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The Adorable Twin Boys Melting Hearts Around the World

Meet Daniel and David, sweet twin boys who are heating up social media with their adorable antics.

Daniel and David are twins. They share many of the same features – big brown eyes, curly hair, cheeky grins. They are similar in height and weight but have contrasting skin and hair colour.

Daniel, like his dad, Babajide, mum, Stacy and big sister, Demalade, has dark skin and dark hair while David has very light skin and golden-coloured hair, the result of a genetic condition known as albinism.

albino twin boys
Big sister Demalade meeting her brothers. Source: Instagram

Albinism is an inherited genetic condition caused by the lack of melanin, the pigment formed in the skin, hair, and eyes.

It occurs in all ethnic and racial groups and the levels of pigmentation can vary depending on its type. In some instances, it can cause health conditions but David doesn’t have any health issues.

In Australia, about 1 in 17,000 people have some type of albinism. In Nigeria, where Daniel and David live, the prevalence rate is higher. In fact, Nigeria is ranked amongst the highest in the world with an estimated figure of over two million albinos living in the country.

twin boys with albinism
Daniel and David at 6 months old. Source: Instagram

As Stacy tells Bored Panda

We did not know about their differences while I was pregnant, the scan did not show such so it was a huge surprise and the most amazing moment when the first twin (Daniel) came out with black hair and the second twin (David) came out with gold hair.

I had them through [a c-section], so the doctors were like: “It seems you are having totally unidentical twins.” Before I knew it, nurses started coming out to look at them.”

The boys’ father was also completely shocked when he met his sons for the first time.

mum central
Source: Instagram

[He] immediately named My Twin 2 (David) ‘Golden,’ so he fondly calls him Mr. Golden. He was all overjoyed seeing his boys. He stood for more than 10 minutes staring at them and said he was just looking at God’s wonderful work and that they are his best gift ever.”

Brotherly love

Daniel and David are typical twins – they love each other’s company and Stacey often dresses them the same. And like many twins, they have completely different personalities too.

As expected, the adorable duo turn heads wherever they go and Stacy does get asked if they are both hers. However, she says she doesn’t face any negative comments against her boys. Just curiosity!

Daniel and David Twin boys albinism
Two cool dudes. Source: Instagram

Stacy decided to set up an Instagram account to share her sons’ unique story and has quite the following.

We opened an account for them because we believe they have a story to tell to the world and also as a way of creating awareness.”

Daniel and David will turn three in February!

mum central
Brothers and best friends. Source: Instagram

Sisters, born 12 years apart, share this unique condition too! 

This isn’t the first story we’ve shared about this unique and gorgeous genetic condition. Have a look at these two stunning sisters – Asel and Kamila Kalaganova – from Kazakhstan.

Aren’t they the picture of ethereal perfection?

mum central

Although albinism comes with a number of challenges, the girls are embracing their beauty and love to pose together for the camera.

Asel, who started modelling at age 10, often shares the lens with Kamila and, well, their photos are stunning, to say the least!

mum central

You can follow them through their Instagram page

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