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The ‘I Touch Myself’ Breast Cancer Project

 ‘I Touch Myself’ was the Divinyls’ biggest hit and touched millions of fans around the globe. Released in December 1990, the single was No. 1 on the charts at home and reached the Top 5 in the US.

Like Chrissy, this song is bold, brave and brassy and it is a song that celebrates female sexuality like no other. When Chrissy developed breast cancer, it was a song she wanted to repurpose as an anthem for spreading awareness about the importance of touching ourselves for early detection of the disease.

Ten of Australia’s greatest singers: Connie Mitchell; Deborah Conway; Kate Cerebrano; Katie Noonan; Little Pattie; Megan Washington; Olivia Newton-John; Sarah Blasko; Sarah McLeod; and Suze DeMarchi have come together to make Chrissy’s final wish a reality.

Watch the powerful video here but beware – the final image may be NSFW.


YouTube video


October 25, 1959 — April 21, 2013

She sang it. She shouted it. And we couldn’t help but listen.

Now Chrissy wants us to hear her words again. For breast cancer awareness.

Chrissy gave us this song. This is her divine wish. Touch yourself.

To keep Chrissy’s dream alive visit and help support the #itouchmyselfproject

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