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11 Tips to Help Ease the Winter Colds and Flu with Babies and Children

As the temperature drops and the winter colds and flu season sets in, these practical tips and tricks will help to ease the symptoms of colds in sick and miserable children.

Fact. There’s nobody more desperate than a mum whose little one is suffering a long and lingering cold. With the limitations on medicines a small child can be given, and the hours of crying, unsettled discomfort and sleepless nights ahead, a winter of sickness can test the whole family.

The Royal Children’s Hospital cites that on average, children will contract between 6 and 12 colds per year. That’s a whole lot of sniffles! Babies and kids under 3 are most vulnerable and catch colds more frequently because their immune systems are not yet fully developed.

promote rest to cure a cold

It’s important to understand that colds and flus are viral infections, so antibiotics won’t help when it comes to curing them. However, there are definitely other measures mums can take to help their child feel better while their immune system battles the nasties.

When colds and flu strike in your home with a few handy hints you can quickly assist your little one. Here’s how!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”1. Offer Extra Fluids”]

It’s important to keep sick children hydrated to reduce symptoms and aid their recovery. Fevers can result in rapid dehydration and it’s important to encourage extra fluid consumption. Lots of small sips of water should be promoted. Ice blocks and Hydrolite are great options for older children as they assist in replenishing electrolytes more rapidly. A drink bottle is a great way to make fluids easy for the child to take as well as for mums to check just how much they’ve drunk.

extra fluids help cure a cold

[mc_block_title custom_title=”2. Use a Warm Steam Vaporiser”]

Steam vaporisers increase humidity, adding essential moisture to the air in the room.  Because steam is warm, it’s bacteria-free and has great natural benefits in relieving the symptoms of coughs and colds. A vaporiser is a safe way to ease congestion and help little ones breathe more easily during the night. Warm steam assists in opening the airways by dilating the blood vessels as well as relaxing the muscles of the throat and easing the cough reflex.  They help to reduce congestion from colds, flu, croup, bronchitis and other upper respiratory illnesses.


[mc_block_title custom_title=”3. Add Inhalants to Your Vaporiser for Additional Relief”]

Steam vaporisers are designed to be used with inhalants, which are special added compounds, usually blends of natural essential oils, with therapeutic benefits. Inhalants can further enhance the benefits of warm steam.  There’s even blends to promote calmness and sleep. Your local pharmacist can assist with you with both a vaporiser and its inhalants or you can see more information here.

 Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”4. Use a Chest Rub”]

A medicated chest rub has multiple benefits and can be used on the whole family. A eucalyptus based rub is ideal as it’s a natural expectorant. This means when combined with (body) heat it produces vapours which have an ‘expectorant’ action – similar to the ingredients in chesty cough medicines. Expectorants work by making the body’s mucous secretions less thick, breaking down congestion and making it easier to expel or cough up. Eucalyptus oil is also a proven natural antibacterial and antimicrobial. Of course, there’s also wonderful calming properties in a child being lovingly rubbed after a warm bath and before bed. This soothing routine is great in helping miserable, sick kids unwind and head towards a good night’s sleep.

 Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”5. Acquaint Yourself with a Nasal Aspirator”]

When a newbie mum first discovers nasal aspirators she’s equally joyful and horrified in the same moment. The thought of manually sucking snot from a child’s nose may seem confronting but it’s just ‘another day’ in the wonderful, world of motherhood. The minute you see the amazing relief an aspirator can provide you’ll never look back. Clearing the mucous not only helps a child who can’t ‘blow’ breathe more easily, but prevents post nasal drip. This means the muck isn’t dripping down the throat and onto the chest. Little ones may fuss as you undertake this task but trust us, it’s worth ignoring the short-term protests!

Mother using baby nasal aspirator

[mc_block_title custom_title=”6. Tilt the Cot or Bed”]

When a baby or child’s head is upright they can breathe more easily. Lying flat can add to their congestion. Of course, relevant to the age of your child, SIDS guidelines must be followed as priority however cots and mattresses can be safely tilted in older children. This action will aid breathing and prevent nasal drip. A child who already sleeps with a pillow can be offered an extra one to prop up on or the mattress can be raised from underneath. Your healthcare professional can advise the safest way to do this based on the age of your child.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”7. Loosen a Cough with Honey”]

Children under one cannot be given honey but for older children it’s a great natural remedy to help with persistent coughs. Studies prove that honey has more impactful results than cough medicine (which is actually now banned for children anyway!) Mums can give 2 to 5 ml of honey a few times during the day and before bedtime. Don’t forget: because honey is sweet, it’s important that your child brushes their teeth.

treat winter colds with honey

[mc_block_title custom_title=”8. Promote Sleep”]

It’s easier said than done to keep little one’s quiet but doing so is a sure-fire route to a quicker recovery. Dr David Rapoport, Director of the Sleep Medicine Program at New York University describes sleep as ‘the tune up the body needs’. During sleep, the body makes more white blood cells that are vital in attacking viruses and bacteria. More sleep equals more rapid repair. Fact.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”9. Or at Least Promote Rest…”]

Okay, you might not be able to convince a four-year old to sleep all day (even if you’d actually love the chance to yourself mum!) but setting them up for resting is definitely achievable. Camp them out on the couch with movies, a blanket, their pillow and their pyjamas. Or, give-in to your normal rules and hand over the iPad. Now’s the time to do ‘what it takes’ and promote a calm, healing environment. Tearing around with toys or being in-and-out of the house (and changing temperatures) will only extend the downtime for you all.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”10. Reach for the Chicken Soup”]

You’ve likely heard the old adage, ‘feed a cold, starve a fever’ which is now actually debated for its accuracy in germ-fighting. But when it comes to linking food and illness getting some food into a sick child is good thing. Kids are less likely to be weak and listless if they’ve eaten and you’ve given the body some fuel to burn. If a child isn’t seeking food that’s actually okay (within reason), as long as you keep their fluids up. If you’ve wondered why chicken soup is often mentioned for illness, there’s actually a clinical reason it’s a good choice. Chicken soup contains a mucus-thinning amino acid called cysteine. Research shows that chicken soup helps control congestion-causing cells, called neutrophils. If your little one will eat it, offer it.


