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These New SMASH Lunchboxes Have Got Kids’ Lunches All Wrapped Up!

So your kids are back at school. Or maybe they’ve just started kindy. The beginning of the educational year is, mostly, exciting and definitely something we all need to adjust to after weeks of holidays and relaxed routines.

Sending your little ones off to school or kindy becomes an operation of planning, negotiating and night-before bag-packing.

If you’re seasoned at it, you’ll have it all worked out but if you’re a newbie – it can be a little daunting trying to navigate your way around all the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ways to do things [as judged by your offspring!]

One of the most important things that you will pack in your child’s school/kindy bag is their lunch. Oh God – the dreaded school lunch. Entire communities and blogs are founded on creating the easiest/healthiest/funniest/bestest lunches EVER for your children. It can be a world of intense judgment and expectation. It can also just be something else you have to think about in the morning. Whatever floats your boat is cool with us, but we’ve got some tools that will certainly make the task ahead easier, fresher and more colourful!

Our friends at SMASH sent us a hamper of their latest lunchbox range and we were really surprised at how broad it is. There really is something for EVERYONE. Including the grown-ups!!


Smash Nude Food Movers Enviro Box (left)

The NFM Enviro Box has flip-top lids on its compartments making it perfect to transport all manner of snacks without cross-snack-contamination! They come in a variety of colours and also have interchangeable, custom-fit insulated bags in styles that even your most discerning tween/teen will be happy with.

Available: Woolworths and Big W

The SMASHBOX Hybrid Lunchbox (right)

This is great for the older school-kid. A generous size, it comes with a detachable insulated cover, and a twin compartment lunchbox. It even comes with a leak-proof yoghurt container and sandwich seatbelt perfect for unruly lunches and runaway snacks! It’s dishwasher proof [YAY!] and comes in a variety of colours.

Available: Exclusive to Coles


NFM are all about the three Rs – Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We love their whole range but in particular found these products the most useful for our kids:

Nude-Fruity-MoverFruity Mover

Perfect for transporting hard to pack fruits like apples, oranges, peaches etc. For littlies that like their fruit cut up, simply pop a rubber band around the sliced fruit [to keep it from browning] and put the whole ‘ball’ into the container. Voila! We also use it to pack muffins and cupcakes on treat days.

Available: Woolworths, Coles, Officeworks, Big W

DIVIDERSmash-Nude-Food-Mover-Snack-and-DipSnack and Dip

This is an all-round winner! Suitable for little kids through to grown-ups the removable separator keeps your fresh veggies or crackers away from your dip and the tight seal keeps everything fresh and crunchy. I carry one in my handbag [perfect size!] when I’m for the day and the kids have them for recess in their school bags.

Available: Officeworks


Smash-Light-Up-LunchbagThe LIGHT UP Lunch Bag

Yep, you read that right. These are the first LED, light up lunch bags to hit Australia! In two colour choices – pink/purple and blue/red – these lunch bags will be the talk of the school! The LED lights activate when the insulated bag is shaken and they’re roomy enough to accommodate a generous sized lunch. You’ll have one happy kid to bring out THIS lunch bag!

Available: Exclusive to Big W


Smash-Nude-Cracker-MoverCracker Mover

Thank you, thank you SMASH for finally coming up with a way for us to pack those pesky rice-crackers! These containers are genius aren’t they? The perfect size and shape to pack those large rice crackers in but also ideal for crumpets, pikelets and maybe even a cheeky donut for a treat!

Available: Big W

DIVIDERSmash-Adult-RangeThe Adult & Tween Lunch Range

So, it’s not just the kids who are eating their own packed lunch! These days more and more grown-ups are saving thousands of dollars a year by bringing their lunch from home, not to mention the health benefits of avoiding processed convenience meals while on the run. But no longer do you need to explain why your lunch bag has a faded picture of Elmo on it! This new Dining at Work range is not only stylish, it comes in just the right sizes for adult portions.

The food storage containers have the appearance and feel of ceramic serving-ware with café style and being microwave proof, are the perfect solution for taking your left-overs to work for lunch! Yum!

And if you’re blessed to have one of those hard-to-impress tweens or teens in the house [y’know, too big for lame kid’s stuff] then this range is just what you need!

Available: Woolworths and Officeworks

So there you have it! The coolest and most sensible options for your family to take their own lunch to kindy, school and work.  SMASH really has thought of everything!

Now if only they could come up with an alarm to remind you to empty the lunch boxes on Friday afternoon so you’re not met with any furry, soggy or smelly lunch box friends on Monday morning, that would be great!



Thanks to our friends at Smash, we’ve got five awesome Smash Family Prizepacks up for grabs.


  • London Ladies lunch Bag – Available at Woolworths RRP $15
  • Nyla Ladies Lunch Bag – Available at Woolworths RRP $12
  • Drip Kit Mens Lunch Bag – Available at Woolworths RRP $15
  • Café Style Bowl x2 – Available at Woolworths RRP $8
  • Smashbox – Exclusive to Coles RRP $15
  • Light Up Lunch Bag – Exclusive to Big W
  • Smash Tritan Widemouth Drink Bottle with Ice Stick – Available at Woolworths RRP $11.99

Simply complete the entry form below and you’re in the running!

Win 1 of 5 Smash Lunchbox Prizepacks valued at $135 each

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  1. Avatar of rachel sinclair
    rachel sinclair Reply

    i always pack the night before so im not rushing around in the morning… having good quality containers is also a big help at keeping the food fresh throughout the day 🙂

  2. Avatar of joburkey

    We have lots of pre steamed and cut up raw vegetables. I just let my daughter pick what she wants, as long as it fits in the lunchbox, she can have them

  3. Avatar of Jan O'Bree
    Jan O'Bree Reply

    A frozen water bottle packed in with the lunch keeps it cool, plus she has a cool drink!

  4. Avatar of stephen elsworthy
    stephen elsworthy Reply

    My wife showed me that when wrapping sandwiches, for kids lunches, use glad wrap then wrap in foil and this stops the sandwich going soggy when you pack it with an ice brick

  5. Avatar of Rebecca Foster
    Rebecca Foster Reply

    I always freeze the water bottle to keep the food in the lunch box cool and fresh. Cold water tastes so much better than warm water too.

  6. Avatar of Brianna Taylor
    Brianna Taylor Reply

    A frozen juice popper acts as an ice brick and by lunch time is a nice cold drink!

  7. Avatar of Beksmum

    This year I bought a 2 compartment lunchbox and put the cold stuff in the bottom and the rest up top, its been great (each classroom had a fridge for lunch bags so makes it heaps easier to pack perishables)

  8. Avatar of Natalie

    My kids did a list for the eldest and pictures for the younger ones of items that I’m ALLOWED!! to pack… I surprise them everyday with a mix of their items and sometimes they get sprinkle picture sandwiches as a treat. When they open them they find a colourful sprinkle picture and they love fairy bread.

  9. Avatar of jayla1987

    I always hide a surprise in the bottom for my daughter once a week

  10. Avatar of Lozstap

    Haven’t got one as yet, so would love to win this pack to help me get creative

  11. Avatar of sonya

    My tip is to include about 6 different things so that if your child doesn’t feel like one thing there’s plenty of other options to choose from.

