I have always been one to wear my emotions on my sleeves. Yes both of them. In fact, I need my whole shirt because I have a lot [like A LOT] of emotions and I like to feel all of them. Lucky for me, I learned quite early on in life that keeping those things in is not good for your soul so I let ’em all out.

This means I go through tissues like it’s nobody’s business. I’m a crier you see. Happy tears, angry tears, frustrated tears and your everyday, garden variety sad tears. My eyes seem to always be leaking! If I softened up anymore I’d be a marshmallow.

My husband on the other hand is a very handsome, caring, loyal plank of wood. Seriously. In the twenty five years that I’ve known him, I have never seen a tear fall from his eyes. He once joked that he had his tear ducts surgically removed which made me laugh… but now I’m thinking maybe he wasn’t joking.

It seems that he is in the 72% of Australians who admit to hiding their emotions. Who even has the energy for that?

Kleenex is aiming to Soften Up Australia by encouraging us to get in touch with our emotions and openly embrace our softer side.

They have 25 of the sweetest Soften Up Kits that you could WIN for someone you think deserves recognition for their soft touch. Included in this little parcel of lovin’ is:

  • Love statistic card – Show your love by colouring in the appropriate amount
  • Heart pins – Pin your heart on your sleeve
  • Voucher book – Spoil loved ones with dinner, massages, a car wash and more
  • Gift tags and pen – Tag your gifts with these tags to add a cute message and touch of colour
  • Milk chocolate Love Meetos – Share these heart shaped sweets with your loved ones
  • Pack of chalk stick – Share your love on the streets
  • Postcard photo album – Send a unique greeting card with up to 4 photographs
  • 2 x Greeting cards – Send some love to someone special
  • 2 x Kleenex pocket packs – Enjoy emotional moments

If you know someone who unashamedly feels all the feels and would totally love and deserve a #SoftenUp kit, then tell us WHO and WHY in the comments below.

Help us Soften Up Australia! Caring, loving, and isn’t afraid to embrace their soft side – does this sound like…

Posted by Kleenex Australia on Sunday, 23 August 2015


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