Food Allergies? You Can Now Have a Donut Cake and Eat it Too!

Hip hip hooray, The Cheesecake Shop has launched a nut free and eggless cake! That means those of you with food allergies (kids and the young-at-heart, that’s you!) can have their delicious birthday cake wishes come true!

Food allergies are awful, right? But when they stop you from eating delicious cake? Well that’s even worse! Good news is here though folks, The Cheesecake Shop have newly released the most incredible Nut Free and Eggless Donut Cakes that have to be seen to be believed!

nut free and eggless cake
Source: The Cheesecake Shop

No eggs! No nuts! JUST COOL CAKE!

A cake shaped like a giant doughnut screams fun and now those with egg and nut allergies can have a slice (or two) of that fun for themselves!

The Cheesecake Shop Nut Free and Eggless Donut Cakes ($39.95) are available in two popular flavours, and we wish you luck in choosing one because they both sound SO GOOD.

For chocolate lovers, there’s a chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with chocolate cream and topped with chocolate glaze.

The Cheesecake Shop
The Cheesecake Shop now making awesome nut free and egg free cakes! Source: The Cheesecake Shop

For the true classics, choose a vanilla sponge with vanilla cream, strawberry pulp and a lip-smackingly good pink glaze. YUM!

Each cake is light and fluffy and finished with a generous dusting of coloured sprinkles. Because if a party cake doesn’t have sprinkles is it even a party cake?

The Cheesecake Shop
Party cakes demand sprinkles! Source: The Cheesecake Shop

Cakes made off-site because safety matters

You can rest assured that The Cheesecake Shop cares about allergy safety too, going the extra mile to ensure your Nut-free and Eggless Donut Cakes are made as safe as possible.

All Nut Free and Eggless cakes are prepared off-site with the boxes being sealed to avoid cross-contamination. So now you really can have your cake and eat it too.

A cake everyone can enjoy

The perfect cake for childcare, schools and children’s birthday parties, parents with children who have a nut or egg allergy FINALLY have a widely available, delicious and super convenient cake option for their children’s next birthday cake.

Just for the record, when you’re working out exactly how much cake you need for your guests, the 20cm wide Nut Free and Eggless Donut Cake yields between 16 to 20 serves. So the birthday kid and his Dad can comfortably scoff two pieces. Happy days!

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We LOVE this new allergy-friendly addition to The Cheesecake Shop’s cake line up! With 25 years of cake making under their apron strings, The Cheesecake Shop never fails to impress us with how they continue to serve families delicious celebration cakes, catering for all celebrations and dietary needs.

nut free and eggless cake
Delicious allergy-friendly cakes for kids at The Cheesecake Shop. Source: The Cheesecake Shop

To ensure you don’t miss out on a Nut Free and Eggless Donut Cake for your next celebration, be sure to pre-order to secure availability.

Ordering is super easy – simply order online and pick it up at one of 190 The Cheesecake Shop locations across Australia. Bringing cake to the table doesn’t get much easier than that!

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This is a sponsored post for The Cheesecake Shop.

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