  12. Avatar of Amanda

    A sticker or note brightens their day and makes a great surprise/treat

  13. Avatar of Jiana Sumner
    Jiana Sumner Reply

    I pack the ice pack down the side then lunchbox beside it the squish able fruit on top

  14. Avatar of Judith Whitehead
    Judith Whitehead Reply

    add a note or smily face on one item. add a surprise treat once a week (vary the day)

  15. Avatar of Kel.

    Sunny bananas – favourites but not squishy, squashy in backpacks… SMASH Nude BANANA MOVER perfect problem solver for banana lovers. Lunch-boxes with compartments prevent an inedible mishmash .

  16. Avatar of Christine Dean
    Christine Dean Reply

    Making sure the right lunch goes in the right child’s lunchbox – my 2 boys eat completely different things.

  17. Avatar of Samara McRae
    Samara McRae Reply

    Pack healthy things that taste delicious so thethey don’t know they are healthy 🙂

  18. Avatar of Helen F

    I include a variety of items in different compartments and one surprise each day. My daughter loves it

  19. Avatar of Erika

    I always pack a frozen homemade smoothie – great source of nutrition and keeps food cold for hours!

  20. Avatar of Tess Eames
    Tess Eames Reply

    Always have variety with everyday and pack things that I’d want to eat not just what I think they’ll want to eat!

  21. Avatar of Lucia Saal
    Lucia Saal Reply

    I try to pack as healthy as possible and I also provide drinks in reusable drink boxes! Kids love them!

  22. Avatar of Donna Joy Leysley
    Donna Joy Leysley Reply

    I freeze my daughters poppers and put them her lunch box so that it keeps the food cool….

  23. Avatar of Mel G

    I make food in advance and have snack containers, sandwiches and a healthy(ish) muffin in the freezer ready to go

  24. Avatar of Keri Smith
    Keri Smith Reply

    I’ve always packed a frozen popper to help keep things cool.

  25. Avatar of debbiemowatt
    debbiemowatt Reply

    Packing trick is having lots of different shaped containers, this way you always have something that will fit in

  26. Avatar of cleo

    Bright and colourful , attractive and displayed with imagination.

  27. Avatar of Fiona Corcoran Watson
    Fiona Corcoran Watson Reply

    I am very new to this as my daughter just started Kindy a couple of weeks ago but I am using a frozen yoghurt and ice packs as its been over 40 degrees for a full week now.

  28. Avatar of Teresa Clark
    Teresa Clark Reply

    a frozen drink to keep things cool, small size servings (more chance of them being eaten), try to send different things each day so he doesn’t get bored with repetition.

  29. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    Best tip is to get the kids to help. The more involved you can get them, the better the outcome. My kids love getting creative with packing their lunches.

  30. Avatar of Tracy Andreatta
    Tracy Andreatta Reply

    I label everything and preprep what I can on Sunday so each morning I just have to place in lunch box .

  31. Avatar of Tracy Wood
    Tracy Wood Reply

    Freeze a box of fruit juice to make a nice ice pack to keep food nice and chilled in this summer heat

  32. Avatar of Paula Harris
    Paula Harris Reply

    Get the kids involved from the start….the shopping. No point wasting money on food that will end up as science experiments at the bottom of the school bag

  33. Avatar of Janelle Field
    Janelle Field Reply

    Make up the lunchbox the night before and store it in the fridge. It’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about on a chaotic school morning.

  34. Avatar of Charmaine lavender
    Charmaine lavender Reply

    Labeling morning tea from lunch. Cutting up or taking out of packaging for more room inside lunch box containers. I always pack a little treat eg jelly cup or something sweet for mr to enjoy after he’s eaten all the goods 🙂

  35. Avatar of Kim

    I let the kids help me to pack their lunch boxes so they are “choosing” what they eat (from a selected list)

  36. Avatar of Vanessa Ahern
    Vanessa Ahern Reply

    My lunchbox packing trick is to have a small frozen water bottle in the lunchbox to keep all the food cool and to have everything prepared the night before to stop any rushing around on the school morning.

  37. Avatar of Jane A

    Keeping the food colourful, fresh and I always pack either frozen grapes or yogurt to keep everything cool inside the lunch box!

  38. Avatar of Lizzie Midgley
    Lizzie Midgley Reply

    We pack individual mini containers for Mr 4 who hates getting food mixed up.

  39. Avatar of Shannon Discombe
    Shannon Discombe Reply

    Pack as much as u can the night before and use good sealing containers to avoid messy spills! My girls must also put lunch box n drink bottles on the bench as soon as we get home

  40. Avatar of Melanie Melaniedarrin Farrugia
    Melanie Melaniedarrin Farrugia Reply

    Less plastic packaging means more room for healthy snacks, and freeze a small juice box for extra coldness to keep food fresh

  41. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura Scriven Reply

    I make home made muffins and freeze them so the kids always having healthy lunchbox fillers.

  42. Avatar of Nadine Cameron
    Nadine Cameron Reply

    My lunchbox packing trick is my hubby! He’s the foodie in our house and enjoys packing the kids lunchboxes. I’m very lucky! To keep it interesting, he likes to shape the sandwiches and include a little treat.

  43. Avatar of renae donohue
    renae donohue Reply

    i always prepare mine for the week ahead – that way i can just grab and go!

  44. Avatar of Kate Slack
    Kate Slack Reply

    I freeze squeezy yoghurts for my kids, it keeps the yoghurt cold until lunch and also works as an extra ice pack in their lunch boxes!

  45. Avatar of johanna rees
    johanna rees Reply

    Freeze as much as I can to keep the rest of the food cold and fresh.

  46. Avatar of Vicki

    I bake on a Sunday i do cupcakes,fruit & savory muffins,scrolls, when cold wrap individually & freeze ready to grab & pop in the lunch boxes for the week, always have piece of fruit & carrot celery & cucumber sticks.

  47. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    Pack a selection of healthy snacks, grapes, carrot sticks, rice crackers etc in brightly coloured containers and add a little sticker or puzzle to make it fun 🙂

  48. Avatar of Lisa Loizou
    Lisa Loizou Reply

    I let my son pack his lunch, with healthy options. That way I know he won’t come home with an uneaten lunch

  49. Avatar of emma harris
    emma harris Reply

    My 2 are new to school and daycare so no tricks from me but wow ive learnt a few from the others on here. Thanks everyone!!

  50. Avatar of Karen Edwards
    Karen Edwards Reply

    I pack the school lunches the night before mornings are crazy busy here to get out the door to make the bus on time

  51. Avatar of Angela

    Always put some fruit for lunch. Add a small ice pack in the summer to keep it fresh.

  52. Avatar of kathrynh

    Making it the might before or having muffins etc in freezer for easy and quick lunchbox items

  53. Avatar of Sandra D

    Ice packs to keep the food cool and fresh and anything that might get squashed goes into a small container.

  54. Avatar of Sam Minshull
    Sam Minshull Reply

    Saves the enviroment with no wrap, or ziplock bags! food stays together and fresh and the kids love them as they as funky as ever!

  55. Avatar of cat

    I’m a morning maker. I like my food freshly made so do the same for kids. Their 1 treat is packed in the bottom, with their healthy on top so they must eat it first. And being school starters they are supervised inside for eating so there is no sneaking it first.

  56. Avatar of Nikki Cashion
    Nikki Cashion Reply

    i pack the snacks and fruit the night before but make the sandwiches fresh in the morning

  57. Avatar of Thals

    I always include a heap of fresh fruit for snacks and a frozen water bottle to keep everything cool and fresh!

  58. Avatar of Lisa

    I include the children in the packing of their lunch, leaving everyone happy.

