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The 11 Best Toilet Training Products to Master Potty Time

The time has come for you to bid farewell to the nappies and venture into the messy world of toilet training. This isn’t always the easiest of tasks for little kids to master and most parents will experience a few spills along the way.

With the right toilet training products on hand, you’ll be armed and ready to not only tackle toilet training but ensure your little one is excited to graduate to this big new step!

First things first, how do I know if my child is ready to toilet train?

A lot of parenting experts suggest children are ready to potty train around the age of 18 months to 2 years but this isn’t set in stone. There really isn’t a ‘right’ age to start. The most important part of successful toilet training is waiting until your child is ready. Wanting to get rid of nappies, the impending arrival of a new baby, or pressure from well-meaning relatives and friends can mean starting toilet training too soon.

Here are a few things to look for:

  • Language skills: can communicate needs with parents and other caregivers and understands simple instructions.
  • Motor skills: can walk to the potty or toilet, pull pants down and get on.
  • Bowel movements occur on a relatively predictable basis.
  • Has longer periods of dryness i.e. wakes from a day nap with a dry nappy.
  • Is showing interest in imitating other family members in the bathroom.

A few tips for parents:

  • Most children see toilet training as an interruption in their busy schedule, so you will need to keep this simple, and as much fun as possible.
  • Some children will catch on very quickly. For others, it may take months to achieve consistent dry days, which are accident-free. It is not a race. There may be a few stops and starts. Let them set their own pace.
  • Set up an appropriate time to start. Introduce the potty or toilet, let them watch others, and discuss what is happening.
  • Be consistent with times that they will need to sit on the potty. A cooking timer is useful to remember when it is time to go, especially in the first few days. Approximately every 20 minutes is good to start with. Offer plenty of water.
  • Never, never force your child, if they are defiant, or become distressed, try again later.
  • Focus on the positives, and do not make a fuss about the mistakes. They are opportunities to learn for you both.
  • Waiting for your child to tell you they ‘have to go’ may not happen for some time. They do need reminding as they adjust to becoming conscious of their body’s signals and reacting in a timely manner, especially when it interrupts their play.

Now, ready to get down to business? Let’s potty on! 

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My Carry Potty®

Price: $49.00
Where to buy: Sleep Tight Babies

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Source: Sleep Tight Babies

Every big kid needs their very own potty and My Carry Potty® is your perfect choice! It’s lightweight, leak-proof, odour free and bag free. But ready for the kicker? It’s also portable!

Kids can take their special potty everywhere they go – the park, the backyard, the car, camping or around the house. It comes in 7 cute characters to choose from, plus you can also pick up matching Toilet Training Seats and Step Stools.

Designed with a unique lid that provides a watertight seal and is perfectly sized for petite tushes, My Carry Potty® is a toilet training godsend. It gives children the confidence they need to navigate the milestone of toilet training.

Also available is the My Potty Training Pack which includes a potty training programme, potty training certificate, lots of reward stickers, George and Hollie storybook and George and Hollie animation.

SAVE: 20% off 

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Cushie Tushie Padded Toilet Seat

Price: $18.95
Where to buy: Baby Bunting 

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Source: Baby U

A portable potty is important but all children will also need to navigate the complex world of the BIG toilet. That’s why adding a cushioned toilet seat to your loo is also necessary when toilet training.

Our pick is the babyU Cushie Tushie. It teaches them how to sit on the big toilet seat and takes away the fear of falling in – which is a big fear, you guys!

This softly padded toilet seat offers comfort and warmth to your child and it is incredibly easy to take on and off.  It easily fits onto a regular toilet seat (not compatible with European toilet seats) and comes with a storage hook to hang the seat when it’s not in use.

Cushioned for comfort, contoured for safety, it also comes with a deep rim for stability, a hygienic lifting handle and a built-in deflector shield. A great little cushie for your child’s tushie!

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Cushie Step-Up™

Price: $44.95
Where to buy: Baby Bunting 

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Source: Baby U

A step ladder is also a good idea when teaching your child how to use the big toilet. After all, climbing onto the adult toilet isn’t the easiest of tasks, even for the ninja toddlers out there!

The Cushie Step-Up™, also by babyU, is easy to assemble and fun for little ones too! It’s a step ladder and a toilet seat in one, giving toddlers the confidence to safely use the big toilet all by themselves.

Cushie Step-Up™ features a soft, contoured seat, non-slip handles & extra wide non-slip floor pads for security. It’s easy to assemble without the need to bring out the tools and folds up for easy storage in between use.

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Spewy™ Bed Mat

Price: $66.95 for one
Where to buy: Spewy

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Source: Spewy

One of the trickiest parts of toilet training is staying dry through the night. When your little one is ready to try undies at night, you’ll need a bed mat to protect the sheets and mattress, just in case!

Spewy™ Bed Mat make extra absorbant and comfortable ones for tots that can absorb up to 2 litres. They also come with a waterproof backing so that nothing will leak through onto your sheets or mattress and are so easy to take off and replace, even when you’re half asleep in the middle of the night.

