Not too long ago we did a room-reshuffle to accommodate my growing need for a fully functioning home office.

And of course, the youngest was shuffled around the most. Because. Youngest.

It worked for a while, as makeshift solutions tend to, but we’ve reached a point that we really needed to create a space that is more suitable for a growing young boy.

As my luck would have it, Super Amart approached us and invited us to work with them on a kid’s bedroom makeover.  They offered us the pick of kid’s bedroom furniture and in return asked us to showcase how easy and affordable it can be to redo your kids bedrooms.  

Let’s just say the decision was pretty easy and VERY timely!

Our youngest is four now and I was keen to give him a bedroom that wasn’t too ‘baby’ but not too ‘grown-up’ either. Something that would grow with him but wouldn’t cost us the earth.  They had quite a few single beds and bunks to choose from, starting at $79 and going right up to over $900 for a you-beaut double bunk with all the bells and whistles.

As you can see in the ‘before’ shots, our youngest was luxuriating in a great big double bed which was great when Mummy read stories at bedtime but not so great on usable floor-space! The upshot was that we basically needed to start from scratch. (can you sense my excitement (and relief) at the opportunity to get my soon-to-be kindy kid into a more appropriate bedroom?


So, we headed to Super Amart. And when I say ‘we’ I mean my friend [and MC Deputy Editor] and I, because we all know how much help the husband would be in that particular department! We picked up ALL the essentials – single bed, quilts, quilt covers, mattress  protectors, stools, rug – you name it! They really did make it easy to shop (without having to run all over town kinda shop).

So what did we get? My favourite pick, I did instantly fall in love when I saw it.  

Enter the Trundle bed.

I have always loved this solution! A nice, neat single bed by day and by night when guests are over, we can roll out the hidden bed-on-wheels. Winning!

The bed we chose was the Barn Trundle Bed ($699) and came with matching tallboy and with a row of drawers along the bottom, meant it also came with inbuilt storage, ideal for Alex’s growing shoe collection! We already had a 4 x 4 IKEA shelving unit which is perfect for a growing kid and of course the built-ins covered off the rest of the storage needs.  It’s solid, hardwearing and best of all, was really easy to put together! #flatpackwinning

The room is quite small (3x3m) and we lose two walls straight away to the window and the wardrobe.  Not ideal (hence the existing layout) although after some fiddling around we worked out the best configuration and set to work.

The end result! Pleased as punch, so much space, functionality and everything works together so easily.

Starting with an all-white palette makes styling VERY easy. I love the boldness of the gorgeous Cooper Single Bed Quilt Cover ($49.95) with its stars and stripes design (it’s so soft and comfortable too!).  We chose to use that as the foundation to style the whole room with the red metal stool as a perfect choice for the bedside table. It’s both portable and easy to move out of the way when we need to access the trundle bed. Look at how that colour pops!

We got a couple of the Sleepmaker Ease Comfort Single Mattresses and let me tell you they are SUPER COMFORTABLE to sleep on! 10 year warranty and just like sleeping on a soft, fluffy cloud. REALLY! I may or may not have even slipped quietly into a snooze after reading bedtime stories with master 4 and we’ve only had the bed a week! Seriously though, if you’re in the market for a new mattress, these are the bomb!

As I mentioned before, the flexibility of the trundle makes sleepovers very easy and the new layout gave for plenty of room to simply pull out the trundle and we instantly have our second bed! I bought a second Cooper quilt cover but as it’s reversible it still matches while still looking a little different.

The trundle rolls out effortlessly to provide an extra sleeping space, perfect for overnight guests!

We picked up the red from the linen in the shaggy floor rug too and created a special little play space for Alex to spend some down time in. This desk and chair is just the spot to do some colouring in or put together another Alex Lego Creation!  #obsessedwithlego

Now to the shelves. These are awesome but they can look messy VERY easily. We found some gorgeous blue and white baskets that were perfect for Alex’s Lego and the handles on the sides make them very portable, even for the little hands of a 4-year old. We kept them on the bottom shelf for easy kid access and put all of the ‘parental guidance recommended’ items in the red boxes along the top shelf. PERFECT!

The Barn tallboy and Cube storage fit seamlessly along the wall, meaning storage is taken care of and everything’s at easy reach.

I didn’t want to go overboard with the whole ‘styling’ element because he’s still an actual kid who is going to actually use the room so I kept it quite simple. There was a moment of hesitation when I took down his Peppa Pig posters but he’s pretty chuffed with how it all looks now.


At least he’s got his Superhero Canvas from Buggbyoo – he loves that!




Thanks to our friends at Super Amart, we’ve got 2 x $250 Gift Cards up for grabs! To enter, simply complete the entry form below and you’re in the running. Be sure to comment on the article below and tell us what you’d love to buy to update your home!


Win 1 of 2 Super Amart $250 Gift Vouchers


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  1. ALEISHA J G Reply

    As a single mum with two young kids. Finically things get tricky. I would love to give my Son his big boy wow factor room thAt he dreams of! I have never had the honour of buying brand new furniture instead we get second hand, and even I am grateful for that. I would love this and my son would do.

  2. julia sheedy Reply

    I would love to win this to update my bedroom with a new bed and wardrobe….I have had both bed/ mattress and wardrobe for over 15 yrs so to replace any of them with new ones would be great.

