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Meet The Jiffle Wagon, Your 6-in-1 Cart for Growing Families and Epic Adventures

Can’t decide between a pram or a wagon for your little adventurers? Now you don’t have to, thanks to The Jiffle wagon!

The Jiffle wagon is brand new to Australia and is the World’s First 6 in 1 stroller on the market. Not only is it is comfy pram with all the bells and whistles you’d expect, but it also transforms into a wagon that can fully transport your tots and ALL of their stuff on adventurers to the shops, to the beach, to the park, to the first day of school and beyond! 

Sometimes you need a stroller. Sometimes you need a wagon. With The Jiffle wagon, you can have both. 

The beauty behind The Jiffle wagon is that it’s designed for a life of more. More kids to accommodate, more stuff to carry, more places to go. There’s more storage space than any other pram on the market, more configurations than most strollers and more features to ensure comfort, safety and ease of use no matter where you’re going.

The Jiffle wagon
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One lucky Mum Central reader will win their very own The Jiffle wagon! Source: Supplied

So many configurations! 

The Jiffle wagon has been designed for busy parents and is the World’s First 6-in-1 stroller on the market

Colourful & versatile, The Jiffle wagon will become your new fave wagon! Source: Supplied

Sleek stroller, ride, board, and all-terrain cart in one. The Jiffle wagon comes with:  

  • Capsule compatibility (adapter sold separately) for easy transfers back into the car. The capsule is compatible with the pram setting. 
  • Bassinet (included) for sleeping on the go with extra ventilation on the sides to suit the changing temperatures. 
  • Reversible seat to be used once bub shoulders start to roll in the bassinet and holds up to 22kg. 
  • Duo cart compatibility (extra seat sold separately) to transform The Jiffle wagon into a double pram. 
  • Ride-along board (included) to add to the pram when your little one is a bit older and instantly transform the wagon into a double or triple pram. 
  • Wagon cart which comfortably sits one child plus plenty of stuff. The seat is sold separately and the cart is also capsule compatible. 
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It’s the wagon with an incredible carrying capacity  

Prams are designed to transport our children, but The Jiffle wagon is different. It’s designed to transport our children and everything else that comes with them. In fact, it comes with an impressive 57kg weight limit and comfortably can accommodate one to three children, from newborns up to the age of five years.

Even after the kids outgrow the pram aspect, as a wagon, The Jiffle wagon will be a family staple for years and years to come. Its versatility and high-quality craftsmanship is something every parent craves, especially as our families and our needs grow.

Not only designed to tote your tots, but also ALL of their stuff, the storage ability on this wagon is impressive, to say the least.

In fact, it can hold a 60-litre cargo load including eskies, fishing gear, oversized stuffed animals, beach toys, groceries, nappy bags, roller blades, helmets, balls and sports equipment. Even the sticks they’ve decided MUST come home with them from the beach and pretty much anything else they find along their travels. 

Check out that epic storage! Source: Supplied

The Jiffle Wagon offers room to grow

The Jiffle wagon comes with a bassinet, plus a seat as well as a ride-along board, ideal for growing families. Combine it with the Duo & Cart seat accessory (sold separately) and you’ve also got a double pram with two seats. 

The Jiffle bassinet is ideal for newborns, featuring a ventilated view of the world. Source: Supplied

Add The Jiffle ride-along board and you’ve got the ability to carry three kids. The ride-along board is included with The Jiffle wagon and easily slides in and out for kids who decide their legs are ‘too tired’ to walk. 

Every The Jiffle wagon comes with a ride-along board. Source: Supplied

The Jiffle wagon is also able to carry tots of all ages. Clip your capsule into the pram setting with a capsule adaptor (sold separately) or opt for The Jiffle wagon seat (sold separately).

Kids especially love The Jiffle wagon as they can easily climb in and out and love having this sense of independence. 

It also makes a great place to sit back, relax, enjoy a snack or simply take in the view. Source: Supplied

All-terrain treks 

That’s another great thing about The Jiffle wagon – it’s designed to go anywhere and can take on any terrain thanks to suspension under the bassinet, seat and front wheels. It can easily go from city trips to campground treks while ensuring your kids are comfortable and safe no matter what. 

The Jiffle wagon is also equipped with a 5-point safety harness and a sturdy bumper bar to ensure maximum safety together with an extra-long sun canopy with ventilation. Not only does it protect your child from the sun, but it also still allows ample air to circulate around the stroller.  

Plus, the wagon can be folded flat and fast, with and without wheels and can even be loaded directly into your boot full of stuff. 

Complete with a 5-point harness for added safety! Source: Supplied

The all-in-one 6-in-1 wagon for families

Parents never have an empty stroller. There’s always someone or something that needs to be carried.

A child due for a nap. A container filled with snacks. A bag full of clearance homewares that HAD to come home with you. A scooter that is suddenly is ‘too hard’ to ride. 

Furthermore, every outing with kids is different. The Jiffle wagon is designed to make every adventure easier, no matter what.

If you’re out shopping, that extra large storage basket is a saviour. If you’re walking, the ride-along board will be your best friend when your toddler gets bored of walking. If you’re heading to the beach, the wagon is ideal to transport both the kids and their beach stuff through the hot sand. 

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The Jiffle Wagon – now available in Australia 

For a stroller that goes above and beyond, The Jiffle wagon is sure to impress both you and the kids. In fact, it will be a show stopper no matter where the day takes you.

Now available in Australia and New Zealand, The Jiffle wagon retails for $2,699 in Australia and $2,899 in New Zealand and comes in three colours – pine, clay and black. 

You can purchase direct from the Infa Group website who offer buy now pay later via Afterpay, Zip Pay and Klarna.

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