WATCH: The Mum Code

We know that sex is a contentious issue around here.

We know that because our 27 Reasons Women Don’t Want to Have Sex remains one of the most popular posts on Mum Central to date. Some of our community widely applaud it and others can’t stand it but both camps feel very passionately about it.

And now, there’s a new take on when the best time is to have sex.

Enter The Mum Code.

Clever Emily Wright has put together a simple and easy to understand code for our partners to learn the optimum time that we are ready, willing and up-for sex and it’s genius.


YouTube video


Emily says that she hopes it will help men… because sometimes men aren’t so smart.

We think Emily should patent this and sell it as a stand-alone course to be run alongside ante-natal classes and parenting courses. For men AND women everywhere.

You’re welcome x

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