  3. Beki Fowler-Mills Reply

    I would like to win this so i can update my daughters room and try to tame the clutter of toys!

  4. I’d love to buy a new lounge suite. One 3 seater and 2 recliner chairs are what we’re after currently to replace our falling apart lounge.

  5. I loved sleeping in a bunk bed when I was little, and I think my sons would love it too!

  6. A new lounge suite would be great for the living room as we all love to be entertained and watch tv and play games.

  7. Nel Johnson-Bane Reply

    We are actually in the planning process of shuffling our 18 month old around to make room for baby number 3. We really need a whole new room for our lil miss!!

  8. My 16 month old thinks the TV cabinet is a climbing gym….desperately need a new one

  9. I would like to buy a single bed for my 2 year old daughter, who is ready to give up her cot to her little brother born just 2 weeks ago

  10. Maria Stone Reply

    Would love to update my bedroom with some bedside tables, the dining room with some trendy dining chairs, and we need a new lounge ! So lots to buy really! Would love this voucher to get me into Super Amart to start this shopping spree please! 🙂

  11. I would like buy some new outdoor furniture and Super Amart sell some amazing things.

  12. I would love to win this to reward my Mum with a new bedroom.
    She has 4 children, 2 that require 24 hour care, & 3 grand children.
    She is constantly doing things for others & I would love to be able to give her something wonderful!

  13. Richard Harrison Reply

    My son is dying to get bunk beds to share with his little brother or friends visiting

  14. Belinda Murray Reply

    I would like to get some storage for my boys room and play room to clear up all the toys everywhere 🙂

  15. Samira Bousalim Al-Ekhtiyar Reply

    Accessories for my family room – lamps, vases, cushions!! I am wanting to change my colours after 10 years 🙂

  16. Rebeccah Parry Reply

    It is time for my little man to move into a big boys bed. It would be great to be able to buy him a fantastic bedroom suite and mattress for Christmas please

  17. A new rug my rug is look old would love a fresh new look for my longue room

  18. Definitely soft furnishings – something our entire house lacks. But I would also be keen to add a trundle bed to Master 4’s bedroom!

  19. Vanessa Maguire Reply

    If I was so lucky as to win this wonderful prize I would put it towards giving my daughter a room worthy of how wonderful she is – this money would be used to buy a single white bed for my princess

  20. Jessica De Feudis Reply

    a mattress for my son for when he moves into his big boy bedroom would be great

  21. A new lounge suite that doesn’t have recliners. As much as I love them my son loves them even more and keeps popping the foot rests up – even when I’m sitting down!

  22. Desperately need a new couch. Its lasted through 2 kids and a dog, and is on its last legs!

  23. A new lounge. Ours has a hole in the bottom under the cushions which toys always seem to fall through, and then I have to dig in there to get them out……….

  24. If I was lucky enough to win one of the gift vouchers, I would put the money towards a bunk bed for my 5 year old. His bed is old (his Dad’s from when he was a kid) and would be great to have a new bed and a spare bed for when his brother wants to have a sleepover.

  25. Nicole Woods Reply

    In the event I was fortunate enough to win, I’d put the money towards a bookcase.

  26. janine gardiner Reply

    A chest of drawers for all my frilly drawers,
    To keep my frilly drawers off my floors,
    Super Amart can help me out,
    With tidy drawers like a good Girl Scout.

  27. Nicole Williams Reply

    I’d love to buy a new dining table so this would be a great help towards it

  28. Jenny Woods Reply

    I’d like to buy my grandson a new bed….he currently has a bed that he has to climb up into. He has been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondilitis which causes him pain in his spine, hips & legs. I would buy him a new bed that is easy for him to get in & out of.

  29. With two boys at home we would love to buy Barn Trundle bed so that both the brothers can enjoy their bedtime with lots of fun.

  30. Bianca de Lima Reply

    A $250 Super Amart gift card to use
    Would make it so hard for me to choose.
    The library could use a new book shelf
    Tho that would only be for myself.
    Lil miss two could use a new bed,
    And a new mattress to rest her wee head.
    With a new baby almost come due,
    A brand new cot would be useful too.
    As you can see choosing will be hard,
    But I could obviously use this gift card!

  31. We’re building a granny flat for my mum and need all new compact furniture for her, especially a lounge or recliner and coffee table, and dining room setting.

  32. I think I’d get some storage, I really like the Ollie. Then I’d buy the storage tubs and fill them up by golly!

  33. Julie Hodsman Reply

    My hubby and I desperately need a new mattress. It would also be great to get some classy bedtime lamps.

  34. Amy Stacey Reply

    The Broadbeach king single bed would be perfect for me daughter!

  35. Where to begin?! Bub number 2 arrived 3 days ago so some storage for all of her clothes would be handy! Or a new mattress for my partner and I.

  36. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Being the youngest he seems to have gotten bits and pieces from everyone else in his room, would love for my son to have a great room that he can help chose to decorate

  37. Chantelle Young Reply

    Would love to get a new Tallboy to replace my little girls draws as their falling apart.

