Not Just for the Dishwasher … 8 Dishwasher Tablet Hacks to Up Your Cleaning Game!

If you’re just using a dishwasher tablet for dishes, then they’re GOING TO WASTE. Here’s eight crazy clever ways a humble dishwasher tablet can turn you into a magical cleaning wizard.

We know these little packages contain a powerhouse of cleaning granules and we happily let them swish through the dishwasher on the daily, but did you know dishwasher tablets can do so much more? Like *mind blowing* more?

dishwasher tablet cleaning hacks
Dishwasher tablets. AKA individual cleaning BOOSTERS. Source: Supplied

Disclaimer: ALWAYS wear gloves when handling wet dishwasher tablets and keep them out of reach of children! No one wants to risk a chemical burn, OUCH!

8 mind-blowing uses for a dishwasher tablet

1. Sparkling shower screens

To the bathroom we go! Dishwasher tablets are said to power through soap scum and that retched calcium build-up from hard water on shower screens. Before you go spending big money on ALL the cleaning products to try and remove it, try scrubbing it off of the shower door with a dishwasher tablet, rinsing in between. LIKE MAGIC, it’ll eventually start to lift away.

2. Cleaning the oven door

UGH. Is there a worse cleaning job? Just hang a tea towel in front of it and nobody will notice the filth that lurks behind, right? Clever, but WRONG. Take a dishwasher tablet and give it a quick dip under running water. Wipe or spritz the oven door with the warm water and scrub at the door glass with the dishwasher tablet. Prepare to be grossly (yet satisfyingly) horrified at the muck that you can wipe away.

dishwasher tablet cleaning hacks
What is this SORCERY? Source: Bigstock

3. The white wash is now pink wash

OK, disclaimer, I’m not 100% sure if this works or not but hell, what do you have to lose? If you’ve done the unthinkable and mixed your colours with your whites (SHOCK HORROR!) and now all your white socks, jocks and clothes have a lovely wash of blush pink, don’t lose your sh*t just yet. Wash them again and throw a dishwasher tablet in the drum with them. Cross your fingers, it’s said that the tablet strips the colour out and leaves you with white garments again!

4. The “I’m just going to let it soak” dish

You know the one. You made a lasagne or a potato bake and there’s a lot of spud sticking to the sides, hanging on for dear life and you just KNOW it’s going to require a bit of effort to get clean. Level up your soaking game by adding a dishwasher tablet to the hot water and leaving it overnight. Easy cleanup!

dishwasher tablet cleaning hacks
The casserole dish you put off cleaning straight away because #toohard. Source: Bigstock

5. Remove pencil and crayon from walls

Oh how sweet it is that your kids love to draw. That is until your mini wannabe Monet flexes their artistic elbow all over your walls. Dissolve a dishwasher tablet in a litre of warm water and using a clean, light-coloured cloth (even a face washer) dip the cloth in the liquid and gently scrub off the wall markings. Steer child toward paper, STAT.

dishwasher tablet cleaning hacks
Cute but not. Wall art is no longer everlasting! Source: Bigstock

6. The easiest way to clean bins

This is a good one and one I’ll be doing myself! Give household bins a good ol’ clean to have them smelling fresh. Or at least, not smelling. Fill the bottom of the bin with hot water and drop a dishwasher tablet in. Leave it for an hour, give it a swirl and discard the water. Rinse, dry and you’re good to go. I might even double up and give the wheelie bin a clean. WHO EVEN AM I?

7. Clean the washing machine

We brought the dishwasher tablet in the washing machine cleaning hack to you earlier this year and we couldn’t believe the nasty stuff lurking in washing machine pipes. Hit the refresh button on the washing machine by adding a tablet to an (empty) hot wash and watch the grotty water flush out. Yesssss but also ewwwwww.

washing machine cleaning hack
Clean the machine that cleans with a dishwasher tablet! Source: Supplied

8. Shoes CAN look brand new again

So all the cool kids and mums love to wear a pair of crisp white sneakers, so hip, so FRESH. Until they start to get marked up with everyday life and then some extra dirt for those extra days (hello mowing the lawn, mud, rain…). Normally you’d put them through a gentle cycle in the washing machine and they’d come out ok – BUT – next time add a dishwasher tablet to the wash and they’ll come out practically glowing. YESSSSSS.

dishwasher tablet cleaning hacks
Bring white sneakers back to their glowing origins with a dishwasher tablet. Source: Bigstock

There you have it, so grab those dishwasher tablets and go get your cleaning vibe on!

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