[mc_block_title custom_title=”11. Be Watchful for Tender Skin”]

Endlessly dripping noses and lots of blowing can lead to damaged and sore skin. Dab Vaseline or a barrier cream on the skin under the nose to soothe rawness and prevent infections should a sore occur.

As a mum, there’s nothing more heart wrenching than having a runny-nosed, tear-stained, snotty child desperately relying on you to make them better. When our kids feel miserable, we feel miserable too. Whilst there is no magic spell that fixes winter colds or flu, there’s certainly ample ways to ease the symptoms. Here’s to a germ-free winter – or at least having the tips and tricks to survive the season.

Euky Bear is one of the nation’s best loved healthcare brands, offering quality Aussie-owned solutions for health and wellbeing for nearly 40 years. With so many years supporting mums, Euky Bear knows a thing or two about sniffles, coughs and colds.  You can count on Euky’s soothing natural remedies to be the best choice for your family this winter. This has been a sponsored post for Euky Bear. 

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  1. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    A nice warm bath then an inhalant to clear the airways then into a nice warm bed.

  2. Avatar of Fi Messner
    Fi Messner Reply

    Wow, couldn’t have written a better article on what we do..A friend gave me a tube of Eukybear rub when my twins were born, its been the BEST thing for us during these horrible winter colds!

  3. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie Hodsman Reply

    Warm steamy showers although would love a vapouriser to save on the water bill

  4. Avatar of robfunk

    Having a vaporiser in the room at night makes a big difference.

  5. Avatar of Nat M

    A good warm shower and we let them sit on their bath mats with a few toys then a Euky chest rub always makes them feel better. We all snuggle under a blanket and watch a movie with some mandarin or orange pieces.

  6. Avatar of Alicia Thoman
    Alicia Thoman Reply

    Plenty of rest and fluids and PLEASE stay home!! Prevent spreading it to the rest of the community!

  7. Avatar of Belinda Braggs
    Belinda Braggs Reply

    We always use the Euky Bear rub and Vaporiser helps clear up the kids colds straight away

  8. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    Nothing beats plenty of fluids, vitamin C and a lot of rest. Everything else just helps to ease the symptoms while the body fights the infection and heals itself.

  9. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    i drink a Berrocca every morning have done for a few years now and it stops me getting sick or when I do it is not often and not seveare

  10. Avatar of Bianca-Jean Dargan
    Bianca-Jean Dargan Reply

    Hot water with a dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice! !

  11. Avatar of Ketrina N Paul Stowers
    Ketrina N Paul Stowers Reply

    Rest, Vitamin C, a rub down with vapour rub and panadol!

  12. Avatar of lorexstevex
    lorexstevex Reply

    A vaporiser with eucalyptus oil helps me and my bub to ‘bear’ with a cold!

  13. Avatar of Jodie-Ann M. Arklay
    Jodie-Ann M. Arklay Reply

    Hot honey, lemon with a bit of ginger and vapour rub makes for a better night sleep.

  14. Avatar of Trudy Mylrea
    Trudy Mylrea Reply

    Euky bearub on the chest and feet help my kids get over a cold.

  15. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    I swear by 100% pure certified organic essential oils. So many wonderful health benefits. My favourite way to use them is 2 drops each of Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon in a vaporizer. It’s wonderful at keeping the Winter colds and flu at bay.

  16. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnane Reply

    Vaseline under the nose to stop a red sore nose, aloe vera tissues, a warm bath and a vapor chest rub, keep warm and lots of blanket time on the couch really helps with the aches and pains of the winter cold.

  17. Avatar of Sara Anza

    Euky bear rub on feel with socks, half an onion is your bedroom and lots of rest

  18. Avatar of Louise Hopper-Cousins
    Louise Hopper-Cousins Reply

    Rest, vapouriser and chest rub mixed with lots of cuddles and soup xx

  19. Avatar of Sue Bou

    Chicken soup :), lots of fluids, warm snuggles, sunshine if possible & eucalyptus oil in the burner.

  20. Avatar of Rachel K

    Essential oils are indispensable. Place some drops on a tissue and breathe it in to soothe, aid in sleeping, relieve congestion and combat stale air.

  21. Avatar of Megan

    Try and get out and get some fresh air! Open up the windows to air out the house or take a walk around the block!

  22. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle Budge Reply

    I find if you rub Vicks on babies or children’s feet and cover with socks, it really helps them feel better. It is absorbed through the feet.

  23. Avatar of Adele Smith
    Adele Smith Reply

    Stay home, get comfortable, rug up and allow your body to get some much needed rest and remember to drink plenty of fluids.

  24. Avatar of akka08

    My Dad swears by garlic and a hot lemon drink with a dash of rum before bed… and he remains healthy.. I make do with freshly squeezed juice from whatever citrus fruit is available at Farmers’ markets or my vitamin C “hit”

  25. Avatar of Rachel Barnett
    Rachel Barnett Reply

    rubbing a little vicks chest rub on your feet and sleeping with socks on has always helped my family. My boys love the foot massage too 🙂

  26. Avatar of Millicent Stewart
    Millicent Stewart Reply

    Fresh air and some light exercise. Makes them sleep better. The better the sleep the better the cold

  27. Avatar of ElkeH

    Eucalyptus oil in a vaporiser, vicks on the chest, eucalyptus room spray, I even burn a little bit of eucalyptus and tea tree oils in the oil burner, plenty of rest & warmth, and loads of Australian garlic!

  28. Avatar of Tammy

    Warm blackcurrant juice / sweet and soothing for the throat with a little Vitamin C too.

