This Single Dad Setup a Hair Class to Teach Fathers How to Do Their Daughter’s Hair

Father and daughter relationships are some of the sweetest, and what better way for dad to bond with his little girl than to master the art of doing her hair.

From plaits and buns to ponytails and every hairstyle in between, this dad mastered them all.

Although this seems like an absolute nightmare for some, Phillipe Morgese, a single dad in Florida, decided to run a Dads and Daughters hair class to help other fathers learn tips, tricks and styles to allow them to take care of their daughter’s hair with confidence.

Let’s face it. It takes women sometimes years to master certain styles and tricks so naturally dads need to learn the ropes somewhere!

They had a small class full of dads that learned basic brushing, ponytails, braids and buns. It was a mixed class too. They had a prison guard, mechanic, general contractor, ATT tech, Apple tech, healthcare recruiter and a carpenter. These dads were all definitely out of their element but they were all excited to learn and bond with their daughters.


“The turnout was great! I’m so proud of those that showed up and tried their best . . . You guys rocked it! I can’t express that enough.”

Initially putting the word out on Facebook, Morgese was just looking for 10 dads to go to the class. He simply wanted to see what kind of things he would need to make it work.

Not only was this first run a success, but he’s planning the next one, and he has decided to keep them all small so the dads can really benefit from one-on-one help.

“I wanted to make a difference in my community and the best part for me is doing this with my daughter. That bond is incredible.” Morgese said.

Bravo Phillipe, keep on rocking that hair!


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    Jenny Mops Coordinator Reply

    this is so cool. When i work night shifts or early starts my hubby tries his best to do my daughters hair, but the poor thing usually gets one of the other school mums to fix it when she’s there…. poor dads!

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