  38. I like to buy furniture – bought two bed recently for my two girls and they love them.

  39. I’d love a new lounge!… Mine’s literally on its last legs, and it’s got a few bricks holding it up..

  40. Seating in the lounge room where we could all snuggle up together!

  41. My son is going thru a divorce & desperately needs new beds for his two children as she is taking everything. 🙁

  42. I would love a sofa bed, for when the family come to stay from overseas. The leather one is gorgeous.

  43. I would love a cot for my new son to match the bed I already have in the bedroom I will be using that my 3 year old has

  44. Belinda Baker Reply

    What a beautiful room definitely fit for a growing young man. I love it

  45. Storage, storage and more storage is what I need with 2 tween girls!

  46. I’d love to buy some storage furniture for my kids so they can keep their room tidy and well-organized.

  47. Me thinks window furnishings that actually fit the windows, or perhaps a dresser come study desk would be fab.

  48. Nichole Mckee Reply

    I’d love to purchase the Verona Queen Quilt Cover, a couple of Cabaret Cushions, a Niall Tea Light Holder, and a Lulu Table lamp to make our Bedroom so pretty

  49. Kristy Stark Reply

    Oh my gosh!! With my three kids I so need this! Extra storage especially for all the Lego is a must!! I loved the colours you used too!

  50. I’d buy my son a bed as the one he has is from council clean up and falling apart.

  51. Louise Patterson Reply

    I’d love to buy a Lilac Fabric Click-Clack Sofa Bed. 🙂

  52. Dawn Taylor Reply

    Now the children have left home, our study would really benefit from a revamp.

  53. Michelle Cleland Reply

    A waste of space – we need a roomier room, Super Amart could help our son keep a tidier room.

  54. Juanita Thorn Reply

    I need a new lounge, so I would put the gift card towards a new lounge setting….my lounge is hanging out at the bottom…not too supportive.

  55. Kate Slack Reply

    I love the Country Fabric Accent Chair, I would throw away my worn out chair and enjoy this comfy stylish new one!

  56. domandlauren Reply

    Our toddler is nearly ready for a new bed which means his room coud do with a refresh too! I don’t know where to start!

  57. Sarah Sabatino Reply

    So in need of some additional storage, so a buffet would be well utilised! My kitchen is bursting!!

  58. Would like to do a room Makeover for my teenage son as he’s well overdue for a new look

  59. Leonie Walker-Rackebrandt Reply

    I would love loft beds for my kids as they never have enough storage space

  60. Peta Masih Reply

    Oh this would be so handy right now. I would buy 4 of the ‘Rocket’ Metal Dining Chairs, & 1 of the ‘Super Dream Series 150’ Single Bed Mattresses.

  61. Emily Woodbury Reply

    At the moment, as a single mum still living at home with my mum, I’m sharing my bedroom with my two year daughter because we don’t have a room for her yet but as soon as my sister moves in with her boyfriend, I would love to buy my daughter a beautiful white single bed with under bed storage.

  62. Brooke Parker Reply

    I would love to get a nice new double bed for me. I used to have a double bed as a kid but actually never slept in it lol. So would love to have a double again. I want to space out in lay in the middle lol.

  63. Amanda Manning Reply

    Storage solutions for EVERY room in the house is always a great idea.

  64. Stephanie De Iulio Reply

    I’d buy a new dining table set for the whole family to enjoy. Eating dinner at the table together is an important way to converse and stay connected.

  65. My son is in desperate need of a new mattress and storage solutions never go astray.

  66. New beds for my boys. Super Amart has a great variety to choose from, so they can have a better nights sleep and so can I.

  67. I’d love a new dresser with lots of storage space! I recently bought one from a competitor but they sent the wrong colour. A month later I finally got it sent back but I have a very empty space in my bedroom!

  68. I really need a new, stylish, comfortable lounge chair. I’m tired of being the family member who has to sit on a fold out chair because all the lounge chairs are taken!

  69. I’d get a new desk for the family, so everyone can get through their studies with sanity intact!

  70. amandagorton Reply

    The ‘Booker’ study desk would be a smart purchase, to serve a very useful purpose!

  71. Vanessa Mackenzie Reply

    I’d like to get some kind of bed that’s up high so my son has room to play

  72. jody buhagiar Reply

    The loft beds would be ideal. Storage and more storage 😀

  73. A new single bed with built in storage for the youngest one would be very welcome here!

  74. Tracy Davey Reply

    Family time around the dinner table is what we love the most
    A new dining suite from Super Amart would sure be something to boast!!

  75. I’d buy a new rug for my bedroom, concrete floor just doesn’t cut it now that i’m a fully fledged adult.

  76. on the lookout for new lounge springs gone in mine most uncomfortable done well 12 years old

  77. Debra Black Reply

    Really need a new dinning chairs , mine are so hard and uncomfortable ..

  78. I would love to buy my daughter a new bed as her current one is so old and needs to be refreshed.

  79. Debrah Bassett Reply

    i would buy bedside tables i don’t have any at the moment

  80. Shannon Lucas Reply

    Storage for my baby girls room. Sadly, she has very little storage in her room & I would love to change that thanks to Super Amart

  81. I’d love to buy new tallboys for my son his ones’ are looking tired and out of date.

  82. My baby girl is insisting she is a big girl now so if the cot goes she has no draws for her clothes. I would like to buy her a tall chest of draws. We like the Silverwood piece.

