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Allow us to Introduce you to the Sweetest Sextuplets on the Planet

Nearly five years ago Courtney Waldrops gave birth to six little miracles. Three boys, three girls.

She and her husband Eric already had three boys but they were blown away when they found out they would be adding sextuplets to the family.

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Courtney, Eric and their sweet six. Source: Facebook

Nearly five years on and wait until you see just how adorable these six little darlings are. In between making snacks and chauffeuring her kids around, Courtney snapped some absolutely divine shots of her family.

With matching blond hair and cheeky grins, these siblings are living their best life with their big family.

divine nine sextuplets
Source: Facebook

Courtney shares her family’s adventures through her Instagram and Facebook page, God’s Divine Nine.

The Divine Nine 

Her eldest son, Saylor will be going into grade 8 in September – the family lives in Alabama so they are starting the summer holidays now.

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The Divine Nine includes eldest brother Saylor, twins Bridge, Wales and the sextuplets – Rawlings, Rayne, Blu, Layke, Tag and Rivers. Source: Facebook

The twins – Wales and Bridge – are starting grade 4 while the sextuplets will be heading off to pre-kindergarten for five days a week, something mum Courtney is still trying to wrap her head around.

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Six peas in a pod. Plus Otis, the dog. Source: Facebook

They are going to love it and I know it will be good for me. My every waking minute has revolved around my babies since the day they were born. I know I will be lost but it will be a good thing for all of us,” she writes on Facebook.

Surprised by six!

Incredibly enough, Courtney gave birth to three boys and three girls at 30 weeks gestation. We shared her gender reveal video here which includes a whole lot of coloured smoke!

Her boys are Tag, Layke and Blu.

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The cheek is strong with these three. Source: Facebook

The girls are Rawlings, Rivers and Rayne.

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Butter wouldn’t melt. Source: Facebook

They all weighed between 960 grams and 1 kilogram and spent the first few weeks in NICU but that hasn’t stopped them from growing leaps and bounds.

waldrop sextuplets multiple birth
From newborns…
mum central
to toddlers… Source: Facebook

Four years of fun

The Waldrops sextuplets adore showcasing their sweet smiles and cheekiness in their countless photo sessions and for every occasion.

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Source: Facebook

In addition to plenty of family time, the girls also do dance while all six of the boys play baseball (with Eric as the coach), and Saylor also plays basketball.

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Source: Facebook

I think our very favourite photo has to be their League of their Own pic – below.

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The cutest baseball team in the world. Source: Facebook, @mon_el_fine_art_images_llc 

Courtney is a pro at capturing every precious childhood moment plus enlisting the help of some seriously talented professional photographers along the way.

The nine of them also featured on their own reality TV show – Sweet Home Sextuplets – but it was cancelled last year.

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Source: Facebook

With cheeky four-year-olds to chase after, plus a teenager and two 10-year-old boys, Courtney obviously has her hands full but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She’s spoken openly about how blessed she is to have nine amazing children call her ‘mum’. Although Courtney and Eric first fell pregnant with the sextuplets, the term ‘selective reduction’ was thrown around a lot which means reducing the number of fetuses in the womb, the couple decided against it. And they are so grateful that they did.

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Courtney and her babies. Source: Facebook

She also admits that while her social media pages are filled with perfect pictures, often courtesy of professional photographers, her life is filled with tons of chaos and crazy, not to mention thousands of photos that didn’t quite make the cut!

All my posts are full of our fun, happy, crazy life but as everyone knows you can’t see everything in a reel, a story, or a picture.” 

In other words? Behind every happy family snap is a pile (or five) of washing waiting to be folded.

mum central
Source: Facebook

You can follow their journey through Facebook.

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