What procreating sorcery is this??

Apparently, it’s known as superfetation and yep, it’s an actual thing that CAN happen. It rarely does happen, but it can.

Just ask this first-time mum, who shares her journey under the handle @TamingTriplets on TikTok.

There’s three in there

The California mum-to-be was so excited to discover she was pregnant with her first baby.

It wasn’t until the 12-week ultrasound that doctors confirmed that, actually, there are THREE babies in there. Twins and another bub conceived 10-11 days later than the twins. 

superfetation triplets
Looking stunning at 19 weeks pregnant with superfetation triplets. Source: Instagram

I’m sorry, what??

Pretty sure we ALL remember the Grade 7 sex-ed talk. You CANNOT get pregnant while already pregnant. It’s science, Doc. Put your little ultrasound wand over this already-pregnant-woman’s stomach and try again. 

Well, science has a pretty sick sense of humour because, um, YES you can get pregnant while pregnant.


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Superfetation explained

This strange phenomenon is known as “superfetation” and means that a pregnant woman conceives again just days (or weeks) after their first conception. 

According to the Independent, only 10 cases across the world have ever been documented but we’re not sure about this number. 

In order for superfetation to happen a pregnant woman needs to ovulate during an ongoing pregnancy (rare), have that ovum fertilised by a sperm cell (also rare) and then have that fertilised egg implant in an already pregnant womb (super rare). 

The chances of these three unlikely events occurring simultaneously seem nearly impossible.

Super ovulation means three babies for this mum-to-be

As the stunned mum explains in one of her TikTok videos: 

Normally your body is supposed to switch up your hormones and stop you from ovulating again once you’re already pregnant. In my circumstance, it did not.” 

The TikToker, who used to go by @blondebunny1 and now goes by @TamingTriplets is sharing her unique pregnancy journey with the world through TikTok. 

Different conception dates, same birthdate

To confirm it was superfetation and not just twin absorption or a malnourished baby the doctors are doing ultrasounds every two weeks.

She recently explained that all three babies are hitting their milestones with baby #3 (or Baby A as she calls her) still tracking 11 days behind the twins.

And sure enough, it’s [baby A] been hitting every single milestone, growing at a healthy rate, just ten to 11 days behind the first two babies we have,” she explains. 

However, all three babies will be born on the same date, sometime in April or May, if all goes to plan. 

She also shared the exciting gender reveal – three girls! Exciting!!! 


We couldn’t be happier… ##genderreveal ##triplets ##tripletsoftiktok ##pregnancyjourney

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We wish this soon-to-be family of five all the best! You can follow their journey on TikTok and Instagram under the handle @TamingTriplets. 

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