  83. Melanie Melaniedarrin Farrugia Reply

    would love a 8 setting dining table so we can all fit around a table and eat together

  84. A futon my sofa bed is so uncomfortable and maybe some new dining chairs mine are split and orange

  85. Lucia Saal Reply

    I would love to add a futon to our play room, that way I have spare place for sleepovers and extra seating.

  86. Tara Glennie Reply

    I would love to get a futon or sofa bed for when friends stay over!

  87. Amber Moncrieff Reply

    A trundle or bunk bed set and new drawers for my girls room.

  88. lara haynes Reply

    a new bed for my little man he is in a toddler bed at the moment ready to move very soon to a big bed

  89. Super Amart Homewares so that I could dress up my little girls room in a fun way.

  90. Id love a new bed.start of a new relationship should start with a new bed not someones old one

  91. Kath Weber Reply

    I would love to get the storage cube. As we would be able to tidy our kids section and they can have their toys nice and tidy

  92. Kristy Winters Reply

    Low boys I can’t secure our tall boys to the wall and two of my kids keep climbing them

  93. Antonietta Reply

    Our home is in a time warp, not the Rocky Horror type, but heading that way, I’d like to re-vamp many rooms to a more modern, contemporary style and Amart can show me the way with it’s up to date furnishings.

  94. Gayle Richardson Reply

    It so close to home with amazing customer service, amazing value and amazing choices!

  95. Jo Collins Reply

    Definitely a new bed. The current one creaks and cracks with the slightest movement and we’re scared the mattress is going to fall through the slats. Time for a new one 🙂

  96. Joanna Hayward Reply

    We have our first bubba on the way, and I’ve love to be able to style their room using ideas from above! It’s a great space you’ve created!

  97. Kirstin Trehan Reply

    would love a new bed for my youngest, she has the old hand me down bed and would love to be able to pick a more girly one for her

  98. Margot Farquharson Reply

    My 10 yr old could really do with a bedroom makeover. This article has given me some great ideas but at the moment he really needs a tall boy.

  99. margie sincoe Reply

    Love some outdoor furniture to enable the family to enjoy the coming summer outdoors

  100. I would a trundle bed for sons room. It’s so tiny and he’s just at the age now where he wants friends to sleepover so to have a bed for his friends and extra storage would be awesome

  101. We need two lowlines one for the kids playroom mainly for safety reasons to sit the tv on and the other for the media room as the one we have is starting to fall apart

  102. I would love to do my big boys room up now that hes a teenager

  103. christiechildhood101 Reply

    My eldest needs new storage for her bedroom and tt’s time to move her out of her little girl styled room into one fit for a tween! 🙂

  104. Linda Luczak Reply

    We need a new sofa for our lounge room. Ours is literally falling apart. Thank goodness for sofa covers.

  105. Angela Eichler Reply

    Our house is a 2 bedroom house and we have 2 boys. We are extending the house and would love a single bed for our 2 year old and storage for our youngest

  106. Kristine W Reply

    I would love to buy a few Spacesaver Module Wire Basket 4drw 1140. They would be great for organising my craft room which is worse than the kids toy room at the moment.

  107. An entertainment unit to better store the family’s DVDs. At the moment they are in a higgledy-piggledy mess and it would lovely to have them neat and organised.

  108. Linda Jones Reply

    I have just brought single bed and mattress from The awesome Gepps Cross Store in SA Fabulous service

  109. I desperately need a new bed as ours is “ancient”, 23 years second-hand from a friend who probably also had it for 23 years before us.

  110. Anne-Marie Wingfield Reply

    I would buy a new queen size bed for myself and my fiance as ours has seen better days.

  111. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I would so like to give my Great Grandson a lovely bedroom like the pictures above.

  112. darrell perabo Reply

    my little girl needs a new bed to get out of her cot poor dear

  113. Christine Dean Reply

    We are in need of a new couch, one much better for family movie night.

  114. I would love a Trillian Queen bed along with a Classic Health Plush mattress to lull me into the comfiest slumber I’ve yet to experience!

  115. Rachelle D. Reply

    I’d love to get some cool outdoor furniture for our veranda so we could make the most of summer!!

  116. Some ” Big Boys Stuff” because my kids beds are for “babies” apparently!

  117. Maree Gray Reply

    Need some storage solutions for my dvds and jigsaw puzzle collection

  118. Wendy Hatton Reply

    I’d love a Hanging Egg Chair for quiet reading on my verandah. And an Olivia bedroom suite would be rather nice too.

  119. Kara Healey Reply

    I really need to reconfigure my baby girls room, she came along very quickly after her brother so I haven’t had time to properly sort out and arrange her room yet! It’s still looking like a guest bedroom/storage room 🙁

  120. Michelle Green Reply

    I would love to buy a new dining suite for the family to enjoy meal time at together.

  121. would love to win so I can furnish my new unit with some new furniture

  122. Deborah Bolam Reply

    If I was lucky enought to win I would purchase a new rug for the living room and cushions

  123. Nat Petroff Reply

    Finally get some bookshelves for the library I’ve always dreamed of having!

  124. Christopher King Reply

    Punching bag. I need to work out the tensions of the day. Terribly therapeutic. 🙂

  125. Rachel McNamara Reply

    I would love a set of shelves to get my organizing on.