  29. Avatar of milkofats

    Do not block out the fresh air as it helps you breath better

  30. Avatar of cart BOX

    When I’m feeling gross and have a blocked nose a lovely hot cup of water with a tablespoon of manuka honey and half a lemon freshly squeezed

  31. Avatar of Steph Lidster
    Steph Lidster Reply

    Euky Bear rub on the chest and back and on the bottom of feet with socks over. Spaghetti loaded with garlic. Tea with lemon and honey.

  32. Avatar of Hailey Johnson
    Hailey Johnson Reply

    Definitely Fess baby! It clears up a snotty nose, my son actually allows my to spray now, he knows it helps.

  33. Avatar of JaimeandIan Garland
    JaimeandIan Garland Reply

    Good old chest rub and a warm blanket for a good nights sleep.

  34. Avatar of Amanda Stanton
    Amanda Stanton Reply

    Euky bear has been our saviour, used many different products but none have worked. Love the strong scent of the cheat rub helps clear the nose. Even use it for the older kids. Just ove it

  35. Avatar of Joanne Gooch
    Joanne Gooch Reply

    Vaporisers, rest, fluids, snuggles on the couch watching movies, and a bucket load of paracetamol 😀

  36. Avatar of Jasmine Green
    Jasmine Green Reply

    Vaporizer, bear rub, honey lemon tea, rest and lots of snuggles

  37. Avatar of Jess Pringle
    Jess Pringle Reply

    Euky bear on chest, back, soles of the feet and keeping hydrated and rested.

  38. Avatar of Viny Vabriany
    Viny Vabriany Reply

    I use chest rub on the chest, neck and back. It helps my child to have a good sleep. Also honey and lemon warm drink, plenty of fluid and rest.

  39. Avatar of Andrea Edyvean
    Andrea Edyvean Reply

    Lots of ginger, garlic, honey and coriander, as well as Euky bear rub on my feet at night with socks over it.

  40. Avatar of Sharna Booth
    Sharna Booth Reply

    Prevention! Vitamins, veggies, inner health plus, keep warm and lots of water every day. If all fails and it does, euky bear rub on socked feet and diffuser on all night. Fingers crossed for this winter being better than last!

  41. Avatar of Emma

    Definitely Euky Bear Rub all over (neck, chest, back and feet) after a nice warm shower/bath and a vaporizer through the night.

  42. Avatar of Mark N Naomi Scott
    Mark N Naomi Scott Reply

    We use Euky bear rub on feet the put socks on, vaporizer at sleep time, & vitamins.

  43. Avatar of Jeri Bee

    I’ve always used Vicks, after a warm bath and socks in bed. I’ve never tried a vaporizer but have heard such good things about them.

  44. Avatar of Tony Fiorito
    Tony Fiorito Reply

    Getting the kids to bed early and rugged up with lots of blankets so there warm, and rest so they get over a cold as quick as possible

  45. Avatar of Cassie Quinnell
    Cassie Quinnell Reply

    Lots of rest and cuddles in mums bed with the vapouriser on.

  46. Avatar of Dee Susan

    My top tip to prevent cold an flu is during Winter using vaporiser at home, drink plenty of tea and soups and getting fresh air by walking outdoors for approximately 30 minutes each day.

  47. Avatar of AmyMcC

    Other than trying to avoid getting cold/flus! Cuddles and love, fluids and rest.

  48. Avatar of Ria

    Lots of water, vitamin c and rest. A steamy euky bear room for bedtime and patience.

  49. Avatar of Jessica srokes
    Jessica srokes Reply

    Vaporiser with eucalyptus and a few drops of lavender to help calm Bub. I also swear by euky bear rub on the soles of their feet.

  50. Avatar of Juanita Thorn
    Juanita Thorn Reply

    Keep yourself healthy on the inside by keeping hydrated, even in cold weather you need to drink water…and eat lots of unprocessed, fresh foods to boost your immune system.

  51. Avatar of April D

    To ease a cold we drink lots of water and a natural cough syrup to easy the coughing at bedtime, otherwise it’s just a matter of riding it out and trying not to sick yourself.

  52. Avatar of Amanda Reed
    Amanda Reed Reply

    Rest, rest, and more rest! It gives your body the chance to heal and repair. If rest just isn’t possible, I make sure I include lots of fresh garlic, ginger, lemon juice and honey in my meals, a nice warm ginger tea really helps clear my head.

  53. Avatar of Tracey McCurrie
    Tracey McCurrie Reply

    Hot water with lemon juice and honey – tastes great and soothes a sore throat

  54. Avatar of Melissa Grazules
    Melissa Grazules Reply

    I can’t go past a nice cup of tea with lemon and honey for a sore throat, with plenary of rest and rugging up

  55. Avatar of Michelle preiss
    Michelle preiss Reply

    Eukybear on the chest back and soles of the feet really help my asthmatic 5 year when winter hits her hard

  56. Avatar of Stacey Barker
    Stacey Barker Reply

    Lots of Euky Bear, on the chest and on the feet under socks along with cuddles and fruit smoothies it’s a winning combination.

  57. Avatar of Kylie

    A few drops of breath easy in the oil burner, keep well hydrated with water, a teaspoon of honey for itchy or sore throats, overdo the garlic in your cooking & eucalyptus rub on feet before bed

  58. Avatar of Cstar

    Eucalyptus on soles of feet and a pair of socks over, a lot of water to drink and bed rest :)…a good movie doesnt hurt either

  59. Avatar of Sarah Hampton
    Sarah Hampton Reply

    Plenty of fluids, some Euky Bear rub on the chest and in a vaporiser and lots of comforting hugs 🙂

  60. Avatar of Emily Bobridge
    Emily Bobridge Reply

    Euky Bear on the soles of feet, warm socks, plenty of fluids and endless cuddles ❤

  61. Avatar of Mary Irwin
    Mary Irwin Reply

    Hot toddy (adults only) works wonders on “man flu” too ladies!!

