Sneak Peek at Woolworths Disney Collectables Coming Soon

It’s a good year to love Disney! After all, it’s Disney’s 100th birthday. As part of the ongoing celebrations, Woolworths has joined in with an all-new Disney collection that is set to start another collectable frenzy.

Woolworths Disney Collectables are collectors cards featuring our fave Disney characters including characters from the entire Disney universe – Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars.

Woolworths Disney collectables
Look what’s coming? Woolworths Disney Collectables! Source: Woolworths

Similar to the baseball cards we used to collect as kids, there will be several different characters to collect including Mickey Mouse, Woody, Captain Marvel and 97 more Disney characters.

Prints of a limited holographic ‘ultra rare’ Walt Disney card have also been placed at random inside the packs for 100 lucky individuals to find.

Woolworths Disney Collectables - limited edition collectors cards
Will you find a limited edition Disney collectors card? Source: Woolworths

But where will you put all of these cards, you ask?

Don’t worry – we’re sure Woolworths will also be releasing a special booklet to hold your Woolworths Disney collectables, much like they have in the past with their Animal Cards, Disney Tiles (remember those?) and Olympic Stickers. 

Although Woolworths hasn’t officially released the Woolworths Disney collectables range yet, we predict the range will also include a booklet to hold the Disney collector cards such as this one from the Disney Tiles collection. Source: Woolworths

Disney Collectors Cards coming soon

Woolworths Disney Collectables will be released next week, from Wednesday 26 July, with every $30 purchase. For every $30 you spend you will receive one pack of Disney 100 Wonders Collector Cards that feature three different cards.

You can also collect more cards if you purchase certain products.

Woolworths says the collector cards are kerbside recyclable and are made from FSC-certified paper with water-soluble inks.

“Our new Disney 100 Wonders Collector Cards give our customers the chance to bring home a special treat as part of their regular grocery shop,” Woolworths’s head of collectables Paul Stibbard said in a statement.

“Our customers of all ages love Disney, and for those who are also passionate about card-collecting, this is an extra reward when they shop with us.

“With 100 cards to collect across the Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars franchises, there’s something for everyone to get excited about.”

Get ready for Woolworths Disney Collectables madness! 

It’s no secret that collectables can go a little bit nutty. I still recall the Coles Little Shops mania as well as the Woolworths Bricks collection that I still step on every day.

Woolworths Bricks
Source: Supplied

A few of the other incredibly successful collections include the Woolworths Ooshies (again, I still have these somewhere), the Olympic Stickers and the Woolworths Discovery Garden.

Will you be collecting the Woolworths Disney Collectables? I say I won’t be, but my kids will say I am. So I am.

More Disney 100 mania 

Disney’s official 100th birthday is 16 October but this year plenty of companies have started the celebration early. The Disney 100 Collection, for example, has proven to be a huge hit in Big W and the Disney 100 Pop-Up Store has also done really well.

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