY!!??

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And let’s not forget the fabulous Hollywood Glam lingerie that Bras N Things spoiled us with last year.

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Then there was that time an LA-based designer tried to pass off these bits of fabric as $170 jeans. Um..mate…where’s the rest of them??

Check out a few more weird fashion trends here: 

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