  62. Avatar of joburkey

    We always put the euky bear rub on her feet. Saline Nasal spays are awesome to help unclog the nose

  63. Avatar of Kirsty Mcpherson
    Kirsty Mcpherson Reply

    Eukybear room spray and eukybear rub on chest, hydrolites and lots of cuddles ☺

  64. Avatar of Shannon Clarke
    Shannon Clarke Reply

    Lots and lots of cuddles. I also use a warm face washer to wipe my little ones nose. It’s not as rough as a tissue and I find the warm, wet washer removes more, more gently.

  65. Avatar of Alicia Coutts
    Alicia Coutts Reply

    My mum always used the vaporizer for us growing up and it always worked wonders for me. I would love one for my 8 week old baby in these cold winter months.

  66. Avatar of Kate Pikor
    Kate Pikor Reply

    A nice warm shower or bath followed by Vicks vapor rub on the soles of the feet!

  67. Avatar of Hannah Rappell
    Hannah Rappell Reply

    My hub is a big believer in a hot curry to ‘burn the germs out’. I tend to make lemon and ginger tea. For our baby, I rub his feet with Euky Bear and offer lots of cuddles.

  68. Avatar of KayleyPoppet
    KayleyPoppet Reply

    Fresh air whenever you can get it! Being locked up inside in reverse cycle air con or just with all the windows and doors shut I findeads to more chance of germs taking hold!

  69. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams Reply

    I believe in daily vitamins, olive leaf extract and plenty of fluids

  70. Avatar of Jolene Holder
    Jolene Holder Reply

    Plenty of water with a dash of lemon and honey, lots of rest and making sure thr house is aired out daily and sanitized to help eradicate the germs.

  71. Avatar of Jacqui Moore
    Jacqui Moore Reply

    Lots of fluids, lots of cuddles and a good chest rub (on the soles of the feet as well)!

  72. Avatar of Kiarah

    Nice warm bath the shower on hot to let steam help after that we use euky bear on the feet and put some on the chest
    We than do some warm honey water or honey and lemon water we sit down watch a nice movie and have cuddles with the vaporiser on.

  73. Avatar of Murniyati

    Warm drinks (milo, hot chocolate or honey lemon), Euky Bear rubbed on chest and lots of rest usually work for us.

  74. Avatar of Catie B

    Euky Bear on the back, chest, and soles of feet. Drink, drink, drink and rest, rest, rest!

  75. Avatar of Ebony Woolcock
    Ebony Woolcock Reply

    Euky Bear Chest Rub on the chest as well as on the sole of my babies’ feet & a warm pair of socks to keep the euky bear for rubbing off. Lots of cuddles & movies on the couch until they feel better.

  76. Avatar of Jess O

    I always put Euky Bear rub on my sons feet when he is blocked up. I then smell them and go ‘mmmmm’ and even feeling poorly he giggles like crazy! Laughter is the best medicine 🙂

  77. Avatar of Jodie Fitzgerald
    Jodie Fitzgerald Reply

    A vaporiser is a serious necessity. Let’s bubs sleep off the cold and breathe easy. <3

  78. Avatar of Rebecca White
    Rebecca White Reply

    Warm, steamy shower, chest rub and vaporizer. I also prop up the mattress like i remember my mother doing when I had a cold. All three of my children and myself actually are sick now for first time this winter so we are doing all these things. Has knocked me but hoping it will clear soon for all of us.

  79. Avatar of Katie Nilsson
    Katie Nilsson Reply

    I spray mattresses with euky bear sniffly nose spray when changing sheets to keep little colds away. Can’t beat a vaporiser to keep your familia breathing easy

  80. Avatar of Amy F Macdonald
    Amy F Macdonald Reply

    My 9 month old has a cold at the moment, so I have my hands full giving her lot of Euchey Bear chest, back and foot rubs. Lots of hot showers with mum and of course lots of cuddles.

  81. Avatar of Renee O'Connor
    Renee O'Connor Reply

    Euky Bear on chest, back and soles of feet with socks on works a treat!

  82. Avatar of Lesley Collis
    Lesley Collis Reply

    Diffuser and eukybear on their feet and backs. Socks or tights on and lots of steam in the bathroom

  83. Avatar of Rachelle

    Flo baby saline nasal spray – sprays at any angle so bub doesn’t need to be upright. So handy for when bub is half asleep but struggling to breathe. Euky bear chest rub on chest back and shoulders. And lots of cuddles with mummy xoxo

  84. Avatar of Bonnie

    Eukybear bath followed by honey tea and lots of warm cuddles ❤

  85. Avatar of Jordana Hodgetts
    Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    Offer more breastfeeds, keep bub warm with extra layers on and elevating his cot mattress slightly on the underside

  86. Avatar of Bec

    Vaporiser and euky bear on feet, back and chest plus multi vitamins like Sambucol.

  87. Avatar of Leanne

    Plenty of fluids, rub some euky bear rub on chest and feet, nice warm house, plenty of rest, and some vitamin C never goes astray.

  88. Avatar of Tahnee Muscat
    Tahnee Muscat Reply

    These products worked a treat for my eldest . Would love to use them on my little man now to

  89. Avatar of Holly Murko
    Holly Murko Reply

    Vapor rub on chest and lots of fluids offered. Warm steam to help loosen mucus, and we can’t get by with out a nasal assprirator. Cold and flu season is the best time to get lots of snuggles and my mum’s garlic and onion soup.

  90. Avatar of Sal Rollinson
    Sal Rollinson Reply

    Plenty of fluids, cuddles and tissues. Some eucalyptus rub is always good.

  91. Avatar of Jess. R

    Euky bear on back and chest nice warm clothes and socks on plenty of fluids and a vaporizer on to ease breathing

  92. Avatar of Jody Smith
    Jody Smith Reply

    Lots of water. Lots of veges and eucalyptus vaporising through the air.

  93. Avatar of Liz Brown

    Freeze eucalyptus in ice trays and pop one in the bottom of the shower, the heat will melt it and you get eucalyptus steam.

  94. Avatar of Cath Gipson
    Cath Gipson Reply

    Staying warm and keep our immune systems healthy with lots of colourful veggies!

