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Woman Plans Home Birth, Neighbours NOT Happy


Home births are all the rage these days. But they are usually done in the comfort of your home. Usually inside. Behind closed doors.

Unless, of course, you’re this Queensland mum.

Rather than opt for a home birth inside, this mum-to-be has decided to give birth on the communal rooftop of her apartment building.

The shared space comes complete with a city view, plenty of seating AND a BBQ. Perfect birthing requirements.

Private rooftop party in progress 

The mum-to-be left a note to her neighbours explaining her decision and ‘booking’ the rooftop apartment for this special occasion.

Although the communal area is popular for private parties, such as family BBQs and birthday parties, it’s not exactly a well known birth zone.

But, technically speaking, the space can be used for any type of gathering, including a birth, as long as it does “not impede on the peace and recreational use of other residents”.

Rooftop birth – ‘next level’ home birth experience indeed 

One of her neighbours discovered the interesting letter hanging up in the lift. She immediately headed to Facebook to share the letter and post her outrage:

rooftop birth

Of course, the comments immediately started to flood in:

“Honestly in an environment like that it shouldn’t be encouraged. What if both the lifts fail? Does she think they’ll fly a helicopter in to get her out?” one person said.

“This is ridiculous! But also I would not be surprised if your very entitled neighbour is dead set on having a home birth on a communal rooftop,” another added.

Birth or bust? 

It’s not just the sky high location of the free birth that seems odd. The whole idea of planning a “natural home birth” for a certain time and date appears a little suss.

After all, you can’t exactly plan to go into labour when you want, unless you are induced. And giving birth at home, or on a rooftop for that matter, after an induction is definitely not a safe or smart decision!

Although many women do choose to give birth at home, this is only recommended in certain instances. Have a read of our free birth guide to learn more about this trend.

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