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The Best Australian Kid and Toddler Beds of 2023

Is your little one ready to say goodbye to the cot and hello to a big bed? While such milestones are obviously exciting, they can also be stressful and overwhelming. How do you even make the transition? What type of bed should you get?

We’re here to help! Check out our tips on making the transition from a cot to a toddler bed or a kid’s bed and our top picks for the best Australian kid’s and toddler beds of 2023.

How to transition to a toddler bed 

Most children may not be at the developmental stage where they can understand to stay in bed before they are 2 ½. Therefore, most parents wait until their little one is about 3-3 ½ to start the transition.

Keep in mind that every family and every child is different. When to make the transition is an individual choice each parent and family must make.

Toddler Asleep with Blackout Blinds
Source: Bigstock

Once you decide transitioning to a big kid’s bed is the best solution for you, here are some tips to make it easier on everyone.

Talk to your little one about the change.

Keep the conversation positive and relaxed. Help them see this transition as an adventure. Be sure to pay attention to what they say, listen and validate their feelings about the change. Be empathetic.

Set clear expectations.

Express to them they’ll be required to sleep in their bed all night. Explain what is safe to do and what is not. Come up with tools for night waking, such as keeping a plush toy or favourite blanket close by for comfort in the middle of the night.

Don’t make too many changes at once.

Overloading your child with too many changes, such as changing or rearranging their room, or potty training at the same time can be overwhelming for your little one. Instead, keep things familiar for them by leaving everything in its original location and placing their new bed where their cot used to be.

Additionally, keep to the same bedtime routine and schedule as before. This will create continuity for them while helping them feel safe and calm.

Let them have some control.

Allow your child to select their bed (you can give them a couple of pre-approved options) and their new bedding. Doing so will help them feel they are part of the process and less resistant to the change.

Make their room toddler-proof.

Be sure to secure all dressers and bookcases to the wall. Keep their favourite toys within reach to avoid them climbing over furniture to get them when they wake before you.

Remove potential dangers, such as stray electrical or window cords, and cover electrical outlets, if they’re not already.

And be sure to child-proof doors. You do not want them wandering around the house at night or early in the morning and having access to rooms they shouldn’t or leaving the house alone.

Tips for buying toddler beds – 6 important considerations

  1. SAFETY Selecting a toddler bed with side railings can help keep your child safe, especially if they’re a little mover at night. If the bed does not have side railings, you can purchase them separately. Just be sure they are compatible with the bed of your choosing. A headboard and a foot panel can provide extra protection for your little one as well.
  2. ENDURANCE: When selecting a toddler bed, consider whether you’ll want to use it for any future children.
    Additionally, some people select their toddlers’ beds based on whether guests can sleep on them.
  3. HEIGHT: A low toddler bed can make the ideal transition for your little one as it will be less scary, and safer when they toss and turn in their sleep. Taller beds are geared more toward older children but are still low enough to keep them safe if they ever do roll out of bed in the middle of the night.
  4. BED FRAME: Round edges will keep your little ones safe as they climb in and out of their new bed.
  5. WEIGHT LIMIT: Consider your child’s weight when selecting their new bed.
  6. NON-TOXIC PAINTS & FINISHES: Just because your little one is moving on to a big kid’s bed doesn’t mean they aren’t still prone to gnawing or chewing on everything, including their bed.

Finally, if considering a bunk bed for your child, be sure to consult the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) product safety laws for bunk beds.

Best Australian Kid’s and Toddler Beds

Artiss Wooden Bed Frame Single Size Timber Mattress Base Pine Platform White ROCK

PRICE: $398.99

Artiss Wooden Bed Frame for Single Size Mattress - best toddler beds
Source: Artiss

This fun, house-shaped bed is made of natural solid pine and non-toxic paint and is compatible with most Australian-sized mattresses. With rails and low to the ground, it is an ideal transitional bed for toddlers.

Natty Guarded Single Bed

PRICE: $699.95

best toddler beds 2023 - Guarded Single Bed for Toddlers
Source: Boori

This stylish two-toned bed comes in four different colors. The side panels provide added protection for your toddler and can be removed as your child grows. Made of Australian/New Zealand pine timber, it features a helpful little bedside tray for your child’s items

Alexis Solid Pine Timber Single Day Bed with Trundle – White

PRICE: $369
WHERE TO BUY: Luxo|Living

Trundle White Single Bed for Toddlers
Source: Luxo|Living

This solid pine bed comes with a handy pull-out trundle bed that easily slides out giving you an extra bed ideal for sleepovers. As a daybed, it can serve as a seating for your little one to read or watch TV.

Fantastic Furniture Cabin Toddler Bed

PRICE: $169
WHERE TO BUY: Fantastic Furniture

Cabin Toddler Bed
Source: Fantastic Furniture

This low-rise toddler bed features two side panels for your child’s added protection. As a transitional bed, it fits most standard-sized cot mattresses.

HipKids Kids Loft Timber Bed (Single)

PRICE: $899.95
WHERE TO BUY: hipkids

Single Loft Timber Bed
Source: hipkids

This fun, single-sized loft bed, features a protective side panel, a slide, and a climbing wall. With plenty of room for storage under the bed, it is useful, safe, and fun as your child transitions to their big kid’s bed.

Koala’s Paddington Bed Base

PRICE: $799.20

Girl Enjoying Koala's Paddington Bed - best toddler beds
Source: Koala

This award-winning upholstered kid’s bed is sustainably sourced and provides a comfortable place for your child to rest as they transition to their big kid’s bed. It can easily support a safety railing if needed.

Mocka Imogen Single Bed – Dusty Pink

PRICE: $379.95

Dusty Pink Single Bed for Toddlers and Kids. best toddler beds 2023
Source: Mocka

This beautiful, dusty pink big kid’s upholstered bed provides a comfortable headboard for your little one to rest as they read, write, or draw. Constructed from sturdy pine, this bed can accommodate separate rails if needed as your child transitions to their big kid’s bed.

Summertime KS Rattan Bedhead

PRICE: $325
WHERE TO BUY: Raja Homewares

Toddler Enjoying Her Bed with Rattan Bedhead
Source: Raja Homewares

In keeping with the popular Boho trend, this big kid’s bed offers beautiful style as your child transitions to their new bed and can last through their adolescent years. Although it does not include protective railings, it can easily accommodate them if purchased separately.

Tofi Timber Triple Bunk Bed

PRICE: $549

Timber Triple Bunk Bed for Kids
Source: Zanui

This solid pine bunk bed has a single bed at the top with safety railings on all sides, and a double bed at the bottom that can sleep two children or allows for plenty of room for stretching for a single child. The bottom bunk can easily hold a safety railing if necessary.

And there you have it – our best toddler beds of 2023. Be sure to check out our additional product guides including:

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