TikTok Mum Reveals Clever Hack for Telling Twins Apart With a Clever Pint-Size Pedicure


If ever you thought being a twin mum would be a walk in the park, this TikTok twin-mum has revealed her newborn twin trick! Because, let’s face it, being a mum of multiples comes with hurdles that singleton parents would never have to face.

Ahhhh, babies. So sweet. So tiny. And such minuscule ankles that resist retaining hospital bands. But still, squee, so CUTE.

Never too young for a pedicure

This mum of twins, Lacei Ramirez Amodei, shared on TikTok her genius trick for telling twins apart, newborn twins no less – a little two-nail-pedi on those sweet, tiny feet.

“I thought fraternal twins weren’t supposed to look identical. We ordered ID anklets but until then we are relying on painted toenails.”

Take a look at the sweetest little painted tootsies below.

@laceiramirez I thought fraternal twins weren’t supposed to look identical We ordered ID anklets but until then we are relying on painted toenails‍♀️ #momsoftiktok #twinmom #twinbabies #fraternaltwins ♬ original sound –

Now before the internet flies into outrage, we’re sure this mum used a non-toxic polish for those little polished, identifying specks. The only requirement now is that you still have to remember which twin you painted in which colour. So best write that down before details get hazy.

Not identical so why so confused?

It’s true, just like any other siblings, fraternal twins only share 50% of their DNA, as opposed to identical twins who share 100% of their DNA. Nonetheless, numbers aside, same-sex twins can look VERY similar without actually being identical (even when born years apart). Add a hefty dose of sleep deprivation in those early days and do you REALLY know who is who?

telling twins apart
How to tell who is twin A or twin B? At this point, it’s anyone’s guess. Source: Bigstock

Telling twins apart with colour is a THING

I love the internet for keeping things real. And giving unsolicited advice. But mostly for the sharing and unity in providing comforting you’re not alone laughs. Here’s some of what the comment field had to say:

“I’m a mom of twins…and one night I kept changing the same diaper so the other one exploded when I picked him up.”

“I left the ID from the hospital on their feet until I saw that one of them has a birthmark on his hand. ‍♀️”

“We did that, one purple and one pink!”

“You turned them into Wii remote controllers with players 1 and 2.”

“My brother did black & neon green for the girls. they would also label everything with black & green to know what belonged to who. “

“My parents did that with me and my sister when we were babies, we were identical, and the nail polish came off and they just guessed who was who lol.”

“13 months later and I’m still doing this with my twins I do his finger. “

“My husband is an identical twin 2 x mother in law had to go back to hospital to identify. Then she wrote their name on their feet.”

Turns out there’s a WHOLE lot more colour coding going on than I ever realised. This is one hilarious and very smart mum hack!

telling twins apart
Pick your colour! Source: Bigstock

It won’t be a weekly pedicure forever…

Or at least we hope not. Like all babies, fraternal twins kind of grow into themselves and will likely develop looks that are unique to them as they get older. One child’s hair might grow a little longer, a different shaped nose, or if you’re lucky – a birthmark – something – ANYTHING to set them apart to easily identify.

Identifying a twin baby from their extremely similar sibling when side by side is one thing, but what about when they’re not right next to their twin to compare? I’m not sure how you do that, I know adult twins and still struggle. Talk about twin mum dilemmas. .

We hope Lacei’s identification anklets arrive soon to make her job of giving cuddles air, equal and a little easier. In the meantime, the nail polish colour coding system for telling twins apart gets a big thumbs up from us. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do! #TWINMUMHACK

We’d love to hear if you’re a twin mum (or a twin yourself), how did you identify your babies in those early weeks? Let us know in the comments below!

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