Super Funny Parody Mocks the Mum-Minivan Connection

It’s a rite of passage when it comes to motherhood. That’s right – we’re talking about the minivan!

The Texting Yoga Pants (you might remember these funny mums from last summer’s hilariously viral video “I Want to Go to Chik-fil-A”) are making us all laugh again.

The quartet of mums have created a new video to the tune of Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It.” But, instead of the song’s lyrics, they’re singing about one of (if not the) defining symbol of being a mum – the minivan.

Check it out below and be sure to listen to the lyrics, we’re sure you’d all feel some deep connection at some point (if not many!) #hilarious

Their newest spoof takes the whole suburban mum thing and makes fun of it, in a completely “Yeah, that’s totally me” way. You know what we mean. That twinge you feel in the pit of your stomach when you give in and trade your sporty sedan for a three row minivan with (as the song points out) a seemingly endless amount of cup holders. And, as the mums put it, “I never thought I’d be that mum we all know. But I need a big trunk to stack the kids’ junk.”

Singing into breast pumps, these mums are on the loose when test driving this new minivan!
That look of jealousy when she sees another mum pull up with a spacious minivan and no kids fighting
The girls test driving the new minivan and the car salesman clearly getting into the groove!

Lauren (who’s the group’s lyricist and singer on this video) told BabyCenter, “As you know, during motherhood we all go through many changes and phases.” She went on to say, “Getting to the point where you are asking “Well should I buy a minivan? Could I? Should I?” is just another natural progression we will all go through. Soooo… knowing that we will all ask that at least once during our motherhood reign, we decided it was the perfect subject for our next parody.”

texting-yoga-pants-minivan-2So, who are these mums? They’re Lauren Rainey Tenney, Chelsea Cunningham, Jenilee Vander Elst and Deidra Romero. Not only are these ladies mums, but they’re also entrepreneurs. Lauren is the owner and CEO of a multi-million dollar skincare business, Chelsea runs her own home business, Jenilee is a model/actress and Deidra is a freelance writer and blogger. And to top it all off, these mums are all over the web with their humour-filled parodies.

Who’s ready to give in now and trade up to a super-spacious minivan (if you already haven’t)? Okay, so whether you’re totally a minivan mum or you say no way, this fabulously funny parody is sure to get you giggling!

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