Toddler Tantrums

Science Says Toddlers That Throw Tantrums Are More Likely to Be Rich


How many of you are currently spending your days arguing with a toddler about why pants are important, why we don’t eat random things off the floor and why the colour of cup really doesn’t matter?

Well, ladies, pour yourself a much-deserved glass of wine and read this. It will make all those arguments worth your while.


Toddler tantrums linked to income

According to two recent studies, how your child behaves during that frustrating toddler stage can make a difference to their income later in life.

A study published in Developmental Psychology tracked the income and education of kids who attended Luxembourg schools and discovered that those who resisted authority and defied their parents in their younger years, tended to stay in school longer, go into further education and succeed in top jobs.

Another study from the University of Pennsylvania by a psychologist, Angela Duckworth, also backed up this theory. Kids who display a personality trait she labelled as ‘grit’ from an early age are far more likely to find career success.

In other words? Badass toddler = better at school = successful in life = lots of moola.

And who deserves a brand new car and annual European holidays when this day comes?

The person who taught them the importance of wearing pants, of course.

Hey, you can’t argue with science.

toddler tantrums likely to be rich
Cry now, cash in later! Source: Bigstock

Managing toddler tantrums

Although it’s nice to know that the tantrums your child throws today may make them successful in 30 years’ time, that’s a long time to wait.

So here are a few ways to handle toddler tantrums to minimise the damage.

  1. Positive attention and reinforcement – Praise reinforces acts of good and encourages them to do more of it!
  2. Reduce temptation – From a box of chocolates to your new set of Global kitchen knives, all off-limits items provide less toddler drama if they’re safely tucked away.
  3. Distraction – Holy mother of toddlers, the distraction technique is invaluable. We all become masters of the quick change of subject or engaging the quick handbag toy to distract a broody tot from imploding. Snacks work well.
  4. Know when enough is enough – Inevitably the cracks of a cranky tot will begin to show very quickly (around aisle 3). Don’t push your luck!
  5. Remain calm – Don’t fuel the enraged toddler fire with ranting, raving or laughing at them.
  6. Ignore the behaviour – Yep. Again, tricky. If your toddler is demanding your undivided attention, a million-dollar Lego set or doesn’t want to do something and you’ve rationally explained to them the reason you said no, it’s time to just ignore their badgering.
  7. Accept that this is your child’s lack of tools – Your little guy simply does not have the tools yet to reason with his emotions. It’ll come! Have a read of how your toddler feels for more on this.

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