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Toddler Parents, Here are 7 Toddler Items You’ll Love. You Can Thank Us Later

Books, toys, clothes, wipes and a potty – these are the products that probably come to mind when you think about toddler must-haves. But what about the toddler items designed to tackle the unexpected turmoil that comes with raising toddlers? The daily tantrums and night-time battles you may not have thought of?

We’ve got you covered!

Welcome to Mum Central’s best of the best in awesome toddler essentials, designed especially for rambunctious toddlers and this unique age and stage. We’ve found products to keep them safe, products to keep up with their energetic demands, and products to keep them sleeping in their own beds ALL night long, plus heaps more and great discounts too. ‘

Behold, our pick for the best toddler items you’ll want to buy immediately.

7 Toddler Items Every Parent Needs in their Life

For your toddler’s nutrition: 
mumamoo Toddler Milk

RRP: $32.50
WHERE TO BUY: mumamoo and Chemist Warehouse nationally

Source: Supplied

Toddlers aren’t always the greatest eaters, especially when it comes to eating a well-rounded diet. It’s not uncommon for toddlers to turn their noses up at foods they loved three days ago and for us parents to be concerned they aren’t eating a balanced diet.

Enter mumamoo – a toddler milk developed by science, backed by mums and made using 100% Australian dairy from cows that graze on open pastures.

mumamoo’s stage 3 toddler milk is perfect for picky eaters or those days when your little one might have a nutrient deficiency. It is scientifically formulated with premium ingredients including prebiotics, probiotics plus 16 vitamins & minerals and is 100% wholly Australian made & manufactured (from the product inside to the tins, lids & scoops). It’s also free from GMO’s, fillers, added table sugars and guilt, shame or judgement! Best of all, toddlers LOVE the taste!

After mumamoo hit Aussie shelves in 2021, it’s no surprise their popularity catapulted them to #1 on Product Review in a year. Since the launch, mumamoo has also donated a portion of all online sales to PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia) to help new and expecting parents cope with the challenges of parenthood.

We love the Milk Club subscription service – take one thing off your list and get it delivered express, direct to your door. You can pause or amend this service anytime and orders over $100 (metro) and $150 (regional) get delivered free!


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For sun-safe play: 
Roshambo Baby Australian sunglasses

RRP: $37.95
WHERE TO BUY: Roshambo

Source: Supplied

A hat and sunscreen are a must for active tots heading outside. But you could be surprised at just how important sunnies are too, even at a young age.

Keep their little eyes protected and get them used to wearing sunglasses with the ultra-adorable Roshambo Baby Sunglasses range. Made in vibrant Italy, these shades know how to party. They’re bendy, twisty, durable and designed especially for destructive toddlers – no way these bad boys are going to break!

Created from cool recycled materials, they’re also thumbs-up for our planet and are 25% lighter than other toddler sunglasses for zero resistance from toddlers. Choose from a rainbow of colours, all polarised and rocking UV400 A/B/C protection and Category 3 darkness.

Another great thing about these best toddler sunglasses is that they will grow with your child, keeping their eyes protected from babyhood to adulthood.  To top it off, Roshambo Baby Australia supports charities such as The Ronald McDonald House and Kids for Cancer Foundation. So dive into the world of Roshambo Baby – where fun, fashion and function come together for any outdoor escapades.

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To keep them in their own beds:
JOEY by Koala Bed Base and Kids Mattress

RRP: Joey Bed Base $700 and Joey Kids Mattress $450

joey by koala-toddler-bed-best-toddler-products-2023
Source: Supplied

The ultimate battle in toddlerhood? Toddlers staying in their own beds. They are literally night-time ninjas when it comes to sneaking into our beds which can be super sweet, but not when you’re waking up constantly with a tiny foot kicking you in the head.

Enter JOEY by Koala – a range of absolutely stunning and FUN bedroom furniture especially for toddlers. Little ones will LOVE having their very own little bed. So much so, they may even stay in it all night long!

Built with little ones in mind, the Joey Bed Base is made of beautiful, solid timber and convertible with two height options (floor to ‘big bed’). It’s the ideal first big bed with easily adjustable legs to follow along with your child’s development. You can also purchase a removable guard rail for either one or both sides, which adds extra comfort and reassurance for those first few months out of the cot.

Pair your new Joey toddler bed with the Joey Kids Mattress, designed by Koala’s sleep experts for ages 3-12. This highly certified children’s mattress is designed to help your little one sleep safely and comfortably all night long. It features a water-resistant protective layer and a removable, machine-washable top layer — to make life easy after any little accident.

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To reduce hair brushing tantrums:
Ugly Swan’s Scream-Free® Detangling Brush

RRP: $39.95
WHERE TO BUY: Ugly Swan 

Source: Supplied

I never realised how stressful brushing a child’s hair could be until I had one daughter with wavy hair and another daughter with high sensitivity. Hair brushing is one of the toddler battles many parents are sometimes not prepared for!