  95. Avatar of Chelsea Hurring
    Chelsea Hurring Reply

    Lots of vitamin c keeps the colds away from my little family, I swear by it

  96. Avatar of Kylie Lowery
    Kylie Lowery Reply

    Making sure my babies are cosy and warm, keeping there fluids up and put Euky rub on feet, back and chest. Have the vaporizer on.
    Tissues and panadol are a must have. I also muke sure i have all items needed for when winter hits.

  97. Avatar of Tamara Begbie
    Tamara Begbie Reply

    I suffer from asthma and so does my 4yr old so lately we have been using a cold steam vaporiser as i get asthma quite bad when im sick .. especially since im pregnant with baby number 2 and have had a cold almost this whole pregnancy so the vaporizer and eucalyptus oil have been my best friend

  98. Avatar of Erin R

    Nothing helps a babies cough or cold than a reassuring kiss and cuddle from mummy. And of course the great euky bear products. The chest rub smells so nice eucalyptus, its a lot less harsh than some other brands.

  99. Avatar of Cathy Aplin
    Cathy Aplin Reply

    I always Euky Bear on my girls but I also use it for ME. I’m like a kid when i get a cold and all I want is to snuggle with some Euky on my chest

  100. Avatar of Ges

    Home made chicken soup, moisturiser on lips and keeping my boys chests warm is how I try to treat a cold and flu.

  101. Avatar of Astra Hyland
    Astra Hyland Reply

    Euky bear rub on the feet with socks on overnight. Best way to settle a cough 🙂

  102. Avatar of Krystle Gazeas
    Krystle Gazeas Reply

    Euky Bear Rub on chest, back and the bottoms of feet at bed time. I also use a saline nose spray for my kids and plenty of mummy cuddles.

  103. Avatar of Lou West

    Socks with vicks on the feet and using the euky bear rub on the chest

  104. Avatar of Sharyn Crystalwitch Parsell
    Sharyn Crystalwitch Parsell Reply

    A lot of tender loving care with lots of hugs and kisses with some Euky rub on their chests,backs and bottom of the feet and then put socks on their little feet.
    Then a teaspoon of honey and a bottle of water to keep the fluids up to them.
    Then mummy goes and has a little cry because we can’t fix them fast enough as we would like.

  105. Avatar of Chantal

    Emily bear on the chest and back and a good amount rubbed into the soles of the feet and covered with sock

  106. Avatar of Natalie Waite
    Natalie Waite Reply

    Lots of Euky Bear rub on back, chest and feet with some nice thick, comfy socks on.

  107. Avatar of Tamara

    Warm bath, a spoonful of honey to suck on, cuddles. Euky Bear rub on the chest and soles of feet. Eyculyptus spray room and lavender spray pillow then off to bed.

  108. Avatar of Nichole Mckee
    Nichole Mckee Reply

    Plenty of fluids, Euky Bear products, Glen 20, blankies, cuddles and Disney movies

  109. Avatar of Brooke

    Definitely the vaporisor and if you can manage it a good serving of veggies in particular brocolli!! Always helps me & the kids 🙂

  110. Avatar of Shannon Millican
    Shannon Millican Reply

    Euky Bear rub on chest, back and soles of feet before bed is my top tip for treating winter colds and flu.

  111. Avatar of Lydia Fisher
    Lydia Fisher Reply

    Love Euky bear. Three kids and one very old vaporiser. Would very much appreciate a new one.

  112. Avatar of Grace Woodward
    Grace Woodward Reply

    A vaporiser for bedtime and if you’re spending extended periods in one room. Plenty of fluids, especially the magical breastmilk if it’s available and little one is still drinking it!

  113. Avatar of Rebecca Lucchini
    Rebecca Lucchini Reply

    Lots of TLC, breastfeed like crazy and Euky bear rub!

  114. Avatar of Deanna D'Antonio
    Deanna D'Antonio Reply

    My best tip to ease colds and flu is turn ok the vaporiser with some inhalant, allow it to humidify and infuse the room, make lots of delicious home made chicken soup and give your little one lots and lots of cuddles

  115. Avatar of Deanna D'Antonio
    Deanna D'Antonio Reply

    My best tip to help ease colds and flu is switch on the vaporiser with some inhalant, allow it to humidify and infuse the room, make lots of delicious home made chicken soup and give your little one lots of cuddles 🙂

  116. Avatar of Ledam Nguyen
    Ledam Nguyen Reply

    My best tip is to give plenty of hugs and patience with trying to understand what the young patient is feeling. I would do my usually checks and routinely offer soups to restore their appetite and keep them going

  117. Avatar of Jessica Morris
    Jessica Morris Reply

    Before bed, rub a little euky bear rub on the bottom of their feet and put socks on straight away and a little extra on their back and chest, allowing my two year old to “help” with this also seems to make her feel better….. and keep warm with lots of cold fighting snuggly cuddles

  118. Avatar of Megha

    It’s horrible to see little ones suffer.. What works best for me is breast milk.. Cuddles… Chicken soup n euky bear rub…
    Would definitely love to try other products so that my baby can sleep through the night…
    Fingers crossed.. Hope I win

  119. Avatar of Tania Bretag
    Tania Bretag Reply

    Chicken soup , love , rest , chest rub and lots of warm hugs ❤

  120. Avatar of Emma Louise
    Emma Louise Reply

    We are going to be a first time parents in a few short weeks so do not have any top tips as yet, but this Euky Bear hamper would be an amazing head start for looking after and soothing our babys first cold during cold Melbourne winters. We have been suggested Euky Bear products by many friends. 🙂

  121. Avatar of Joy S

    For my toddler, lots of cuddles and watered down juice to keep the fluids up and for the baby plenty of boobing time as breast milk is best to fight the bugs. In the end the kids will need extra TLC during that period and all they’ll want is you anyway!

  122. Avatar of Rebecca Maas
    Rebecca Maas Reply

    A nice steamy hot shower with mummy followed by lots of fluids and a vaporizer in there room overnight.