  59. Avatar of Pauline

    I etch a message into his Banana! By fruit time he can read his message

  60. Avatar of Jessie N Dan Ross
    Jessie N Dan Ross Reply

    Our Family Lunchbox Treat, is to add a little something that is simply sweet. A little note of love and support from home, to remind our ASD sons they are never alone, tucked in with a yummy treat from the the family baking, we made together earlier that week.

  61. Avatar of Nyssa Johnson
    Nyssa Johnson Reply

    Always keep variety in mind, so as to prevent boredom. I like to keep a stash of homemade bread in the freezer for the week.

  62. Avatar of James

    Organise and prepare the night before to save some time in the morning

  63. Avatar of Amanda

    I give him some options to choose from and he packs it how he likes it. It gets any disappointment over and done with before school.

  64. Avatar of Julia Morton
    Julia Morton Reply

    we use little square icepaks to keep food fresh and cold and sealable sandwich bags to keep from getting soggy

  65. Avatar of Natalie Cain
    Natalie Cain Reply

    don’t buy share packs.. buy in bulk and use reusable packaging, lighter on the hip pocket and better for the environment.

  66. Avatar of Jodi Jenart
    Jodi Jenart Reply

    I prepare anything suitable to freeze eg: muffins, cake etc and pack lunches the night before.

  67. Avatar of Mel Cochrane-Finlay
    Mel Cochrane-Finlay Reply

    Pack bright colours so it looks like a big healthy yummy rainbow:)

  68. Avatar of Racheal M

    Making sure that “squishy” things are packed either in a hard container or on top to prevent mess at the bottom of the lunch bag

  69. Avatar of Lara Haynes Stewart
    Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    i freeze poppas I then add them to the lunch box to keep carrot sticks, dip ect cold

  70. Avatar of Milly Kiely
    Milly Kiely Reply

    These are great idea not only for us mums to pack lunches easily and without rubbish but they make it fun for the kids and more likely for fussy eaters to want to eat!! A great idea! Love the colors and looks of these products.

  71. Avatar of Natasha Page
    Natasha Page Reply

    Nutella in a sandwhich. Kids always assume its Vegemite until they take a bite. Yum!

  72. Avatar of Luize

    I let the kids decide what they would like to eat. We make it together and it means they will eat.

  73. Avatar of Scott Crumlin
    Scott Crumlin Reply

    Put all the boring stuff in with the exciting stuff so they HAVE to eat through it. Mixed noodles are great for that!

  74. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie Hodsman Reply

    Variety is the key. I try and mix it up with sandwiches, wraps, scrolls or savory muffins/mini quiches. Not always easy but I try. Also a mixture of diff fruit and veg for snacks. I like containers that have dividers so different foods are kept separate also.

  75. Avatar of janelily

    Let the kids help in packing their lunch in their favourite lunch box helps get them interested

  76. Avatar of Jacinta

    We let the kids choose some things to go into the lunch box, and a little note to make sure they know to eat their fruit first and they can eat the rest, and on how much we love them, (they love their little notes 🙂 )

  77. Avatar of Christie Louise
    Christie Louise Reply

    My lunchbox trick, is colours!!!!! Making sure there is a variety of colours, entices their interest in food more, and makes eating healthy less boring.
    Raw veggies, fruit, cheeses- there’s so many varieties out there which look amazing sliced/diced and served up nicely. My children can’t wait to see what’s in their lunch boxes!

  78. Avatar of Lynnette Bull
    Lynnette Bull Reply

    Not to pack anything that is squishy. I don’t have any of these awesome containers so if I put anything squishy in, it gets squished and then the kids wont touch it

  79. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams Reply

    Its all about the layout, make it look appealing and they will want to eat it

  80. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn Taylor Reply

    You can write on a banana skin with a needle or pin, and after a couple hours, what you wrote is really clear and easy to see. You can write an I love you or encouraging message in the peel.

  81. Avatar of Christina

    Buying bulk instead of share packs and fruit salad instead of just one piece of fruit. They prefer that instead of having to eat a whole apple or pear, etc

  82. Avatar of Tamara Taaffe
    Tamara Taaffe Reply

    my children are not fussy, so they are happy with anything that get packed in their lunchboxes. a favourite would be salad wraps.

  83. Avatar of Bex

    I always keep a frozen icepack in their lunch box to keep food fresh so it is more enjoyable for them to eat.

  84. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    I have a number of options for lunch boxes and have them on the counter. The kids then “help” me by choosing which items they want for the day and packing their own lunch boxes. I still know exactly what they’re having and they feel empowered because they’ve been allowed to choose and have a say in what they eat. Win/win!

  85. Avatar of Lauren Ciantar
    Lauren Ciantar Reply

    We are out the door early so I have lunch boxes packed the night before to save time.

  86. Avatar of Kara Healey
    Kara Healey Reply

    Making up some fruit salad on a Sunday makes it really easy to just scoop some into little containers for lunches and that way there is a nice mix of fruit so the kids don’t get as bored with fruit

  87. Avatar of Annette Wardrop
    Annette Wardrop Reply

    Get my children to pack it themselves with the choices I provide!

  88. Avatar of Tess Howard
    Tess Howard Reply

    We get the kids to do it. They know by now, that there is a fruit, a dairy and a vegetable that has to be included and they can choose which option of each they want. Its teaching them as well as helping us out with our routine.

  89. Avatar of Richard Gledhill
    Richard Gledhill Reply

    As a dad I like to see healthy fun food packed by the children themselves it’s all about learning to eat well

  90. Avatar of Lesleigh

    Add a little frozen water bottle to keep the lunch fresh in summer

  91. Avatar of Leanne Fisher
    Leanne Fisher Reply

    Separate compartments is a lifesavour as. My kids hated food touching each other,

  92. Avatar of Blossom

    If you add a 3/4 drink of frozen water, then add a bit of cold water your child will have the cold water to drink at lunch time. Don’t fill it to the brim or you may damage the container.

  93. Avatar of Ashley Beech
    Ashley Beech Reply

    Love using the Tupperware lunchboxes with the 4 separate compartments; 1 for the sandwich and 3 others to fit various snacks such as fruit, chips, popcorn, slices and cakes. I also like to pop small treats on top of the sandwiches for an extra little surprise

  94. Avatar of AmberB

    Pack the lunch boxes the night before to prevent the crazy morning rush.

  95. Avatar of louise

    use a single serve yogurt, freeze the night before and use to keep the rest of lunch cool

  96. Avatar of Sandy Hutchinson
    Sandy Hutchinson Reply

    We do a weekly lunch box prep. Grapes, yogurt, slices and biscuits all go in nfms. Then lunch box packing is easy, make a sandwich and grab 1 or 2 of each snack. Done 🙂

  97. Avatar of Jodie Evans
    Jodie Evans Reply

    get the kids to pack what they want, that way they will eat what they pack, if they are still hungry its their fault they didn’t pack enough food.

  98. Avatar of Helen Hamilton
    Helen Hamilton Reply

    We get lunches ready in the evening which help the morning run smoothly. I love small containers pm a good variety can go in the box.

  99. Avatar of kim brooks
    kim brooks Reply

    l always put a little surprise in lunch box, like a photo or a small lolly or a special note

  100. Avatar of cat

    I always get the kids to help. Not only are they learning skills but they also seem to eat more!

  101. Avatar of Tamara Lamb
    Tamara Lamb Reply

    Cut pack on processed nonsense and serve fresh and healthy alternatives! You will feel as good as they do for it!

