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Enjoy a Strong Pelvic Floor and Better Sex Thanks to This Clever Little Gadget


Many experts suggest that sex can get better with age. With this logic, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be having the best sex of your life now that you’re older, wiser, know what you like and know how to get it. Well, there are a few reasons, actually, and it starts with not having a strong pelvic floor.

Plus, let’s not forget:

  1. You may have an infant who demands your attention 24/7.
  2. Two, your breasts now sprout milk at random occasions, and
  3. You’re still healing from the whole childbirth thing that most likely left you feeling a little stretched out, both physically and mentally.

Children are mega c*ckblockers. Even as they get older you may have trouble finding kid-free time for sexy time.

But truth be told, another reason why many mums aren’t getting the most out of their sex life is because their pelvic floor is letting them down. 

pelvic floor incontinence
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Better sex starts with a strong pelvic floor

The pelvic floor muscles go from the bottom of the pelvis and support the pelvic organs such as your bladder, bowels and uterus. Like all muscles in your body, your pelvic floor muscles get stronger with exercise and, sadly, your pelvic floor took a serious beating during pregnancy and childbirth.

Pelvic Floor Muscles
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Even after childbirth, you may find that you don’t feel the same down there and that things you could do before kids are now impossible. Like doing star jumps without peeing a little bit. Or sneezing without having to tighten up and hoping for the best. Ah, yes, thanks for that, children.

Strong Pelvic Floor Weak Kegel
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Motherhood tests our patience and weakens our pelvic floors

When we asked a group of mums about their post-baby sex life, many admitted that it just wasn’t happening. Or, when it was happening, it wasn’t as explosive as they wanted.

One of the reasons was because they were concerned about their pelvic floor.

  • Some were concerned they might accidentally pee during sex
  • Others said it was harder to get aroused now
  • Most agreed they were worried they weren’t as tight down there as before
Strong Pelvic Floor Leaking Tap
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All valid concerns. Being let down by our pelvic floors is frustrating. Not having mindblowing sex is also frustrating. But we’ve discovered a handy little gadget that can help you with both these issues.

Meet the plusOne® Kegel Trainer. It’s a kegel trainer for your pelvic floor health that doubles as a sex toy (if you’re in the mood). Not only does it work to help develop tight pelvic floor muscles, but it is also designed to improve intimate well-being.

This is a mega game-changer in sexual health and we are so excited to show you what it can do!

But first, let’s talk kegels 

Kegels, kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises, as they are called, are exercises designed to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Like weight lifting, but for your pelvic region, kegels work those specific muscles for increased bladder control, postpartum recovery and tightness.

Unlike weight lifting, however, you won’t notice a difference in the size of your pelvic floor muscles (that would be weird), but instead you may notice you don’t pee anytime you bounce on a trampoline. WINNING! 

Strong Pelvic Floor Weak Bladder

Kegels can be done anytime, anywhere, by squeezing your pelvic floor muscles and then releasing them. But here’s the thing – they aren’t fun to do, it can be hard to remember to do them and it can also be tricky to know if you are doing them correctly.

There’s no buff personal trainer at the Kegel Gym letting you know if you’ve done the exercise right, yelling at you to “feel the burn” or telling you need to squeeze harder.

But there is the plusOne® Kegel Trainer! 

A personal trainer for a strong pelvic floor

The plusOne® Kegel Trainer acts like your personal trainer. It sits inside and tracks your kegel exercise movements. When the product is in training mode, the indicator lights on the remote will illuminate. The stronger the squeeze, the more lights will illuminate so you know you’re doing it right. You can also track your muscle improvements as you go. You may find that in the first week, you can only ‘lift’ one light. By the fourth, you could be up to five lights.

Strong Pelvic Floor Plus One Kegel Trainer
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And, of course, there’s no harm in adding a bit of pleasure to your workouts! The plusOne® Kegel Trainer also comes with a play mode and vibrates with five different settings so you can bring your kegel workouts to a new high.

Strong Pelvic Floor Plus One Kegel Trainer
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You can even take your personal kegel trainer into the bath or shower with you – it’s fully waterproof and comes with up to one hour of use on a single charge.

The trainer is incredibly easy to use and fun to play with too – you won’t forget to do those kegels anymore. Insert the rounded end of the kegel trainer into the vagina until it sits comfortably and leave the tail out, curling towards your belly button. Then press the button and ENJOY!

It’s ultra-smooth, super soft and extra discreet. You control your workout with the remote control and you can use it anytime, anywhere to start your journey towards the best sex of your life.

Just make sure you send the kids to grandma’s.

Strong Pelvic Floor Juicy Fruit
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Can kegel exercises really make sex better? 

Generally speaking, yes, they can. Here’s how:

  • Kegels are proven to improve blood circulation to the pelvic floor and vagina, and this may be helpful for lubrication.
  • Properly contracting your pelvic floor muscles can also make it feel tighter down there, which can improve sensation. 
  • Tightening the muscles means more friction – a win for everyone!
  • A kegel trainer can also improve sexual well-being by bringing your confidence back. You shouldn’t ever feel uneasy during sex – your vagina is awesome. But it can be nice to fully relax and be in the moment without worrying about leaking. 
Strong Pelvic Floor Juice Concept
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Do Kegel exercises produce stronger orgasms? 

Research has shown that kegel exercises can also improve orgasms and sexual arousal. It’s actually your pelvic floor muscles that are contracting during orgasms, so the stronger the muscles, the stronger the orgasm.

Improve your pelvic strength and health today!

Stronger muscles, stronger orgasms, more confidence and less chance of peeing yourself when you sneeze – all wins in our books! The plusOne® Kegel Trainer delivers nothing but wins and we know you’re going to love what it can do for you and your sex life.

Be sure to use the code MUMCENTRAL to SAVE 30% OFF  your plusOne® Kegel Trainer. Get yours at the link below!

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