The Science of Loving Your Body


Do you love your body?

If you do, I am so happy for you AND your baby / child / children because they will benefit from your high self-worth as much as you will. If you don’t, be kind to yourself about this because you are not the only one, in fact you are in the majority of women. Not just Mums, but women in general.

I was part of the majority too.. until I discovered the secrets to loving my body, and it has changed my life completely!

“Psycho Cybernetics” was coined by plastic surgeon, Dr Maltz. He was fascinated by the fact that not all of his patients felt better about themselves once their appearance improved. He postulated that we have two images of ourselves, the physical one and the one in our mind.

Cybernetics is the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things similar to the autopilot in a plane. If you are on a flight to New York and the plane hits some turbulence, the autopilot will steer the plane back on course to New York.

This mechanism has been shown to work in the same way in our minds. If you have a “flabby” image in your mind of your body for example and then go on a diet, you will deviate from flabby temporarily, but your body will quickly return you on course or back to the physical form that matches your image of yourself in your mind. Your body takes instruction from your mind, so if you lose weight but your deepest beliefs about your body are “I am always 3 kg overweight”, then the body follows that instruction.

I hope this gives you some sense of relief if you have ever been frustrated by this phenomenon of losing some weight and gaining it straight back. Now you know there is a very good reason for this, but most importantly – there is a solution.

Everyone has heard of the law of attraction – right? But what I have found is that many people feel that it just doesn’t work for them. Well the great news is – it does work – in fact it is working all the time.

One of the key understandings to using the law of attraction in your life to get what you do want is that beliefs are not in our conscious mind where we can hear our thoughts if we stop and listen to them. Oh no, it’s not that simple – they are buried deep in the subconscious mind where they were planted at conception onwards!

One of the earliest ideas we form is our self image. If you want permanent body change, you need a new self image. Because the image you have already was formed through repetition, the new image will take repetition too.

Most people who think that this doesn’t work simply give up too soon. The key is daily repetition either of affirmations or visualization – I use both. Gradually you will start to believe what you are writing and seeing in your mind’s eye because the subconscious mind does not know the difference between the truth and a lie.

This new image will cause you to feel differently about yourself, which will cause you to take different actions. And we all know that it is our actions that cause our results.

While your new belief system is being built through the daily routine of affirmations you can really speed this process up by feeling better now. Feel the way you would feel if you already had the body of your dreams. Focus on something about yourself that you already love. If love is too strong, then try this – what are you grateful for? Are you grateful that you can walk, talk, smile, laugh, hold your baby, and push the pram? Once you start you will realize there are so many amazing things about your body to be grateful for right now.

A feeling of gratitude is very close to the feeling of love. When you give thanks for something, you attract more things into your life to be grateful for.

So start loving your body right now, no matter what. Change your feelings about your body and your body will change. It works 100% of the time for 100% of people who do it every day. Give yourself time. Permanent change takes time, and you don’t want to wish this precious time away – your children are only children for a very short time.

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Tracy Secombe, former Miss Australia and physiotherapist, is a Thinking into Results facilitator / life coach who shows organisations and individuals how to be, do and have what they want in life through coaching, live events, videos, and webinars.

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