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Teen Can’t Afford Dream Dress so Her Prom Date Teaches Himself to Sew from Scratch

It’s almost a fairytale. A boy who had barely sewn two stitches in his life created a couture prom dress for his date. He loves it, she loves it, the WORLD loves it.. and then … an epic turn of fate.

Look out Cinderella’s fairy Godmother, there’s a new guy in town.

A real-life fairy Godmother – or epic boyfriend more like

Earlier this year, Parker Smith made headlines all over the world after he created a stunning blue Disney-esque gown for his prom date. And Parker didn’t have ANY previous sewing experience. That’s right folks, romance is not dead.

“I might have sewed two stitches before the dress.. the prom dress was actually my first sewing project”

Some of us start our sewing careers sewing scrunchies, other teenagers start sewing ball gowns. Some of us have it and well, some of us don’t. #samebutdifferent

A true Cinderella moment

While Parker says his prom-dress-making fame was “totally bizarre, never expected”, it’s certainly paying off for the teen.

Parker’s high school teacher recommended him to Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella director, Bob Horbin. He’s now creating a costume for the stage show. And not just any costume, we’re talking Cinderella’s all in one rags-to-riches, princess gown.

A dream job like no other, there really wasn’t much arm-twisting on Bob’s behalf. Parker jumped at the opportunity to create Cinderella’s gown. You can see in the Fox59 News video below just how proud he is of the creation and how he’s brought his Cinderella vision to life. Once again, Parker’s latest accomplishment has hit news headlines around the world!

Possibly the wisest words from a teenager I’ve heard in a while “make mistakes because that’s how you learn. That’s where the beautiful accidents come from“. So kids, dare to dream BIG, because those dreams may all come true!

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