  123. Avatar of Katie McGilvray
    Katie McGilvray Reply

    Steam, steam and more steam and lots of mummy a daddy cuddles too.

  124. Avatar of NatNorton

    Warm water with fresh lemon and honey to drink, chest rub and vaporizer for coughs and sniffles topped off with the best medicine, lots of snuggles!

  125. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TAN Reply

    Before bed, drink some warm honey ginger lemon drink, rub on vicks vaporub on the chest and bottom of the feet before wearing socks.

  126. Avatar of Tracy Mackay
    Tracy Mackay Reply

    Hot drink of lemon juice with honey and vapour rub on the chest.

  127. Avatar of Katep29

    Vicks on chest and feet and get as much mucus from nose as possible

  128. Avatar of babybeeandme
    babybeeandme Reply

    For me personally – I love me some Lemsip, snoozing through Netflix in my doona suit (I kid you not – my boss bought me one years ago from Lazypatch) and copious amounts of veggie soup. Swap out Lemsip for warm water/honey/lemon juice for kids 🙂

  129. Avatar of Amy Murphy
    Amy Murphy Reply

    Lots of rest, snuggling up with a nice fluffy blanket, cuddles, good tissues for the nose, and a few good movies!

  130. Avatar of Bec tabone
    Bec tabone Reply

    Esky chest rub on chest an also on the bottom of feet apply warm socks after. Warm pjs an a blanket along with cuddles on the lounge

  131. Avatar of Kayla Archer
    Kayla Archer Reply

    A spoon of honey and euky bear on the feet before bed will stop the night time coughing for a much needed restful slumber.

  132. Avatar of Anna Byrne
    Anna Byrne Reply

    I still follow my Dads cold routine of eucalyptus on a hankie to sniff!!

  133. Avatar of Marie Jo Fitz
    Marie Jo Fitz Reply

    Euky bear rub on the bottom of the feet and back and also euky bear room spray. We spray our whole house. It smells so yummy to. And takes me back to my childhood.

  134. Avatar of Pmc087

    My little one is only 9 weeks old and had a cold almost her whole life 🙁 lots of cuddles, saline nose drops and warm blankets help my little one but desperately need a vaporiser.

  135. Avatar of Amber Holden
    Amber Holden Reply

    My top tip for fighting colds/flus is to rug up in winte. Make sure kids are wearing socks, extra layers and extra blankets for the pram. If you keep warm to begin with it’ll keep the colds at bay.

  136. Avatar of Michele O

    For myself, honey & lemon, some Fusion Astra 8 and plenty of rest rugged up. I hope it’ll be a while before I have to worry about coming up with sick tips for the little one…

  137. Avatar of Annie Tidey
    Annie Tidey Reply

    I make sure I keep the kids quiet and comfortable, keep their fluids up and give paracetamol for temperatures. Chest rub and Euky room spray are also helpful in alleviating their symptoms.

  138. Avatar of Kylie Harwood
    Kylie Harwood Reply

    I use the euky bear rub on my son’s chest, back and feet. Spray his room with the room spray before bed time and the house during the day. Lots of rest and cuddles, keep his fluids up and of course chicken noodle soup.

  139. Avatar of Kathy Bowdlert
    Kathy Bowdlert Reply

    At the first sign of a sore throat, it’s a teaspoon of Manuka honey for my kids. I’m also a firm believer in homemade chicken soup and staying at home and not spreading cold germs around.

  140. Avatar of Georgia Bowers
    Georgia Bowers Reply

    Euky bear rub on my daughter’s chest, back and feet, rug her up so she is nice and warm. Have her heater and vaporiser on in her bedroom.

  141. Avatar of JenAnd Anthony Smith
    JenAnd Anthony Smith Reply

    A few tiny dabs of eucalyptus oil on the pillow, underneath a flannelette pillow case 🙂

  142. Avatar of Racheal M

    A chestrub and try to keep the room a little warmer to help ease coughing.

  143. Avatar of Kristina

    I know it sounds like an old wives tale but chicken soup. Not canned but home made from carcass that contain nutrients that boost your immune system and also is a great Winter comfort food.

  144. Avatar of Jessica Lea
    Jessica Lea Reply

    Eucky bear chest rub on chest back and soles of feet with socks over the top

  145. Avatar of Nic Squires
    Nic Squires Reply

    We have been steaming up the bathroom before a bath, plus rubbing eukybear chest rub on my sons chest and feet with socks on before bed.

  146. Avatar of christine morris
    christine morris Reply

    Plenty of fluids, a Vicks Vaporiser, would most definitely be herlpful, so Mum and Child can get some sleep.

  147. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    Getting rest and keeping up fluids and a rub down with Vicks always helps.

  148. Avatar of Steffany Cockerell
    Steffany Cockerell Reply

    Mummy snuggles, hot steamy shower, Eukey Bearub and hot Milo with honey

  149. Avatar of ERN

    Citrus, dose up on it, enjoying the whole fruit not just the juice, to keep colds and flu at bay or away.

  150. Avatar of Tegan Louise
    Tegan Louise Reply

    Chest rub on my sons feet then socks and bed always works! He’s well by morning.

  151. Avatar of Larissa

    Paracetamol for pain and fever (when needed), rest, fluids and a good balanced diet.

  152. Avatar of Gail Davies
    Gail Davies Reply

    Using a vaporiser is the most effective way to combat colds and flu ,,,

  153. Avatar of Ryan

    Wash your hands, as well as drying them on disposable paper towels can significantly reduce the chances of catching a virus.

  154. Avatar of D I A N A

    Panadol, and cups of lemon, honey and tea, with plenty of home made chicken soup too.

  155. Avatar of Charlotte

    Avoid huddling and heating, crowded trains and buses have little ventilation, department stores bustling with shoppers, and people gathering for parties all make catching a cold more likely.