  126. A new lounge. Our supposed ‘leather’ lounge (only 5 years old) is peeling all over and falling apart. It looks terrible 🙁

  127. An outdoor lounge set for the family to enjoy a bit of vitamin D and tech-free living space!

  128. I would buy a recliner to help with my severe arthritis, it would be my first ever brand new piece of furniture that I’ve ever owned.

  129. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    I would love to have some beautiful living room furniture from Super Amart . It wouldn’t be nice for this Christmas . I keeping my dream alive and fingers crossed.

  130. I want a reading chair for my bedroom, I love my undisturbed “Mummy time” it makes me a better mum.

  131. Elinor Chapman Reply

    Planning a ‘big girl’ room for my 2yr old girl. Would love her to get some nice new furniture instead of all the hand-me-downs we would be using.

  132. A TV coffee table for drinks and nibbles when watching movies or the cricket

  133. Karen Tatum-Hunnam Reply

    my 7yo ASD son and I have just moved into our own home! We would love to purchase furniture for the living room, as currently ours is mismatched 2nd hand pieces

  134. Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    I would love to put it into one of their gorgeous outdoor settings. We really want a lounge and not just dining setting, but simply haven’t had the money to spend on it.

  135. Candy Groomer Reply

    I would love to add furniture to my daughters room im in the process of paying the loft bunk beds of ☺ posting as candy kurz

  136. Leanne White Reply

    To be honest I’m not to sure. Super Amart have some wonderful items. May choose something for the children’s room or treat myself with a new mattress which I need.

  137. Need more shelving and book cases 🙂 can never have too many books but that means I need always one more shelf

  138. Karina Lee Reply

    I need a new bed for my little one who will be graduating out of her cot and into a big girls bed!

  139. Miss 4 and Master 7 would LOVE the “Manhattan” loft bunk! It’s perfect for their room. he will love the desk for his homework, she will love the storage for all her teddies. Happy faces all round!!

  140. Julia Morton Reply

    having just moved to the coast and leaving a lot behind I would love a new corner piece lounge as I have a strange shape loungeroom its had to manoeuvre furniture the way I would like

  141. Some funky coushions or other decorator items to bring some colour and life into our lounge room would be great

  142. I would love a new outdoor setting. Summer is just around the corner, so somewhere nice to sit with family and friends to enjoy the sunshine would be perfect this festive season!

  143. Lee Nicole Isabeth Reply

    I really need some shelving and drawers! Mr twos things are everywhere and we don’t have much storage.. Some cube shelves would be absolutely ideal!!

  144. Janet Feldman Reply

    I really need to update our TV unit. It’s falling apart and I’m scared it’s going to cave in!!

  145. Samantha Retelj Reply

    I’m looking to buy a bed for my nearly 4 yo which I would hope to be very similar to the one above – love the under bed storage (you can never have enough storage), and looking at those blue/ white baskets, I might want a set of those too… What a fun shop!

  146. I’d love to buy my youngest daughter a single bed as she is still in a toddler bed but is fast growing out of it.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity. Michelle V

  147. Melissa walters Reply

    I would love to buy my son a bunk bed. He is still in his cot that turned into a toddler bed that he is growing out of

  148. I would love to put the girls in bunks they have had to move in with us . And they would sleep better if not together in a queen bed

  149. Breanna Evans Reply

    $250 would go towards a new bed for my 5 year old who wants a room makeover

  150. Cindy Nickels Reply

    We desperately need more shelving and storage, so that $250 would be handy

  151. Mary Gunawan Reply

    Super Amart have awesome outdoor settings, my old one is falling apart.

  152. Jessica Wolff Reply

    I would love to purchase a new children’s bookcase to organise and store all my children’s books.

  153. We desperately need storage! Bedsides and drawers would be first on my list! !

  154. Monique Hirst Reply

    we need to upgrade our little miss to a bed from her cot before our next little one moves into the cot.

  155. Nikita Tasi Reply

    Love seeing the room makeovers. I need to change around my little ones room and change it into a little girls room and put away the cot for next year when we plan to have number 2.
    We’ve been saying it for awhile that we need to buy a big girls bed for Niah but have never gotten around to it – naughty us

  156. Jenni Maundrell Armstrong Reply

    We’d buy new dining chairs to replace the ones which ONLY kids can sit on in fear that they’ll break otherwise!

  157. Nazesh Kanwal Reply

    I would buy furniture for my kid bedroom especially kids chair table and a cuboard for her things to be sorted easily

  158. I’d buy something storage related, 2 kids in a shoebox unit means we need clever storage solutions

  159. Christine Thomson Reply

    I would love a new 6 seater dinning set. Something that the whole family can sit at and enjoy a meal together.

  160. Helen Clark Reply

    I need to update my teenage sons room and he absolutely fell in love with the bunk beds in the new Super A Mart in Moonah. I love the trundle bed you used in your wonderful makeover but i think the bunks will win out. Got some great ideas from your makeover.

  161. Would love a new bed for my little man it’s time he moved on from his toddler bed

  162. Ingrid Bell-Milne Reply

    Living in Qld we spend a lot of time outdoors. I would love to buy some new outdoor furniture for the family to enjoy.

  163. My husband has been promising to build our 7-year-old son a bed for 6-months! He is currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor, waiting for daddy to find time to build it. I would love to surprise him with a brand new bed x

  164. nomeenomes Reply

    What a fantastic makeover! Has given me plenty of inspiration to rearrange my (almost) 4yo room, thank you. If I won, I would love to update our living room with a more practical entertainment unit.