But what we especially love about the Spewy™ Bed Mat range is that they don’t look like bed mats – they come in heaps of cute designs, are extra soft and make a lovely addition to your little one’s bed.

SAVE: $10 on all Spewy™ Bed Mats
OFFER ENDS: 9 March 2022

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Cloth Journey

Price: $22.95
Where to buy: Cloth Journey

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Source: Cloth Journey

Wet bags are a must-have item for all parents, in general, and especially for toilet training escapades. They are reusable bags that are lined with double layer waterproof PUL and are perfect for storing everything – both wet and dry. This includes soiled clothes and undies because, let’s face it, accidents ARE going to happen.

In addition to using wet bags for toilet training, they are also ideal for storing all sorts of wet items – swimmers, towels, wet clothes, etc. They come in heaps of sizes and shapes too and most feature two compartments with removable dual loop handles, perfect for hanging on prams or change tables. Wet bags are machine washable and can be washed with any other load of washing up to 60 degrees.

SAVE: 10% off our range of wet bags with the 
OFFER ENDS: No end date

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Biozet Attack Plus Eliminator 

Price: $22.00
Where to buy: Coles

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Source: Biozet Attack

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a good cleaning agent in your corner when it comes to potty training. Our pick for all toilet training laundry needs is Biozet Attack Plus Eliminator.

It’s great on all clothing and provides a deep clean, removing even the toughest stains. You’ll especially notice how effective Biozet Attack is when faced with soiled clothes and sheets! Sure, urine and poop come with some seriously strong odours, but Biozet Attack is stronger.

Biozet Attack Plus Eliminator is proven to eliminate 99% of odour-causing bacteria and germs and gets rid of damp and musty smells on garments and household items. It’s safe on various types of clothing and fabrics and is available in both powder and liquid detergent. Definitely, something to pop on the list the next time you’re at the shops!

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BabyLove Nappy Pants and SleepyNights

Price: $18 (price will vary slightly based on size and store)
Where to buy: Coles, Woolworths, Big W, Chemist Warehouse and most baby retailers 

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Source: Babylove

Many parents will bypass the whole nappy pant thing and go straight to underwear or training pants. But nappy pants can be a great tool as the first step to toilet training. Nappy pants are pull-up nappies with easy-to-tear flaps on the side. They are just as absorbent as nappies but go on like big kid undies.

BabyLove Nappy Pants tick all the boxes too – they feature easy-to-tear flaps on the side for quick changes, DriWave technology for comfort and protection, a 360-degree-soft and stretchy waistband and 12-hour protection. They also make SleepyNights for overnight with extra absorption and cool Paw Patrol characters.

You can test them out for free too – request your FREE SAMPLE below.

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Bilbi Training Pants

Price: $10.95 per pair
Where to buy: Baby Bunting 

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Source: Baby Bunting

Once your child has a feel for pulling nappy pants on and off, you may want to transition to training pants. Bilbi Training Pants are perfect for this stage – they look like real underwear but come with a built-in absorbent core covered by a soft bamboo cotton jersey.

If your child does have a pee or poop, they will be able to feel it but the mess won’t leak all over the place. This is great news for your floors, your rugs and your couches too! The Bilbi training pant range comes in various colours and designs and is sure to get your big kid excited about this new transition.

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Potty Training Chart

Price: $12.98
Where to buy: Officeworks and Baby Bunting

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Source: Officeworks

Okay, now that you’ve got your essential toilet training products, it’s time to make toilet training fun! One cool option is a Reward Chart. The Learning Can Be Fun Potty Training Chart is sure to motivate your little one to use the potty.

It comes with everything they need to master toilet training – a wipe-off chart on a magnetic board, washable marker and 40 themed reward magnets. You can personalise the rewards and keep track of their progress.

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Toilet Time Kits

Price: Varies depending on retailer but Kmart has them for $5 (on special)
Where to buy: Kmart, Amazon, most book retailers 

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Source: Amazon

One quick look online and you’ll find a library full of toilet training books but our pick is the Toilet Time Kit. The series, which includes both a boy book and a girl book (because they are different to train), is written by child psychologist Dr. Janet Hall PhD and offers a six-step guide to toilet training.

Each kit comes with a storybook, rewards chart and stickers to help motivate and encourage your child. For boys, check out Toilet Time: A Training Kit for Boys. For girls, check out Toilet Time: A Training Kit for Girls

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Wee Target

Price: $8.95
Where to buy: Various online retailers 

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Source: Wee Target

Okay, so you can most certainly train your toddler how to pee in the toilet without the need to set up target shooters, but do you really want to?  It’s not surprising little boys would be more inclined to aim and fire if they’ve got something to shoot at.

Meet Wee Targets – plastic targets that stick to the inside rim of the toilet to give little (and not so little) boys something to aim for.  Heat sensitive black ink spots on them that ‘disappear’ when hit to reveal a fun picture. Once flushed, the targets reappear ready for next time.

Designed by a mum of boys, there’s loads of great designs to choose from – trains, fire engines, racing cars, rockets and soccer balls.

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