  102. Avatar of Holly Clark
    Holly Clark Reply

    Frozen yoghurt helps keep other food cool until lunch time.

  103. Avatar of Sharyn W

    finger foods are easy and divine, my kids love the variety so they never whine

  104. Avatar of Rosemarie

    Giving leftovers for lunch is a big hit here. I put them in an insulated flask to keep them warm until lunchtime.

  105. Avatar of Nicole Gurney
    Nicole Gurney Reply

    I always pack a frozen yoghurt and frozen hot meal to keep the rest of the lunch cold. 🙂

  106. Avatar of Andieharrie
    Andieharrie Reply

    Lots of small items for small fingers
    Fresh fruits, sandwich fingers, carrots, cheese, Sultanas
    Frozen water for coldness
    Easy to prepare and comes back empty

  107. Avatar of Kate Reynolds
    Kate Reynolds Reply

    I have one daughter and I make 3 lunch boxes up on Sunday and 2 on Wednesday makes my week so much more organised.

    • Avatar of Mjdhwill

      Can I ask what sort of things you put in them, I’m interested to know what keeps well. I’ve always wanted to do this in advance, but am scared that all of it will go yucky. Thanks

      • Avatar of Kate Reynolds
        Kate Reynolds Reply

        Hi, I put a sandwich or wrap with vegemite, jam or honey. Then I put a cheese stick or yoghurt, I put 2 piece of fruit: strawberries, grapes, mango pieces, watermelon, peach all keep well. I put lemon on cut up apple it keeps well. I then put home made biscuits or muffins (if no time for home made then bought ones). Scrolls also keep well instead of sandwiches. I also sometimes put dried fruit, fruit balls or museli bars. I keep the lunch boxes in the fridge till needed. My daughter doesn’t eat vegetables but for hubby I do carrot and celery sticks with humus. Hope that helps.

  108. Avatar of Lin B

    Get my husband to do it- apparently he ALWAYS does it better than Mummy anyway…

  109. Avatar of Bec D'owney
    Bec D'owney Reply

    Bite-size fruit. And bite-size everything! Sausage rolls, cut-up sandwiches, mini quiche, little pasta salads and you come back with an empty lunch box!

  110. Avatar of Ineedacoffee
    Ineedacoffee Reply

    This would be great for miss fussy lol different colour to suit the day

  111. Avatar of Samala Cambridge
    Samala Cambridge Reply

    I get my kids involved and we make them after dinner in our own little working line.
    We fill them with fresh colourful fruits so it looks delicious and tasty salad sandwich cubes!

  112. Avatar of Jenny Woods
    Jenny Woods Reply

    My daughter-in-law packs a cold chocolate custard to keep the lunches cool in summer.

  113. Avatar of Melinda Bolitho
    Melinda Bolitho Reply

    Frozen poppers work very well. Kids can drink them when defrosted or enjoy them as “slushies”. Food stays cold and kids stay happy – win win 🙂

  114. Avatar of Karen Tatum-Hunnam
    Karen Tatum-Hunnam Reply

    I get my son involved in packing and choosing what goes into his lunch box – he loves using the nude food containers and getting them to fit neatly into his lunch bag

  115. Avatar of Sarah Sabatino
    Sarah Sabatino Reply

    Planning the week ahead as much as possible! Not be desperate last thing on the morning trying to find something to put in the box!

  116. Avatar of Anne Costello
    Anne Costello Reply

    Pack a frozen fruit juice or milk drink to keep food cool.

  117. Avatar of AmyMcC

    Making sure the sandwich and other snack items are actually liked by my daughter – in Kindy last year, she refused to have anything other than jam. One day I made the mistake of thinking that as she likes ham, I’d send a ham sandwich instead. She took one bite of one quarter of the sandwich and that was all.
    But best of all I got shouted at as soon as she got in the car “Mummy, I asked for JAM not HAM!!”

  118. Avatar of Maggie Westbrook
    Maggie Westbrook Reply

    Freeze the yoghurt – It acts as a icepack in the lunchbox to keep everything else cold.

  119. Avatar of Joy Lange


  120. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah Phillips Reply

    Plan ahead and make sure there’s plenty of variety – my kids get bored with food so easily. Let them pack their own lunch at least once a week (more as they get older).

  121. Avatar of amandagorton
    amandagorton Reply

    Writing a note of inspiration provides appetite stimulation!

  122. Avatar of Monique L Brown
    Monique L Brown Reply

    Let the kids help choose what the want to eat, the will be more likely to eat the healthy snacks if they chose them, themselves!

  123. Avatar of natchloe

    Getting the kids involved with helping what goes into their lunch boxes is a great way to encourage healthy options.

  124. Avatar of Rachel K

    Pack a little something extra in your child’s kid lunch box for a healthy mind! Like a note saying I love you or even a simple smiley face. Be creative and come up with something like a funny cartoon or saying that you know will put a smile on your child’s face.

  125. Avatar of Mooh

    I love to puree my own fruits and put them into a ‘squeezie’ pouch. I then freeze this so it keeps the lunchbox cool and is nicely defrosted just in time for lunchtime.

  126. Avatar of TamZ

    Get it all done the night before, then Miss 7 can pack it in her bag without holdups in the morning

  127. Avatar of SCOTT BRUNSKILL

    Pack it the night before in keep fresh containers and freeze….next day off they trot and by lunch their food is defrosted, cool, and fresh

  128. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy Nickels Reply

    We aim for multi colour and multi texture in the lunchbox. Carrot sticks, strawberries, celery, sultanas, cheese, and dried fruits are always a winner.

  129. Avatar of Alex

    Have all recess and lunch sorted and packed the day prior; usually two snacks (one healthy, one ‘treat’) and a sandwhich. Drink bottle is partly frozen over night and topped up in the morning to ensure it stays cool throughout the day.

  130. Avatar of Kylie T

    Create delicious lunchbox treats where creativity/fun meets
    Add in healthy snacks enlightened by informative food facts
    Produce fresh and home grown from the garden we proudly own
    Bring it all together with SMASH; makes a splash, food is eaten in a flash!.

  131. Avatar of Jacqueline Kuzmins
    Jacqueline Kuzmins Reply

    what simple & practical solutions to packing lunches, helps to make it more interesting, with what extras u can pack into these containers

  132. Avatar of 78DaysofSummer
    78DaysofSummer Reply

    My trick would be teaching and encouraging our children to be active participants in doing their lunches, it empowers them and is helpful to us as parents

  133. Avatar of Ruth Laker
    Ruth Laker Reply

    My daughter loves making her own concoctions, if you want it eaten get them to help

  134. Avatar of klmitche

    Our school has a ‘no rubbish rule’ Love these lunch systems, great for the environment, fun for the kids and I think they really help with healthy eating as kids love putting veggie sticks and dips in the little compartments!

  135. Avatar of kahlia

    Pack the night before, freeze leftovers, be creative so they dont get bored of what theyre eating.

  136. Avatar of Milly Howells
    Milly Howells Reply

    My lunch box packing trick is pack the night before, it may be simple but it truly saves our family from being late. None of us are morning people!

  137. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon Markwell Reply

    I freeze small drinks to help keep everything in the lunchbox safe & cool & keep the kids hydrated.

  138. Avatar of FoodieK

    I got excited and tried to make clever lunches but my 5 year old complained that she wanted the same thing over and over. So my trick is to make the containers appealing! She likes the brightly coloured tubular containers that screw together for biscuits and fruit – they sit neatly in the sude pocket of the lunch box designed for drink bottle.

