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Summer’s Hottest Fun, Bunch O Balloons Have Just Upped Their Game!

The temperature’s rising and the kids want to cool down. With Bunch O Balloons that’s not only possible, but loads of good, outdoor fun. Even better you’re off duty Mum. Filling 100 balloons in one minute and without a knot to tie the kids have this ‘handled’ while you’re safely inside! 

What kid doesn’t absolutely adore a good ol’ water balloon war? There’s nothing better than an all out backyard battle. Even better if you can get half the neighbourhood kids involved. The plotting, the shrieks and the saturated clothes, it’s all part of the fun! As a Mum you can’t argue that a summer’s day spent outside in a water fight is definitely better than watching a screen inside from the sun-up to sunset.

img_7071So, your kids are ready for the biggest balloon battle of the season. And, where does that leave you? Um, on balloon-filling duty? Yep, that’s mum’s job. You’re stuck hanging by the tap, filling balloon after balloon. We all know that takes forever. Not only is your back starting to ache from filling a zillion balloons, but your kids are growing more and more impatient by the second…. Well put those gripes aside Mumma, Bunch O Balloons means water fights are now entirely the kids domain! (Get inside, find your book and leave them squarely to it!)

Watch below to see just how easy (and fun!) Bunch O Balloons can be!

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Thank goodness for ZURU!

ZURU’s Bunch O Balloons totally solves this problem. In 60 seconds you can fill 100 balloons. Yikes! That makes a difference, a serious difference, in your child’s play time. Oh yeah, and they’re also self-sealing. No twisting, tying and trying to get the balloons to stay put while you fumble your way through keeping them together.


As if tossing water balloons wasn’t fun enough, ZURU also has launchers (to set those balloons flying even farther) and Splat Bats (use your imagination to figure out exactly what your little slugger could do with these).

bunch-o-balloons-splat-batCreate double the watery trouble with the ZURU Bunch O Balloons Value Launcher pack. Featuring x2 launchers, x4 ZURU Bunch O Balloons and x2 Balloon Bags, you’ll have the perfect arsenal to create the ultimate water fight. Plus turn the fight into epic proportions with the launcher’s 60ft/15m range. Gather your friends, pick your teams and water fight the summer away!


Bunch O Balloons are available from Kmart, Target and Big W and make the perfect Christmas gift!

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Today’s prize in our 12 Days of Christmas is 5 x Bunch O Balloons Prizepacks, valued at $39.95 each.

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