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Watch What Maroon 5 Did When This Little Boy Had a Panic Attack

Who says that the rich and famous are different the rest of us? Yes, they have money, glitz, glamour and probably get to the front of the Starbuck’s line without having to wait their turn.

But, that doesn’t mean that all of the glitterati is all splash with no substance.

Take Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5 for example. They might be world-famous, but they know when they’re needed and when to be super-sweet!

Christopher Warner might just be Maroon 5’s biggest fan. When the 10-year-old with Down Syndrome made a video about his love for the band, he never imagined that he would actually get to meet them in person.

This mega-fan not only loves listening to Maroon 5’s music, but is said to draw pictures of them as part of his band love. Christopher sang their song, “One More Night” at a karaoke event held at his school. As the elementary school student choose the band as the subject of a writing project, his journey began.

When his teachers helped him to make a video about his absolute love for the band, the special needs student was all in! His teachers put the video on YouTube, and later tweeted it out to Washington, D.C. radio station Hot 99.5 in the hope of getting tickets to the show and worked to get Christopher and his mother backstage passes to Maroon 5’s DC concert.


Hot 99.5’s ‘The Kane Show’ was so impressed with the little boy’s adoration that they gifted him (and his family, of course) ticket’s to Maroon 5’s show at D.C.’s Verizon Centre and backstage passes for him and his mother after the concert.

Even though seeing his favorite band perform live was exciting on its own, Christopher’s night didn’t stop there. He was invited backstage, getting to meet the band members. Who wouldn’t want that? Getting up close and personal with Adam Levine and the rest of his bandmates? That said, Christopher (like many of us) found the meeting overwhelming. Understandably, the young boy had a panic attack during the meet and greet.

What happened next warmed hearts around the globe. Sure, the Maroon 5 members are probably used to their fair share of screamers, criers and all-together drop-to-their-knees super-fans. But, when Christopher panicked, all of the band members jumped in to help him. Christopher took to the floor, trying to ease his panic symptoms. Likewise, the band got down onto the carpet with him. Hot 99.5 posted a photo of the awesome action on their Instagram account. The band’s keyboardist PJ Morton told ABC News, “He was a little shy from all of the attention. He didn’t want to stand up to take a picture so we all got on the floor with him to take it that way. I got a high five!”


Not only is this moment noteworthy because of the famous faces or sweet sentiment, but it also illustrates an all too common issue – panic attacks. Panic disorders affect less than one percent of all children, according to the Macquarie University Centre for Emotional Health. That said, it’s still a very real issue for many kids and teens. Panic attacks go beyond simple worry or stress. A full-blown panic attack has physical symptoms such as an elevated heart rate, tightness in the chest, sweating and light-headedness. The person who is having the attack may think he can’t breathe or feel like he’s dying. Keep in mind, not every child who has a panic attack has a diagnosable panic disorder.

Christopher’s panic attack has a completely common cause – over-excitement. Imagine meeting the person who you admire most or the people who you put on a pedestal. What would happen? Chances are that you, like Christopher, might have a hard time dealing with the rush of powerful emotions. This rush combined with the shear stress of experiencing such a major event most likely set off the 10-year-old’s panic.

Whether stress, excitement or any other reason was the cause behind Christopher’s panic attack, it’s obvious that the band did what they could to ease the situation. The Instagram pic shows the band’s caring, consideration and love for their fans.

In the end, Christopher had the night of his dreams – panic attack and all. He got to see his favorite band perform his favorite songs, and then got to do something that he never knew was possible. He got to meet Maroon 5!

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