  139. Avatar of Emma Gloede
    Emma Gloede Reply

    My trick is to pack the night before so there is no rushing around in the morning.

  140. Avatar of LilMiss Kibby
    LilMiss Kibby Reply

    i let my kids pack their own..they tend to eat it when they prepare it themselves!

  141. Avatar of sharon

    my girls love it when I pack little tubs of mayo or dip in with celery and carrot, they also like it when they don’t have to put in a sandwich bag to eat straight out of the lunchbox less rubbish at school and home

  142. Avatar of Kirstin Trehan
    Kirstin Trehan Reply

    My daughter is not really a sandwich eater so I have to be a bit more creative with her lunch boxes with carrot and celery sticks, fruit and biscuits

  143. Avatar of michelle brown
    michelle brown Reply

    Always pack with an icebrick to stop food from going warm

  144. Avatar of Joanne Everson
    Joanne Everson Reply

    i pack a litterless lunch for my kids to make it easier for them to eat their food

  145. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TAN Reply

    I freeze sandwiches the night before and pack it for my daughter so by the time she eats it at school the bread will be nice and soft without being soggy.

  146. Avatar of Mel Hill

    icebricks!!!! & a good mix of what i want them to eat & their own choice items as well

  147. Avatar of Yen T T Huynh
    Yen T T Huynh Reply

    I asked my daughter what she want to eat the night before and organized everything,. In the morning just put them in the lunch box

  148. Avatar of Deb Lee

    Multiple containers, so that things don’t get all mixed together and my kids can focus on eating one thing at a time

  149. Avatar of Mich Field
    Mich Field Reply

    Wrap everything individually to stop the mess and keep everything fresh, flavoursome and tidy

  150. Avatar of Lisa

    Definitely nude food and lots of healthy, nourishing food to help my babies get through their big day at school! Some new containers to support out nude food rules would help!

  151. Avatar of Angela Aschberger
    Angela Aschberger Reply

    Using a lunchbox with multiple compartments so I don’t need to use wrapping. This still keeps everything fresh and then fruit-time, recess and lunch-time are all in their own sections.

  152. Avatar of olivia

    my son loves to graze on small amounts of everything so a lunch box with separate containers to give him loads of variety is great

  153. Avatar of Sam

    Freeze half-full water bottle overnight and pack it in the lunchbox to keep both the food and the drink cold

  154. Avatar of Connie Christensen
    Connie Christensen Reply

    A frozen drink drink bottles or a frozen yogurt will help keep sandwich and fruit fresh and cool.

  155. Avatar of milkofats

    Freeze a neck wrap, so when kids get to their lunch box it is cold & they can then wear the neck wrap at lunchtime to cool down

  156. Avatar of Charisse

    All I do is make sure it is something they will eat, keep it simple, with their favourite fruits and yogurts and whatever sandwich topping they prefer.

  157. Avatar of PetaB

    I get my kids to help make their lunches, such as healthy muffins or zucchini slice, as they are more likely to eat something they have helped make

  158. Avatar of Sueb

    Lots of small bite size snacks with lots of colour they will eat everything

  159. Avatar of minhas

    frozen yoghurt, home made meat cutlets, crackers and dry fruits

  160. Avatar of Simone von Stieglitz
    Simone von Stieglitz Reply

    Lots of variation, so the kids don’t get bored with the same offerings!

  161. Avatar of Ann Maree Sculley
    Ann Maree Sculley Reply

    Lots of small containers filled with fruit , cheese and cut up vegetables with a tub of yoghurt to dip them in !

  162. Avatar of Charl Lowther
    Charl Lowther Reply

    Get the kids to help make the lunch, they are more likely to eat it. Smaller amounts of a variety of different foods is best.

  163. Avatar of Clare De Celis
    Clare De Celis Reply

    A nice healthy yoghurt will keep frozen yet be ready to eat for recess.

  164. Avatar of Louise

    Lots of different things so my boys don’t get sick of the same thing everyday

  165. Avatar of Louise T

    I have a number of healthy options, and have my boys to select what they would like. That way, there is less of a risk that the same food will return home at the end of the day!

  166. Avatar of TanyaCrerar
    TanyaCrerar Reply

    Where possible pack leftovers from the night before. Saves time and money!

  167. Avatar of Julie Ford
    Julie Ford Reply

    love extra storage and quick easy solutions being a mother of four need lots and lots of containers.

  168. Avatar of tracywed

    cut fruit up as little ones will always choose it as its easier to handle

  169. Avatar of loz

    Freeze the things that are freezer friendly (yoghurt, drinks, fruit) especially during summer.

  170. Avatar of Julia Mason
    Julia Mason Reply

    I like to freeze an “Up-n-Go, as it keeps the food cold, and it’s long lasting until Second break!

  171. Avatar of jenelle66

    freeze yoghurt pouches, great treat and keeps the lunch cool

  172. Avatar of Linda Hynson
    Linda Hynson Reply

    make a treat on the weekend that can be frozen for school

  173. Avatar of Belmac

    To Save Lunchbox $$ we avoid expensive ‘multipacks’ snacks e.g. rice crackers, instead we buy the large packs & just portion out snack-sized serves into reusable tubs or zip-lock bags.

  174. Avatar of Caroline White
    Caroline White Reply

    Variety of different snacks and different spreads on sandwiches and freeze poppers.

  175. Avatar of Evelyn

    I give my kids a choice from a variety of healthy options so I know that they’ll eat it. I also check their lunch box as soon as they get home so there are no nasty surprises the next day. At the moment I’m using glad wrap which is time consuming and wasteful so this prize would be wonderful.

  176. Avatar of Lisa Hardy
    Lisa Hardy Reply

    Make fun food,i use different cookie cutters to made fun sandwiches, so he will enjoy earring his sandwich

  177. Avatar of Maria

    I agree with a couple of the other comments. Lots of variety in small quantities so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

  178. Avatar of Sarahmary92
    Sarahmary92 Reply

    Variety! I let the kids help make the Treats they would like to take that week. Getting them involved is fun and they tend to eat better when it’s something they want to show off to their school friends.

  179. Avatar of Adele Smith
    Adele Smith Reply

    I make lunch interesting as I know I don’t like to eat the same thing every day and they don’t either. The contents change regularly from bread to wraps and/or crackers. A piece of fruit will change to a fruit salad. A muesli bar one day might be a muffin the next. The one item that doesn’t change though is a bottle of water.

  180. Avatar of Sacha Pech
    Sacha Pech Reply

    Definately letting the kids help me; they’re involved and therefore more likely to eat what they’ve spent time making.

  181. Avatar of Kaa Li

    Each fortnight, I get my kids to sit down with a loaf of bread each and all the fillings they like and they make their school sandwiches for that fortnight. I label them and pop them straight in the freezer and don’t have to think about sandwiches again for a few weeks. The kids love it and it takes away so much before schooltime stress for us.

  182. Avatar of Lynne Lillington
    Lynne Lillington Reply

    Prepack sandwiches , cakes and freeze them. Have a box of acceptable treats the kids can choose from in the pantry and fruit in the fridge.

  183. Avatar of CityGirlMelb
    CityGirlMelb Reply

    Once the kids get home, clean the lunchboxes we do then repack them and put them in the fridge ready for the morning

  184. Avatar of Karina Lee
    Karina Lee Reply

    Add plenty of colour and variety to keep them happy and looking forward to opening their lunch box everyday!