  165. Casey Monck Reply

    I would love to buy the storage cube have been wanting on get one for so long

  166. A new doona cover for my son to brighten up his room for the holiday season.

  167. rozah georges Reply

    The trundle bed would be great. The whole room looks amazing. Well done.

  168. Jacqueline Collins Reply

    A new bed for one of my daughters who would love to be up on a bed rather than a mattress on the floor

  169. Katrina Knight Reply

    I’d put the prize money towards the grey fabric Seattle couch combo as its by far the widest and comfiest couch I’ve ever sat on and I’ve been saving for the set for ages!!

  170. I’d like to buy a corner-shaped set of shelves for a vacant spot in the bedroom.

  171. Mel okimoto Reply

    I would love to add the country accent chair to our living room for a final style touch

  172. Christine Douglas Reply

    What a fantastic prize, so hard to choose what to get Super Amart have such a great range of products.

  173. Kelly Sherwood Brown Reply

    I would love to update my bedroom with some new bedding from Super Amart because we haven’t updated our bedding since the 90’s!

  174. Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess Reply

    A new chest of drawers, as mine are starting to fellow apart 🙁

  175. Sammie Whitby Reply

    EVERYTHING that will fit in my sons room, he deserves an upgrade after getting his big boy bed.

  176. The first priority on the list would be a new mattress for sure. They sound fantastic. High quality and comfort are so important when purchasing mattresses.

  177. If I had the opportunity to purchase goods from AMART, I would get decorations for 3 of my granddaughters. They love the colours pink and purple, and love butterflies, fairies, all the things all girls like. I would love to decorate their rooms. xxx

  178. jess woods Reply

    I would get some storage. My partner and I are sharing a wardrobe. Every girls worst nightmare

  179. michelle brown Reply

    After 3 kids we desperately need a new sofa, this would be great to put towards a new one that we can all fit on 🙂

  180. The Cooper Single Quilt Cover featured in the article would be my first purchase – it would go perfectly in my son’s big boy room!

  181. Kirsten Adams Reply

    Probably the silverwood desk, it would clear up my dining table!

  182. I would love to buy a new bed for my 8 year-old son who currently sleeps on a Thomas & Friends bed.

  183. staceyshailer Reply

    A trundle bed like above would be perfect for when we have all our interstate family visiting throughout the year, as 1 kids always ends up having to sleep in the swag in the lounge room!

  184. Mariana Siljac Reply

    Been eyeing out a corner chaise or new lounge suit..There’s 5 of us..and we fight ova one couch!

  185. Amanda Reed Reply

    I would absolutely love a storage cube so everything would have a place and I can get rid of the bulky, not very nice looking storage tubs we are currently using! Amanda Giffard

  186. The Sedona 4pce Queen Suite. Strikingly beautiful, appealing and sophisticated. It’ll style up our bedroom instantly just like magic, and make it more functional and comfortable for a good night sleep!

  187. Lyndy Kinnaird Reply

    O.M.G. – That makeover is what dreams are made of :). It looks like a completely different room and is such a good use of existing space. I guess there is hope for me yet, lol! My 1st pick would definitely be the ‘Riley’ 16 cube unit… perfect for storing all of my son’s toys which are currently stuffed into his cupboard and not very user friendly :(. The remainder would go towards the ‘Barn Trundle Bed’ which is a clever use of space in itself and a perfect solution for when my nephew has a sleep over!

  188. We desperately need a new lounge suite, have had ours for over 15 years time for a change.

  189. Storage for our boys room so that we can find the floor in there!

  190. Donna Joy Leysley Reply

    I would really LOVE a new couch !! this would def go towards helping with that..

  191. Sarahmary92 Reply

    I’d love a new outdoor furniture setting. Now that summers upon us, I love being out side enjoying the beautiful weather.

  192. Nardia Isherwood Reply

    Our couch is falling apart, $250 would be a great help to purchasing a new one!

  193. Sheree Buckley Reply

    Storage for the toy room! Can never have enough storage for toys lol

  194. Trundle beds are such a brilliant idea, aren’t they? Perfect for sleep overs, have to get one.

  195. lisa conolley Reply

    We are desperate for storage in the kids rooms, so the Barn trundle bed would be awesome!!

  196. A new bed for our teenager who needs a bigger bed as she’s taller than me and she looks like a giant in her current single size bed.

  197. My sons room desperately needs some storage like a built in robes or cupboards to store his ever growing clothes.

  198. We haven’t long moved into a new home, so both my kids need a room makeover. I think new beds would be a great first step as their current beds are as old as me!

  199. Alaina Atkin Reply

    My preteen boy is moving into his own room after sharing with his brother! Would love to deck his room out with new furniture.

  200. Renae Krystina Quaid Reply

    All of my kids furniture is second hand and would love to give their rooms something new that they can pick.

  201. Courtney Mills Reply

    Definitely a new bed base so my little guy isn’t sleeping on a mattress on the floor

  202. Nadine Cameron Reply

    Storage! I love the cube unit – this would be a fantastic start.

  203. Linda Thomas Reply


  204. Bec D'owney Reply

    I’d CHAIRish a sofa! Our leather one is literally falling to pieces. Have to brush myself down after sitting on it!