Thankfully the Aussie mums at Ugly Swan have got us covered! They designed the perfect brush to reduce tears and tantrums and tackle even the trickiest of hair.

The Scream-Free® Brushes by Ugly Swan are a literal godsend that features a combination of hand-dipped nylon pins and natural bristles that give you a peaceful brushing experience. These products are exclusively made for Ugly Swan and have helped thousands of families enjoy peaceful brushing.

What makes the Scream-Free® brushes stand out are the natural bristles that protect the hair when you are brushing. It also brings your natural scalp oils down the hair shaft, nourishing your hair and creating shiny, healthy hair. Their Scream-Free® brushes have also taken home the Best Hair Brush Scream-Free Maxi Detangling Brush in the Healthy Hair Awards Prevention Magazine 2023 and they are a NDIS provider, ideal for families with sensory issues. They also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and the promise of a more peaceful hair-brushing experience every time.

SAVE: 15% OFF 

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For peaceful meal times:
Nestor Avenue’s 100% Recycled Plates for kids

RRP: $39.95
WHERE TO BUY: Nestor Avenue

Source: Supplied

A positive mealtime starts with the perfect set of plates, and a set that comes in several colours too because you never know which colour plate your child will demand today!

Nestor Avenue is the master in recycled dinnerware especially for toddlers with various plates, cups, bowls and plastic cutlery just for toddlers. Not only are their toddler plates designed to make mealtime fun and playful, but they are also eco-friendly, made from 100% recycled plastic and free from harmful chemicals and BPA-free.

Nestor Avenue’s recycled plates are the perfect size for toddler portions, lightweight, durable and able to withstand accidental drops onto the floor. They are also microwave-safe (20 seconds on, 20 seconds off), dishwasher-safe and stackable for easy storage and transport. And they come in four lovely pastel colours to suit whatever colour your toddler is favouring that day.

Perfect for home but also great for picnics or meals out, the best thing about these plates is you are not only creating a playful mealtime experience for your little one, but you are also doing your part to create a more sustainable future for all. ‌


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For a better night’s sleep (for everyone):
Glow Dreaming Glow Sleep Easy

RRP: $159.95
WHERE TO BUY: Glow Dreaming

Source: Supplied

Most toddlers need a bit of help winding down and going to sleep. Many need a story (or ten). Many need a cup of water (or 12). Many need mum to stay with them until they doze off to sleep.

Whatever your toddler needs, the Glow Sleep Easy will become your bedtime routine saviour! The Glow Sleep Easy is the multi-award-winning ultimate smart sleep device from Glow Dreaming. It’s been hailed as the safest sleep aid on the market, designed to support your little one at every life stage and with a child-safe lid lock and a non-slip base.

The sleep aid comes with authentic true Pink Noise to block out background noise and induce a deep sleep plus Red Light Therapy which helps melatonin production. It also acts as a cool mist humidifier to soothe dry nasal passages and reduce congestion.

The Glow Sleep Easy can transform your little one’s bedtime routine with the Green to Rise feature which helps teach older children when it’s okay to get out of bed. Simply place Glow Sleep Easy on their bedside table and control it manually or through your phone (via the Glow Sleep Genie App). Choose a customised designer sleeve to match their mood or decor and prepare for a more peaceful bedtime and night’s sleep from now on.


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For thirsty tots who are often too busy to drink: for kids 360 Cup

RRP: $12.95

Source: Supplied

Another common concern for parents of toddlers is whether they are getting enough water throughout the day. Toddlers often don’t want to stop and sip, especially when they are busy playing, which is why having their very own ultra-cool toddler sippy cup is so important. is a leader in children’s water bottles and lunch products and we simply adore the brand-new 360 Cup which supports independent drinking with a twist.

Great for littlies who are learning to drink, the 360 Cup lets kids sip from a super-soft silicone, lip-activated 360 ̊ drinking rim. The firmer they press the more liquid will flow which means less spills and less frustration. When they aren’t sipping, the silicone rim seals closed – so clever!

Little ones can drink anywhere from around the rim too, ideal for kids learning how to use a cup. Plus the wide, easy-grip handles support independent drinking and the clear cup lets kids see how much they have left to drink. Take it anywhere with a twist-lock to prevent spills and fill it with cool or warm liquid. The 360 Cup is also microwave-safe, dishwasher (top rack only) and steriliser-safe and it’s available in 4 fun colour combinations.

SAVE: 10% OFF 360 CUP

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So there you have it – 7 great new toddler products to get this toddler party started! Be sure to check out a few of our other toddler guides below and, if you haven’t already, be sure to join our Baby and Toddler Mums Australia group on Facebook. 


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