  185. Avatar of Abby Lee

    I make sure the kids have a selection of healthy options to keep lunches interesting

  186. Avatar of Mikaela Cowan
    Mikaela Cowan Reply

    I freeze their drink bottle to keep fresh food cool, by lunchtime it becomes a hydrating drink!

  187. Avatar of Sarah Armstrong
    Sarah Armstrong Reply

    I give my kids a choice things they can take and they pack their own lunches. But every so often I put in a treat

  188. Avatar of Joanna H

    I mix up the ingredients for variety but the basics are always the same which means less time thinking about it in the morning!

  189. Avatar of Kris Ryan

    I make vegemite sandwiches ahead of time & freeze them. By lunchtime, they’ve defrosted & are ready to eat 🙂

  190. Avatar of Alicia Bardsley
    Alicia Bardsley Reply

    I freeze as many sandwiches, cakes, muffins etc in advance as I can to save some precious school morning time.

  191. Avatar of stpatgirl

    Don’t let the kids see you pack their lunch. That way whatever they get is a surprise and more exciting to eat!

  192. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    I freeze yogurt to ad to the lunch box, it keeps things nice and cool, I also freeze water in their water bottle only half and ad water in the morning, on hot days they have nice cool water all day

  193. Avatar of feline1981
    feline1981 Reply

    I make sure the sandwiches are frozen (anything but lettuce or salad items) and packed in my smash bags with an ice brick we always have fresh sandwiches

  194. Avatar of Lorna M

    I pack their lunchboxes the night before school and allow them to choose a little sweet treat, than pack them with a keep cool pack and in the fridge for next day. Saves time and the kids get the treat their desire.

  195. Avatar of staceyshailer
    staceyshailer Reply

    I make and freeze sandwiches and some snacks on the weekend to help make lunch box packing a breeze for the busy week ahead!

  196. Avatar of kelly jones
    kelly jones Reply

    I always pack lunches the night before, that way the children can help decide what goes in so I know that it will be eaten and there’s no complaining in the morning when it’s time to leave for school that they don’t like what I’ve packed for them.

  197. Avatar of Ern

    Flat drink bottle, frozen (but not all the way to the top, so it doesn’t explode), packed into lunch box with napkin on top, then sandwich and everthing else in and around it to keep them cool so they don’t go off and make little tummies sick.

  198. Avatar of Di

    The trick is to pack what my child likes and what I deem right for my child to consume, NOT what schools, governmental bodies or anyone else deem fit! I pack what’s good for mine, not anyone else’s children……..children need to be taught what they can and can’t eat if they have issues. Yes rant over, soz………very annoying in the news of late, children need to be taught how to cope with their individual issues, not the world conforming to cope with one child’s food intolerance/allergy!

  199. Avatar of Sally

    My trick is to leave an ice pack in the lunch box, it’ll keep the kids lunch nice and cool.

  200. Avatar of Anthea Cornish
    Anthea Cornish Reply

    My orange snake ( skin peeled like one and left attached at the base ) covered with cling film to one side and sandwiches( frozen) to the other with lighter things ( crisps, grapes ) on the top.

  201. Avatar of Rohit

    I Involve my kids while packing their lunchboxes – they love to cut sandwiches with cookie cutters and make fruit kebabs & the best thing is that they look forward to lunchtime in school.

  202. Avatar of lisa

    Our school is encouraging nude food lunch boxes trying to earn their 5th star to become a sustainable school.
    I have 5 containers in the pantry one for each day of the week. In each one it has their snacks, whole fruit and non fridge ingredients (where appropriate) and a list of what they are having each day . All lunches are made fresh as my kids don’t eat frozen/thawed lunches (which I can’t blame them). I just grab the container, make the lunch, add the fresh fruit and snacks. So quick and easy. The note is super handy, so say they’re having yoghurt that day I know just to grab it from the fridge, It lists what to make for lunch so no thinking and it’s easy to vary the snacks and lunches and make it a fun lunch box. All done in only a few minutes.

  203. Avatar of Dale Pearce
    Dale Pearce Reply

    My children are past the lunchbox stage BUT I desperately need a new one for when I go to school each day and teach. The kids would be so jealous of my new stylish lunchbox

  204. Avatar of shelbyward
    shelbyward Reply

    I make yoghurt and freeze it so that it keeps the rest of the food cool in summer and the kids love it!

  205. Avatar of kirsty irwin
    kirsty irwin Reply

    Make it look as exciting and enticing as possible. Also always include something cold or frozen, drink etc.

  206. Avatar of Melanie B

    My lunch box trick starts at the supermarket, let the kids
    be involved selecting fruit or vegetables that they would like to eat for
    lunch. They are so distracted at the supermarket they forget it’s a “chore” for
    them and also they are keen to eat what is packed for them as they helped select
    it. Double win: Quick supermarket shop and no left over lunch is brought home.

  207. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey Evans Reply

    My packing tip is making sure the heaviest goes at the bottom & lightest at the top, no more squishy food!

  208. Avatar of robfunk

    Ask your kids what they want, don’t just guess, get them involved.

  209. Avatar of Jessica Maloney
    Jessica Maloney Reply

    Don’t pack them in view of your families pet cockatoo, because I learnt the hard way, that bugger likes to attack lunch boxes to find his own treats!

  210. Avatar of Jane Gardam
    Jane Gardam Reply

    Reusable containers and I find flat lunchboxs are better for your children to see what they have to eat.

  211. Avatar of Lisa Jene

    I pack left to right for recess, lunch and on the bus snacks.

  212. Avatar of dottie fox
    dottie fox Reply

    Dont send them with too many options – they always start with the least healthy items and conveniently get too full.

  213. Avatar of Panda Jess
    Panda Jess Reply

    My lunchbox trick is to my kids with healthy fruits and veg but then add something special down the bottom of the lunchbox as a treat for eating all their healthy food.

  214. Avatar of Sarah Kennedy
    Sarah Kennedy Reply

    Put the biggest thing in first, for me its the sandwich box. Then tetris the smaller foods and containers around it, and always pack fruit on top so its first to be seen and hopefully eaten!

  215. Avatar of jaime farrands
    jaime farrands Reply

    My lunchbox packing trick is to let them do it themselves! They select something from each group of foods. They take more care with it and learn the ‘right’ foods to have each day

  216. Avatar of Emma Clark
    Emma Clark Reply

    My packing trick is to freeze a juice popper or yoghurt so it helps keep the rest of the lunch cold for longer. Plus I loved when I was at school and having a slushy popper at lunch time and eating it with a spoon 🙂
    I have never seen these containers before. The round rice thins container is excellent. Great for work lunches as well.

  217. Avatar of Sharee Ussher
    Sharee Ussher Reply

    My lunchbox trick is to create a healthy lunch by making it look appealing & fun so I use multiple small containers & cutout shapes for sandwiches & snacks.Works a treat!

  218. Avatar of Alex

    Pack the night before. That way you’re not frazzled or rushed and have time to put together a healthy lunch box. We also use re-usable sandwich wraps which are amazing!

  219. Avatar of Danielle Jason Kean
    Danielle Jason Kean Reply

    Harder things are always on the bottom with the softer things on the top.

  220. Avatar of Claudia Gildea
    Claudia Gildea Reply

    My trick is teaching the kids how to make their own lunch!

