Teach Your Kid How to Tie Shoe Laces in 60 Seconds

It’s a back-to-school rite of passage that every kid needs to master at some stage. And that’s how to tie shoe laces!

There comes a stage in every kids’ life when it’s time to put away the Velcro and bust out the laces. But if you’ve spent the last few weeks practicing the ‘bunny ears’ with no shoe-tying luck, then we have the hack for you!

Enter Colton Lillard, the little kid with the big shoe lace tying trick…

Tie it like Colton

The video, posted by his mum Ashley on their YouTube channel LillardLoveshows the five-year-old (who has a loose tooth!) demonstrating the simple hack.

YouTube video

And it’s as easy as this:

Step 1: Put the end of the shoelace in the spare lace hole to form a loop

Step 2: Do the same with the other side

Step 3: Cross the two loops together and put one under and through the other. Then repeat

And, voila! Not only do you have tied shoelaces, but tied in a double knot no less. As Ashley says, that’s awesome.

A friendly bit of advice

Catch the cutest moment at the end, where he credits his friend, River, for teaching him. Awww, now that’s what friends are for!

Colton’s video has 27 million views on Facebook, with thousands of parents commenting that it’s helped their kids learn to to tie their laces, including several parents of children with disabilities like autism and dyspraxia.

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    We practised tying our shoes on an old style cupboard door handle after we learnt how to do it.

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