Tiger King Joe Exotic is currently stuck in a cage jail cell for a number of naughty things, including illegal cub petting, breeding, and attempting to have his arch-nemesis Carole Baskin murdered – which clearly didn’t go to plan.

But this isn’t stopping him from attempting to lengthen his 15 minutes of fame. Ever since the Netflix series Tiger King launched and the world discovered just how insane he and his castmates are, Joe’s been basking in the Tiger King glory. And, it would appear the fame is far from over.

King of the hoodies

Recently Joe teamed up with LA clothing brand Odaingerous to launch his very own Tiger King clothing line.

Credit: Odaingerous

Called “REVENGE” the collection includes joggers, hoodies, graphic T-shirts and even face masks. All of them come with the clear theme of “revenge” and are clearly inspired by Joe’s story on Tiger King.

Sadly, none of the clothing say, “Fuck Carole Baskin.” But they really should.

Credit: Odaingerous
Credit: Odaingerous

People go wild for collection

Joe and his business partner Odain Watson did a soft launch of the Tiger King clothing line earlier this week and sold out within hours. Apparently the launch brought in more than $20,000 USD ($30,600 AUD).

Credit: Odaingerous

The full Tiger King clothing collection dropped on Wednesday and since then more than 7,000 items have sold, according to TMZ at least. New merch will apparently be available online soon.

Credit: Odaingerous

Joe’s next moves

While the Tiger King remains behind bars, the story continues. There was that creepy after-show which aired after the series and featured a number of the cast members in their homes (during lockdown).

Now Channel 7 aired another explosive tell-all, behind-the-scenes type show last night called Tiger King – What Really Went Down. 

There’s also confirmation that another Tiger King episode is being filmed, focusing on what happened when Seigfried and Roy’s white tiger attacked (still not sure how this connects to Joe’s story, but, whatevs).

And, of course, Mr Nicholas Cage himself will be growing his hair to epic mullet proportions to transform into Joe Exotic for a feature film.

Joe has also reportedly filed a $94 million federal lawsuit against the government for alleged civil rights violations.

No rest for the wicked indeed.

To get caught up on Tiger King and the sheer shit storm of it all, check out our Tiger King recap. 


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