TOUCHING VIDEO: Low Price, High Quality. Here’s why nobody will buy these t-shirts.

Let’s face it. Most of us are on the lookout for affordable and stylish fashion – you know, the type that doesn’t necessarily break the bank.

With fashion seeming to be getting cheaper and cheaper by the day, it seems affordable and stylish fashion is now in each reach.  Or is it?

A $5 T-shirt? Great! A $10 dress? Wonderful! These are the things smart shoppers and bargain-hunters stay on the lookout for.

But have you ever thought about how these stores are able to keep their prices so low?  

We know a shirt is not JUST a shirt and the working conditions of those employed in these factories have a big impact on the retail pricing.  After all, retail costs don’t necessarily reflect the cost of manufacturing right?

Because sometimes that path involves sweatshops or child labour. Workers sometimes make just pennies an hour and are forced to work long hours in unsafe conditions.

Well, one group is putting the stories of the workers who make the clothes we see on the racks in our favourite department stores front and centre, hoping that companies will choose to become more transparent about where their clothes come from.

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