  205. purplesp8y Reply

    A new lounge, mine is so dirty, full of dog hair and more the dog’s domain than mine

  206. Amanda Carson Reply

    What a fabulous make over job. Best and tidy in new modern furniture is the way to go.
    My favourite piece would be the egg chair. Great for lazing the day away.

  207. I think the question is more what furniture would I not like to replace. The only furniture I’ve ever bought new is my dressing table. I think my priority would probably be a new lounge and then new furniture for the kids rooms.

  208. Milly Howells Reply

    We would pop the gift card towards a Nullarbor 3 piece outdoor set. Ours is falling apart and with summer coming we’d love to able to utilise our deck.

  209. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    I would love to buy the Barn Trundle Bed for my daughter as her room is small and she needs more storage but is also ready to start having friends sleepover.

  210. I would exactly what you have done. Make my little boys room a little bit more growen up. I love the white furniture as it makes the room look bigger. My son’s room is smaller then alex’s and has darker furniture. Ao would love to brighten it up.

  211. Some lovely outdoor furniture would be awesome for some summertime days spent in the back yard.

  212. Nicola Pengilly Reply

    Some new outdoor furniture, to make entertaining this summer so much more enjoyable!

  213. Nicole Strachan Reply

    A new lounge. Our old one is cream leather and with 4 kids it doesn’t look so great anymore.

  214. Amie Davis Reply

    Id actually like to gift this to my mum. She desperately needs a new lounge and this would help her a lot.

  215. Kelly Lucas Reply

    I’d love to give my 8 month old daughter her own room with all the fancy furniture so I can have my room back.

  216. We are in desperate need of a desk and storage for the boys. We just dont have any space for anything.

  217. We need to get kids furniture. We no longer have babies anymore!

  218. A new bedroom suite for my son and a new lounge for our new house!!

  219. Lorraine Johnson Reply

    SuperAmart has so many things we could spend this voucher on – a new rug for my sons room, some amazing wall art for our family room, my husband loves the industrial range SuperAmart has & I’ve fallen in love with the Linear outdoor dining setting.

  220. Kids bedroom furniture…that annoying transition phase from cot to bed!

  221. Emma Puszkar Reply

    ‘James’ sofa range! Clean, comfy, uncluttered living.

  222. Sam Minshull Reply

    New bed for my daughter! she is 10 soon and wants a big kids bed! this be perfect =)

  223. Andieharrie Reply

    Kirsty single bed, where she can lay her sweet head, a doona cover and sheet set too, First bed is we’d love to do

  224. sarah moss Reply

    Really need a new coffee table or a new bed for my 18 yr old son

  225. Karren Aitken Ryan Reply

    The furniture looks fantastic and sturdy enough for my 3 grandsons to test out.

  226. I bought the Betty corner chaise from super amart 2 days ago. I’m very happy and the rest of my furniture looks terrible in comparison so I plan to buy the le Franschhoek package asap.

  227. Shona Mackay Reply

    Dining chairs, a buffet, entrance table and a new couch. Having 3 kids, 2 of them boys, all my not so old furniture is in desperate need of updating. They’re extremely rough with everything. They’re just at that age now, where they’re growing out of the destructive stage. I love to have my home looking neat and stylish once again. A girl can dream.

  228. Lauren Jordan Reply

    We need a new lounge desperately. Since Miss nearly-3 came along it has suffered terribly!

  229. In desperate need of storage solutions/shelving and chairs… dining chairs (ours are too high for our table), stools for the kitchen bench and desk chair (currently using one of the too high dining chairs)

  230. The Kimberley three-piece setting with its sturdy table and bench seats would make our backyard festive this festive season.

  231. Elizabeth Jackson Reply

    I would love a tallboy & maybe also some wardrobe inserts. We have a major shortage of drawers for clothes which drives me crazy. Because of this I have piled up stacks of clothes everywhere

  232. Von Fossey Reply

    A new lounge. The one we have is my husband’s grandparents – it’s about 20 years old in age and style!

  233. I would love to buy some cool storage cubes for my kiddies rooms and some fancy pillows for my couch ☺️☺️☺️

  234. A new TV cabinet. My husband put his knee through ours when hanging our TV. We’ve had to cover the hole with the DVD player.

  235. Felicity Turner Reply

    I would buy my grandaughter some new bedroom furniture as her dad has had to set up home for himself and she needs a new bed asap. Thsi would be a wonderful gift for her for Christmas

  236. Irene Fernandas Reply

    Sleepmaker Ease Comfort Single Mattresses would be perfect!

  237. Ainslie McKernan Reply

    We would LOVE to buy a new tv unit for our home but also need to think a new bed for our almost 2yo as she’ll vacate the cot soon (& has a new sibling coming who will need it!)

  238. Sheldyn Warwick-Hart Reply

    I’d love to buy a coffee table or a tv unit 🙂

  239. Jude Little Reply

    My youngest is graduating from a cot to a bed soon so we’d love to buy her a lovely single bed.

  240. Julia Mason Reply

    I would most love to purchase 4 of the giant cinema reclining seats!! Turn my lounge room into a cinema and reap the benefits!!

  241. Charl Lowther Reply

    I need more storage space and would love a display cabinet or book case or the Cube storage, that looks fantastic!