  156. Avatar of James Pizzey
    James Pizzey Reply

    keep there fluids up use a vaporiser to kill the germs in air

  157. Avatar of Jane Gardam
    Jane Gardam Reply

    I usually make homemade hot, lemon and honey drinks, along with some paracetamol. A vapouriser is excellent if really stuffy. Menthol rub on chests or a cloth tucked in their clothing, But most of all extra hugs from mum. and a soft gentle hand on little aching heads.

  158. Avatar of Michael Shaw
    Michael Shaw Reply

    It’s pretty simple folks! Keep those hands clean and try your best to avoid those who are sick. Summer will be back around before you know it!

  159. Avatar of Candice

    I wish I knew. I’ve been sick for almost eight weeks straight and the kids have been sick on and off for about three months. Nothing I’ve tried seems to be working very well.

  160. Avatar of Connie Broome
    Connie Broome Reply

    Ice blocks, cold flannels, cool baths or showers to bring temp down, massages and bed rest! Mum always said that sleep is the best medicine. Nothing worse than having a house full of sick kids!

  161. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy Nickels Reply

    Stay indoors, keep warm, sweat it out and drink plenty of clear fluids. Avoid milky drinks.

  162. Avatar of Miranda Blackmore
    Miranda Blackmore Reply

    Saline nose spray and home made coconut oil and Manuka honey drops to help with coughs. Always stay warm and rest as much a possible.

  163. Avatar of Kate Abernethy
    Kate Abernethy Reply

    I still use Vicks Vapour Rub. Forty years on this and home made chicken soup work wonders.

  164. Avatar of Luize

    Vicks vapour rub, and a multi vitamin that contains zinc, garlic vitamin c and Echinacea helps build up the immune system.

  165. Avatar of Melissa Ashton
    Melissa Ashton Reply

    Euky Bear is a favourite in our house a long with the nasal aspirator. A nice steamy shower before bed often helps as well

  166. Avatar of Paula Harris
    Paula Harris Reply

    I’m always nagging my daughter not to go to school with wet hair…..if it’s in a pony tail, it’ll still be wet at the end of the day

  167. Avatar of Katie Dalla Santa
    Katie Dalla Santa Reply

    I use Euky bear rub on my son every night. It helps him breath so much better with his asthma

  168. Avatar of Rachel Gunston
    Rachel Gunston Reply

    Euky Bear rub on soles of feet and singlet before bed, and small dash of Euky Bear inhalent in the vaporiser and have her bedroom nice and humid(ish) before she’s put to bed. Be warned, the rub can leave marks/stains when rubbed in to clothing!

  169. Avatar of Mit Meh

    Vicks Vaporub rubbed lightly on the nose helps more than rubbbing on the chest. Also honey and tumeric mixed well for sore throats.

  170. Avatar of CLi

    Wash hands regularly and keep fluids and rest up as much as possible.

  171. Avatar of Kim

    Keep the house nice and warm. Have a hot bath and use eucalyptus oil around the place. Drops on pillows/doonas, a drop in the bath water

  172. Avatar of Kylie Marks
    Kylie Marks Reply

    Always wash hamds regularly. Rub euky bear rub on the sole of my kids feet then put socks on and rug them up in bed.

  173. Avatar of Stephanie Wulff
    Stephanie Wulff Reply

    Using EukyBear rub has proven to be an essential process when my boys have colds or flus. Rubbed on their feet and chest really helps throughout the night!

  174. Avatar of Jacinta

    I put a bit of vicks on their feet with socks over the top, and some on their chest and backs with their winter jammys on, and make sure they wash their hands, and trying to teach them to cough/ sneeze in to their elbows so the spray germs dont go everywhere.

  175. Avatar of Ray

    I always run a nice warm bath, and warm the towel and pyjamas so that they have a good night’s sleep.

  176. Avatar of Melissa

    I grew up with Vicks vapour rub, so I have continued the tradition with my own family. A little bit on the chest before bed and regular probiotics, seem to help with their recovery.

  177. Avatar of Rebecca

    A nice warm bath, chest rub on their chest and feet and a vaporiser to help them breathe while sleeping are our life savers during cold and flus

  178. Avatar of Beksmum

    As soon as there is a sniffle, Vicks on the feet, chest and back before bed 🙂

  179. Avatar of Blossom

    One of the main things is to keep warm, but not too much or you can overheat – not just with a high temperature. If your child tends to “lose” bedding put a t-shirt under pjs to keep their chests warm.

    As a child my Mum or Grandma put Vicks Vaporub on the soles of our feet, then socks when we went to bed at night. We now have Euky Bear for our little ones. Before the introduction of Euky Bear Sniffly Nose Room Spray we used a different brand. We find it very helpful when suffering from hayfever or sinus problems too.

  180. Avatar of Jaclyn Tobin
    Jaclyn Tobin Reply

    Apart from Euky Bear Rub, I swear by some cream of chicken soup and cuddles under a warm blanket while watching movies. Fluids, rest, the Euky Bear rub and, most importantly, love, is the winning combination!

  181. Avatar of Alyce

    Water soluble eucalyptus oil added to a nice warm bath, or homemade eucalyptus and water frozen cubes in the floor of a steamy shower. Plus breast milk gently squirted up their nose helps!!

  182. Avatar of Tan Tanz

    this will be the most natural way to fight those blocked up heads and noises for the whole family.

  183. Avatar of Julia Robinson
    Julia Robinson Reply

    A warm drink made with fresh local ginger, local raw honey and homegrown lemons!

  184. Avatar of Natalie Hollis
    Natalie Hollis Reply

    A probiotic to get the gut healthy, lots of citrus and hot hot showers helps me alot!

  185. Avatar of Jasmyn Calder
    Jasmyn Calder Reply

    Keep warm!! singlets to keep your chest warm,and LOTS OF LAYERS!

  186. Avatar of AmberB

    Wearing lots of layers, eating lots of fruit and vegetables and drinking lots of honey and lemon tea

  187. Avatar of Molly

    Chicken soup, Vicks vapor rub, honey and lemon and plenty of sleep

  188. Avatar of Tracy Andreatta
    Tracy Andreatta Reply

    Lots of rest, liquids and cuddles from mum. Also swear by a few drops of essential oils in a diffuser in bedrooms and living areas.