  221. Avatar of Kristy

    My trick is to fill the lunch box up with fruit. I usually out 3 pieces of fruit in my childrens lunchboxes instead of processed sweet foods such as LCM bars or the like

  222. Avatar of ALISON

    I give my son a couple of healthy options for his lunch & ask him which he would prefer (that way I know he will eat it). I always chuck in a tiny treat too 🙂

  223. Avatar of Erin Rowsell
    Erin Rowsell Reply

    Thankfully my son isn’t a fussy eater, he just loves food and a lot of it. I just have to make sure I pack lots a fresh fruit for him to enjoy

  224. Avatar of Sara Johnston
    Sara Johnston Reply

    I pack a variety of healthy snacks in small containers inside his lunchbox! He loves variety so sultanas, pretzels, lightly salted popcorn and fresh fruit as well as his sandwich always goes down well 🙂

  225. Avatar of SoZaJo

    We always have a minimum of 2 pieces of fruit, often a vegetable as well. Snacks include popcorn, occasional treats, sultanas, rice crackers (plain – don’t like flavoured ones – too many additives). Sandwiches, rolls or wraps. Usually kept pretty simple. My 3 all have different tastes, but they have to accomadate each other occasionally

  226. Avatar of Sarah McKenzie
    Sarah McKenzie Reply

    When I do the weekly grocery shopping, I cut up fruit & veg (carrots, watermellon, strawberries, grapes etc) and store it in containers in the fridge, making it nice and easy for my son to pick out what he wants to take every day.

  227. Avatar of Sarah Jackson
    Sarah Jackson Reply

    My daughter is 2 and we have just started at Family Day Care, one of the reasons to this was the daycare centre we like has just introduced a no nut, no egg and limited dairy rules, which I find difficult to comprehend o

    • Avatar of Blossom

      Do you have to provide your child’s food at Family Day Care? I thought it was included in your fees. They are more expensive than Childcare Centres and you buy the food too??

      • Avatar of Sarah Jackson
        Sarah Jackson Reply

        The day care centre was $85 nappies only supplies and they were open from 6-6. The family daycare I have gone through are $5.50p/h with nappies included. Both are me doing the food supply. But with the smaller group of kiddies they only ask for no nuts but everything else is fine

        • Avatar of Blossom

          The one my relatives use is probably around the $85.00 day mark. They give the kids morning and afternoon snacks – sliced up fresh fruit. Hot cooked lunch. If they are still having a bottle and having cows milk they provide that too. You just to have to provide your own botles. If you have to go in when they are cooking the lunches, they smell pretty good too.

  228. Avatar of Danielle Curtain
    Danielle Curtain Reply

    A variety of food that doesn’t go off is great for a fussy eater also finding containers and lunch box that withstands the rough handling of boys haha.

  229. Avatar of Gaylene Walsh
    Gaylene Walsh Reply

    To ensure the lunchbox contents get eaten, I get my Miss 13 Years to help with whole process. She joins in the planning, the shopping and the preparation of her lunches, that way she is more inclined to eat it rather than just bin it like most High School kids sometimes do.

  230. Avatar of Kit Man HA HAU
    Kit Man HA HAU Reply

    Sandwich lunchbox with a thermo outside unzipped and left both in the fridge overnight. So it’ll keep cool next day and kids won’t forget to bring the thermo.

  231. Avatar of Elissa

    I always have the large corn thins on hand in a container in the pantry for those days when I run out of fresh bread for the kids lunches. Life saver! The small ice packs are great for keeping fruit, cheese and yoghurts nice and cool too.

  232. Avatar of Amy Laity

    I always use these containers for my son to access healthy snacks through his busy days.

  233. Avatar of cat

    Get the kids to help – if they make it in our house they tend to eat it (even if it’s only getting things in and out of the fridge).

  234. Avatar of Michelle

    Always remember to take out lunchbox from the school bag straight after school. I hate finding a gross lunchbox and having to clean and repack it before school.

  235. Avatar of Trudy Spreadborough
    Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    I wish I had a trick but I don’t haha I just pack in as much as I can cos my daughter is a little hungry horse!

  236. Avatar of Gigi H

    A variety of food but not too much to ensure the lunchbox contents get eaten.

  237. Avatar of Kristy F

    Everything in containers as it makes it easy for the kids to eat their lunch

  238. Avatar of JL

    When packing a sandwich, if you keep the lettuce separate you can keep the lettuce staying moist and the bread staying dry.

  239. Avatar of Alysha Davidson
    Alysha Davidson Reply

    I respond to awesome storage/lunch box solutions a little bit like the way some people react to stationary – irrational but consuming fascination & love. My daughters do too, so making sure their munchies are packaged in a fun but reusable way is a major asset in getting them to eat! Weird but true!

  240. Avatar of Suzanne Ware
    Suzanne Ware Reply

    I freeze a yoghurt pouch to keep things cold and it’s also a lunchtime snack as well.

  241. Avatar of Joanne sampson
    Joanne sampson Reply

    Don’t overdo there favourite mix it up otherwise you will here that was yuck lunch lol

  242. Avatar of Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess
    Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess Reply

    A frozen whole orange, kerps their lunch cool and is a super tasty healthy treat.

  243. Avatar of Tahlia Kimeera
    Tahlia Kimeera Reply

    (If possible) co ordinate “treats” with their closest friends. My kids LOVE when they have the same cool drink or yogurt etc as their friends =)

  244. Avatar of Laura Offerman
    Laura Offerman Reply

    Very old school lol but freeze your juice box to keep the rest of the lunch cool and fresh in the lunchbox

  245. Avatar of Lauren Jordan
    Lauren Jordan Reply

    Forward planning. It’s the only way I can survive, if we haven’t planned out the lunches and shopped accordingly I’m lost.

  246. Avatar of Jayne Burgess
    Jayne Burgess Reply

    I put a frozen water bottle in my kids bag to keep their lunch cool.

  247. Avatar of Brooke

    They say variety is the key, but I find if I pack the staples they love, it never comes back empty!

  248. Avatar of Rebecca Tompsett
    Rebecca Tompsett Reply

    As soon as they are old enough (my eldest started at 5) – get them to pack their own lunch (within reason) so that they choose things they will actually eat.

  249. Avatar of Dianne Childs
    Dianne Childs Reply

    I don’t cut the sandwich all the way through (nearly though!) so it doesn’t fall apart when putting it inside the snap lock bag.

  250. Avatar of Jo Tan

    I get my children involved with packing their lunch boxes every night after dinner. Each also gets one request every day (eg. “no yoghurt tomorrow please”, “savoury muffin instead of sweet muffin for morning tea please”, ” strawberries please instead of apples”) and one choice (eg. “choose between mandarin and grapes”, ” choose between mesclun and spinach”) to allow them some freedom of choice and to keep them interested in the food!

  251. Avatar of Steven Ma

    My niece and nephew will be the SMASHING students at Kindy and child care

  252. Avatar of Sarah Travia
    Sarah Travia Reply

    I bake chocolate and apple mini cupcakes in big batches and freeze them, then pop one in my sons kindy lunchbox, he loves them.

  253. Avatar of Adam McDade
    Adam McDade Reply

    teaching our boys while they’re young to take initiative with their lunchboxes, drink bottles has been benefiticial in empowering them and encouraging them to make good choices

  254. Avatar of Kathy Chaudhry
    Kathy Chaudhry Reply

    Insulated covers on luncboxes keep food cool and fresh. Such a SMASHing idea – thanks Smash for making my little ones lunches so perfect to eat!

