The maternity photo shoot. It’s a popular way for mums-to-be to capture and remember that baby bump moment for a lifetime.

So why not chose a special spot? Perhaps somewhere idyllic, like a beach or beautiful countryside location? Or how about your favourite fast food joint?

Yep, one US woman has glammed up to capture her late pregnancy glow in the beautiful surrounds of… a Taco Bell restaurant.

Satisfying her cravings

Kristin Johnston, a soon to be mum-of-two, took to her blog, Strollers and Stilettos, to share the ‘tasteful’ photos with her followers. Dressed in a slinky red evening gown and killer heels, she cuts a very glamorous – and very pregnant – figure in the most unlikely of places.

Kristin pregnancy glamour shoot at Taco Bell

“I guess you could say that I wanted something a little different, something spicier – and that showed me in my natural state,” she explains.

“Maybe God-willing we will be blessed with a third and I can take one of those stunning mountaintop or beachside photos, but for now, I felt inspired to have my maternity shoot at one of my favourite places, a place that I can turn to anytime I get a craving or just don’t have the energy to cook dinner – a place that many of us have a fondness for in our hearts – TACO BELL.”

Strollers and stilettos eating taco bell maternity photo

The maternity photos show Kristin posing in front of her local restaurant and tucking in to her favourite food. And, though they’re not your usual maternity photos, they actually look pretty cool.

Kristin Johnston Taco Bell pregnancy photo shoot

This is possibly down to the fact that Kristin is one of the most glamorous pregnant ladies we’ve ever seen and would probably look great in a bin liner next to the local tip!

Maternity photo shoot in a Taco Bell

And here she is, soon after, with newborn baby Teddy, all trussed up like the world’s cutest burrito. Congratulations, mama!

Wedding Taco Bells

Pregnancy shoots aren’t the only thing Taco Bell is serving up. The Las Vegas outlet of the fast food chain has its own chapel and offers actual wedding packages.

For US$60 you get to marry the love of your life AND get an awesome swag pack. It includies t-shirts, champagne glasses, and custom sauce packets to go with the all important taco 12-pack. Because nothing says ‘just married’ like custom sauce packs, am I right?!

Get married at Taco Bell wedding package

OK, so we don’t have Taco Bell in Australia. But if you’re looking for some fast food inspiration closer to home, there’s this couple who got married in Macca’s.

A Macca’s marriage

Joseph Shapton and Louise met in a McDonald’s outlet. And since then, they’ve stopped in at Macca’s together at least three times a week. So when it came time to get hitched, no-one was surprised when the couple invited 30 friends along to their local Macca’s. Or when their wedding cake was shaped like a Quarter Pounder.

“We chose McDonald’s because my little daughter told me to. I asked my daughter, who’s three-years-old, what she would like at the wedding and she asked to come to McDonald’s so I made her wish come true,” Louise told the Mirror.

“I always wanted a McDonald’s party as a child and I never got one so I thought I do my own one. We’ve brought the family along, it’s a special occasion and I really enjoy the food.”

So there you have it. Next time you have a huge life event to celebrate, look no further than your local fast food chain. Or if you want to extend the discount brand theme, check out the Aussie couple who got married in Costco.


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