  242. I’m currently saving up to buy a new lounge suite. This voucher would definitely help go towards the cost.

  243. johanna rees Reply

    I’ve so many books now, I’d love a new book case to put them in.

  244. christine morris Reply

    I would love to buy a set of Drawers for my Granddaughter:) Thanks for the chance 🙂

  245. Catherine woodruff Reply

    Anything new to make our living room comfortable would be great

  246. Storage shelves for inside the wardrobe to use all of the space available

  247. Skye Timms Reply

    Bookcases for the kids rooms and a single
    bed for the baby.

  248. Natasha Atkinson Reply

    I would definitely get a Marley Queen Quilt Cover Set in yellow and grey, it would brighten up my daughter’s bedroom beautifully, Kubix 9 Cube Storage Unit in Espresso, Avoca Cushion in yellow and grey Chevron, 2 Logan & Mason Classic Memory Foam Pillow and a white Ollie Tall Narrow Storage Unit, its about time she got a bedroom makeove

  249. Samala Cambridge Reply

    A trundle bed – my twins are about to transition into single beds. This would be an amazing gift!

  250. Tracey Ralph Reply

    Some lovely soft furnishings in the form of pillows and throws to update (and hide the stains) my couch!

  251. I would give my gorgeous boy and girl a bedroom makeover. Boy 21months and girl 6years share and I’d love to give them something special to make it bright and happy!

  252. Lara Daebritz Reply

    We’ve got the furniture pretty much sorted:
    It’s styling and decor where we were thwarted;
    We need rugs and cushions, lamps and wall art…
    And all these we can purchase from Super Amart!

  253. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    I need to update my daggy old cushions to some vibrant designs this summer to lift our family’s spirit this Christmas!

  254. Fiona Rowlands Reply

    I’d really love to buy my son a new set of draws, his are old hand me downs and are looking very ratty!! Some of the draws don’t even open properly…

  255. My 3 year old needs a ‘big boy’ room… anything and everything from SuperAmart would come in handy!

  256. Kelly Delany Reply

    I have four children 2 boys who share a room and 2 girls would love to buy new beds or storage cubes or shelf to organize bedrooms

  257. Simone Lee Reply

    We need a bunk bed to accommodate 5 of us in a 3 bedroom home. Our 10yr old son and 8yr old dauggter share a tiny room and a bunk bed would allow them room to play which they dont have at the moment

  258. Veronica Paterson Reply

    I’d love to be able to buy my daughter a new bed & mattress…..that would be nice. =D

  259. We really need a new bed for my daughter that also has storage. We have a small apartment so we need as much storage as possible

  260. Jiana Sumner Reply

    I would love some storage options for my daughters toys and books and a table and chair for her to use to do art/craft/read at.

  261. Elizabeth Davey Reply

    I would love a new desk, one big enough for me to craft on the and kids to do homework on

  262. Linda Wallace Reply

    Super Amart have the most amazing & affordable furniture, why shop anywhere else. Iv got my eye on some furniture for Destineeys room.

  263. I love all of the bedroom furniture I will be there for days trying to just pick one piece!!

  264. Loving the barn single bed as it offers storage as well as an extra bed for when friends or family come to stay!

  265. Connie Christensen Reply

    id love some new outdoor furniture to replace the mould covered monstrous wicker rubbish in my backyard!

  266. Susan Banyard Reply

    Bedroom storage so all the toys have a place to go creating extra floor space

  267. Elaine Gamboa Reply

    We really need a new bed for my daughter that also has storage for our newly built home. That would be great..

  268. Deborah De Geeter Reply

    would like to buy new bedding for my twin boys and some storage cubes

  269. A big girl bed for my daughter, she has a toddler bed but thinks shes too big for it and ends up in our bed, but with her own big bed she might stay put… might 😉

  270. Cheryl Moulton Reply

    I would buy a bed with underbed storage for my sons’ family who are a little squashed into a 3 b/room with a girl and two boys

  271. Some delightful decor items to help our century old house look a little more modern and lively, rather than the stale pride and prejudice vibe we’ve got going on at the moment!

  272. Adele Smith Reply

    I would love some new office furniture; desk, shelving, chair, bookcase, storage…oh what fun I could have. 🙂

  273. Rebecca Smit Reply

    A new dining table for us to gather around and eat together as a family and with guests

  274. A wardrobe and shelving for my teenage daughter’s bedroom, now that she finally has her own room, would be perfect.

  275. We desperately need a new lounge, I love the Betty lounge with a chaise, I think I would put my $250 towards it if I were lucky enough to win.

  276. When it comes to Super Amart it’s likely I will want to buy the First thing I see when I walk in the Door.!
    A+++ Shopping

  277. Aimee Tatham Reply

    The place were the family meets, sit down and a be greet! I’d love a new dinning table and chairs, as the ones we have no longer stand the test of time, to sit down as a family and unwind.

  278. Michelle Gray Reply

    Storage solutions, we have just moved to a house without much storage, where am I going to out the new Christmas presents?

  279. Nicole Williams Reply

    So many wonderful items I’d love but a buffet unit is high on the list

  280. Kelly Evans Reply

    I have so many Ideas and not enough funds. Champagne taste on a beer budget

  281. Matt Brown Reply

    Bree/Marcus 7 Piece Dining Suite, so fresh, modern and perfect for my family. Meals will be the best with this dining suite.

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