This Guy Takes Adorable Photos With His Grandma

In a world where our news feeds are choked up at the moment with the White Island eruption in New Zealand, a toddler dying while trying to save his puppy from a house fire, and kids getting left in hot cars, we could all use a breath of fresh air. Enter Ross Smith and Grandma – AKA the sweetest partners in crime on the internet.

Valentines Day

Ross Smith and Grandma have been gussying up and snapping memorable photos together for the last six years, and you guys. It is JUST SO PURE. I mean, we all love our Grans. But the friendship between Ross and his Grandma is palpable.

It’s no wonder they’ve attracted a fan base of millions across Ross’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel.

On top of the many photos they snap together, this unexpected viral duo has created a video series of pranks, challenges, and general shenanigans. Yep, shenanigans. And while the sweetness of their ongoing photo series is undeniable, their videos make it clear that Ross’s Grandma has a sassy side too (which kind of makes us love her even more, TBH). Check her out as she heckles these bodybuilders – and gets away with it because, well, she’s a sweet old lady.

YouTube video

And can we just take a moment to appreciate the GLEE on this woman’s face when she makes all these cup trick shots!?

YouTube video

Ugh. Just melts your heart.

But back to those wonderful photos.

Ross Smith and Grandma are masters of finding those perfect opportunities for a good old Kodak moment. From Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving Turkey

to Christmas…

Christmas Tree

A fun day out bobsledding…

Bob Sledding

to creating epic movie memoirs…


…no occasion is too big or small for an extravagant pair of costumes and a big grin for the camera.

Imagine getting to work every day with your Grandma.

The woman probably changed his nappies, snuck him cookies when his mum wasn’t looking, and proudly watched him grow from a boy into a man. And now she gets the pleasure of being a part of his success in a job that he loves.

The online partnership between Ross and his Grandma was actually sparked years ago, when he was heavily into making Vine videos and featured his Gran in one of them. The internet instantly wanted more Grandma… and she was more than happy to deliver.

4th July

Honestly, there are worse things to monetise than your Grandma.

Ross has built a bit of a comedy empire, and it’s pretty clear that his Grandma has been an instrumental part of his success online. Because as much as we all love our fitness influencers, our mummy bloggers, our finance gurus and our favourite celebrities, nothing really beats the wholesomeness of a young man and his Gran working together to make the world smile.

Toy Story

They’re a match made in heaven.

And we are here for this.


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