  189. Avatar of Jade o

    A big bowl of freshly made chicken noodle soup and plenty of bed rest…. put on your fav tv series or movie and sweat it out!

  190. Avatar of Tania Hardman
    Tania Hardman Reply

    Lots of fruit and Plenty of fluids. Also pop some eucalyptus oil in a dish of water in front of a heater (or vent). It not only smells nice but helps everyone breathe a bit easier too.

  191. Avatar of Rianna, Bohemian Wanderlust
    Rianna, Bohemian Wanderlust Reply

    Rianna Costantino: My tip is to have a long hot shower with some eucalyptus oil on the shower floor so that the steam carries it up and helps relieve congestion.

  192. Avatar of Stacey Campbell
    Stacey Campbell Reply

    As an adult I love lots of chilli and garlic to help me feel better quicker but as my kids are not fans, I make them soup, snuggle up on the lounge together and watch dvds.

  193. Avatar of Tanya Ma

    We like to take advantage of the readily available citrus fruits at this time of year. The vitamin C is great for the whole family!

  194. Avatar of Sarah F

    My best tip for a nasty cough in children is slathering the soles of their feet in Euky Bearub and then popping warm socks on. This has relieved many a nasty cough in my house!

  195. Avatar of Danni Hurrell
    Danni Hurrell Reply

    Using a vapor rub on the bottom of the feet and wearing socks to bed 🙂

  196. Avatar of BJ Lee

    I find the best way is to ensure you maintain a good exercise regime all year round. The extra bit of fitness really helps you overcome the early symptoms when the flu bug is going around.

  197. Avatar of Milly Howells
    Milly Howells Reply

    Warm lemon and honey drinks are a big winner for soothing little throats and easing coughs

  198. Avatar of Lisa Summerell
    Lisa Summerell Reply

    We use plenty of fresh air- airing the house out regularly so that it doesnt become stuffy inside. As we get Asthma we will make sure we have had our preventer and keeping up to date with the latest asthma prevention tips. We use steam baths and showers, plenty of rest (movie day), at night when child has fallen to sleep i rub eukybear on soles of feet. With my youngest using sleep bags with correct TOG to ensure body covered throughout night. Use of an oil heater to keep the chill off the room during the night.
    I try hard to entice my 4 yr old with honey and lemon drinks but he wont have a bar of it. We do limit what drinks he has, as in he does not have drinks from fridge- drinks to be room temperature or warmer. But can drink as much as he likes.

  199. Avatar of Shezz Harper
    Shezz Harper Reply

    Cut up onions put them around the house they absorb yuckiness in the air also box on the feet with socks in does wonders for my kids

  200. Avatar of Karla Oleinikoff
    Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    Honey and lemon drinks. The lemon works on the congestion, and the honey works wonders on a sore throat.

  201. Avatar of Cath

    Fill a bowl with very warm water and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil, lower face close to the bowl to breath in all of the eucalyptus goodness. For extra effectiveness, put a tea towel over your head to tap the steam!

  202. Avatar of spog777

    warm bath at the end of a cold, wet day and a morning and night dose of 1tbsp honey daily

  203. Avatar of Anthea Cornish
    Anthea Cornish Reply

    Lots of fluids, lots of hugs and keeping warm is essential .

  204. Avatar of Rebecca Jayne
    Rebecca Jayne Reply

    Orange juice! A massive dose of Vitamin C kills all the nasties!

  205. Avatar of Loretta Franceschini
    Loretta Franceschini Reply

    Good nutrition, quality sleep and good hand hygiene.

  206. Avatar of Sharon Hedges
    Sharon Hedges Reply

    Euky bearub on the soles of the feet with socks, a good old cup of warm lemon and honey. We use most of Euky brands, I just got the room spray,I used it in the bathroom when the shower is on.

  207. Avatar of Lauren Jordan
    Lauren Jordan Reply

    Plenty of water, lots of cuddles and rest time. Euky bear on the back, chest and/or soles of feet. No daycare for a week if there’s any sign of lingering germs.

  208. Avatar of Helen

    Keep everyone who is sick at home so they don’t spread it to all their friends. Lots of rest, fluids, hugs and Euky bearub help get better sooner.

  209. Avatar of Bryan Rigby-Roberts
    Bryan Rigby-Roberts Reply

    Plenty of fresh fruit and veg before, during and after a cold – there’e nothing finer!

  210. Avatar of Claire Thrower
    Claire Thrower Reply

    Lots of rest, panadol, hydrolytes and a chest rub, followed up with lots of hugs and cuddles.

  211. Avatar of Claire H Simmons
    Claire H Simmons Reply

    wera socks to bed with a little equalyptus on your feet, helps stop the sniffles

  212. Avatar of humptydumpedme
    humptydumpedme Reply

    We use a vaporiser and rub Vicks on the chest plus cough lollies and soup

  213. Avatar of Bella Ri

    Onion and honey! As disgusting as it sounds, it helps so much to sooth the throat and get rid of a sore throat! It’s also natural and works in a matter of hours!

  214. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey Evans Reply

    Manuka honey for the throat & eucalyptus rubbed on the chest helps get rid of the flu.

  215. Avatar of Kay

    Best tip is to hop in a hot steamy shower to help clear the nose and throat then when you are out cover your chest back and bottoms of y.ur feet with vicks before bed

  216. Avatar of Nassep

    Rug up, lay down and make a batch of pure ginger tea with some honey and lemon

  217. Avatar of Kylie Clayton
    Kylie Clayton Reply

    Rest and sleep, stay warm and lots of fluids. Delicious home made soup to tempt the appetite and Eucalyptus everywhere. Rubbed on the chest, drops on a tissue put inside the pillow overnight and in the shower/tub of hotwater for steaming. Panadol for fever.

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