  255. Avatar of Natasha Andrews
    Natasha Andrews Reply

    My bit thing isto ensure their is variety in my kids lunch box – my girls always eat better when I give them a small amount of 4-5 things rather than a large amount of 2-3 things.

  256. Avatar of Jennalee Izzard
    Jennalee Izzard Reply

    Fresh is Best! My son and I make his lunch box treats together. Quality time together, learning new skills, talking about food in a positive way, saves money and no nasty additives!!
    Best of all we have lots of fun together and he wants to eat what he made!

  257. Avatar of melinda nardella
    melinda nardella Reply

    I don’t have any tricks. No matter what goes in the lunch, generally comes home! I just wish they would eat what is packed. I must admit I never linked my school lunches. it also came home. Maybe it’s genetic!

  258. Avatar of Lisa W

    Keep it simple, no wrappers, lots of fruit and veggies which lets them eat on the run.

  259. Avatar of Claire Thrower
    Claire Thrower Reply

    All my kids snacks and lunches are in smash boxes, so for me its like a game of tetris trying to make everything fit in nice and neatly. I always win and make everything fit!

  260. Avatar of Karen Longley
    Karen Longley Reply

    I don’t have any tricks but I’m sure these Smash items would help with that. 🙂

  261. Avatar of Kristie Cubbin
    Kristie Cubbin Reply

    My trick is to get the kids to help with their lunches that way they will be more likely to eat it.

  262. Avatar of carly

    if you are going for a bento type of lunch box, pack everything tightly so it will retain it’s form

  263. Avatar of MelandPhil Carter
    MelandPhil Carter Reply

    I put in a bit of everything that way they have a choice and they eat most of it and love it 🙂

  264. Avatar of Alanna Jane
    Alanna Jane Reply

    I put “little lunch” in a separate container in the big lunchbox, makes it much easier to grab for recess

  265. Avatar of Leanne B

    Freezer brick! This keeps the lunch nice and cool, nothing worse than a warm cheese sandwich 🙁

  266. Avatar of Jill08

    Freeze mini water bottle, then into non-geeky towelling ‘pouch’ to absorb condensation. Distinctively separate “little lunch’ from ‘big lunch’ .. but if they are mixed up… why worry as long as some food is eaten!

  267. Avatar of Eva Kiraly
    Eva Kiraly Reply

    Cut fruit up to bite size, kids don’t really want to eat a full apple, just give them a bit of everything.

  268. Avatar of Justin Frick
    Justin Frick Reply

    I make sure that I have a large rotation of snacks and lunches so there is something different everyday – keeps the excitement in having lunch

  269. Avatar of Jill Hamilton
    Jill Hamilton Reply

    Lots of little snacks, such as grapes, cheese and biscuits, they will tend to eat it all if there are smaller portions, and more variety 🙂

  270. Avatar of merlest

    We used a promotional offer so our son was able to design his own lunchbox. He loves packing his school lunch and snacks into his unique lunchbox and it comes home empty.

  271. Avatar of Marcia

    Freeze half a bottle of water then top up with cold water – keeps the food cold, but means there is water available to drink also, have easy to eat foods that don’t need to be peeled eg grapes, cherry tomatoes, celery, carrot and zucchini strips, small squares of cheese etc

  272. Avatar of tanya

    grated carrot in a roll more often eaten than carrot sticks that take too long when play time is calling

  273. Avatar of Nicole D

    I freeze some Greek yogurt in a reusable pouch and place a sandwich on top to keep it cool. It’s handy for ham or chicken wraps too. And bento forks make everything fun to eat! Cubes of cheese, grapes and mini bliss balls.

  274. Avatar of Lauren MB

    If I happen to be putting half, or part, of a banana or avocado into my daughter’s lunchbox, I wet a paper napkin and wrap it around the banana – this stops it browning, and she also then uses the napkin to wipe up her hands/face after eating!

  275. Avatar of Tina

    a lot of little snack foods, as I find it easier and my daughter tends to eat for.
    using wraps with cheese and ham and cutting them in bite sizes. I place little frozen ice packs in there so the cheese doesn’t go off and doesn’t cause to to sweat.

  276. Avatar of leeanne

    Cooler bags are great and winning this prize pack would be awesome as I am abusy mum of three and don’t have time to put snacks into plastic bags or brown paper bags


  277. Avatar of cheerie

    I put the last things to eat on the bottom or on the sides, I find they take out what every is in the centre first,I don’t think they really eat what I think they should eat first or last

  278. Avatar of Bronwyn Elmes
    Bronwyn Elmes Reply

    Two ice bricks in the lunch bags keep everything cooler for longer.

  279. Avatar of Blossom

    Freeze a bottle of water but leave a gap at the top, otherwise it will expand too much and may damage the lid or in extreme cases even split the bottle no matter how sturdy it is. Water will not contaminate food if it isn’t done up tightly enough.

  280. Avatar of Sherna Swanepoel
    Sherna Swanepoel Reply

    I pack loose fruit in smaller containers and try to pack sandwiches separate to ensure no soggy bread ac cures

  281. Avatar of Tegan Vlahos
    Tegan Vlahos Reply

    Fun shaped sandwiches always help to make sure they get eaten.

  282. Avatar of Sarah Homans
    Sarah Homans Reply

    Lots of little snack, with a sandwich for their main lunch. I find more stuff gets finished if I give them lots of choice.

  283. Avatar of Maree

    I use a soft lunch box and pack sandwiches, fruit etc in their own plastic container so it’s all separate and pop in a yoghurt container and plastic spoon.. then ice block in the morning

  284. Avatar of Bet Hogan

    I make snacks small and lots of varieties make sure they get eaten.

  285. Avatar of Smitzer

    I pack everything into zip lock bags so not to stress out my 5 year old, he loves a lot of variety

  286. Avatar of Bianca Hensman
    Bianca Hensman Reply

    Having the food, the containers (or lunchbox) plus a small tub to collect scraps is the easiest way for me to prep three healthy lunchboxes

  287. Avatar of Kim

    I have smash products all throughout my kitchen cupboards. They get used by everyone from my 6 year olds water bottle to the sandwich containers for my 20 year old son. Great product with funky colours.

  288. Avatar of Kathryn Monaghan
    Kathryn Monaghan Reply

    I have no tricks, I’m hopeless and need help for my coeliac daughter!!!

  289. Avatar of disqus_pQ2tRSP62g
    disqus_pQ2tRSP62g Reply

    Variety of healthy snacks with a known favourite an yoghurt pouch -win for keeping cool, win for dairy content

  290. Avatar of M. Choi

    I have 3 separate small containers for my young school aged boy- a munch and sip, recess fruit/ cracker box and a lunch box. Pack them in with an ice brick or two, and a half ice half water filled bottle all into one cooler bag. It keeps the food cool and there’s no fuss when he doesn’t finish one part. It usually stays cool still for him to finish it all for afternoon tea. The trick is to remind him to zip the cooler bag. An encouraging note slipped into one of the boxes also cheers him up through the day.

  291. Avatar of Cathi de Vriend
    Cathi de Vriend Reply

    Zip Lock bags and small containers are really useful for keeping foods separate. Freezing half a bottle of drink and topping it up in the morning keeps the drink cold, as well as keeping everything else cool for a good few hours or so. Wrapping the drink bottle in heavy duty aluminium foil, shiny side up, keeps cold and frozen foods and drinks cooler for longer.

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