Mum Plans Epic Trolls Themed Party for Autistic Daughter that Really Took the Cake!


This mum, Lisa, is a superstar. Not only a fulltime nurse and mum to daughter Britt – but she also moonlights as a fabulous birthday event planner and cake maker. Come see this beautiful Trolls birthday party!

Britt turned 26 recently and Lisa didn’t disappoint in creating a gorgeous Trolls themed birthday party for her. Lisa says “Britt is autistic and her whole world focuses on Disney and DreamWorks. So every year I try to have a character-themed party for her.” And this year, Trolls it was!

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What a terrific Trolls cake! Source: Facebook/Lisa Quince

And it’s not just Britt who reaps the reward of her mum’s birthday caking talent, Lisa also adds “Britt lives at home with me but because I work full time as a nurse she has support workers during the day. And they are also big Disney fans so I have also made their birthday cakes as well”. We love that you share the cake joy, Lisa!

Trolls birthday party
Cake pops too! Source: Facebook/Lisa Quince

TIP: when asked about tips, tricks or suppliers, Lisa swears by Cake Tinz n’ Thingz. “They are always very helpful and full of good advice”. So if you’re over in the West, pop on in or hit up their Facebook page if looking for particular things.

Trolls birthday party
And what’s a party without cupcakes? Source: Facebook/Lisa Quince
Trolls birthday party
FIRST ATTEMPT at lollipops. Ermagosh! Source: Facebook/Lisa Quince

Lisa says planning is KEY to successful party prep – especially so if juggling fulltime work and mum duties!

Lisa writes that it’s important to “do my research on the theme and making a list of what I’m going to bake, and planning the days I’m going to bake and the decorations I need. I’m a full-time mum and full-time nurse so being organised is extremely important”.

Trolls birthday party
Cookies with edible images, YUM! Source: Facebook/Lisa Quince

And all that planning, time scheduled baking and preparation really pays off. Lisa turned out quite the impressive spread for Britt and her guests – from an epic Trolls birthday cake to cake pops and an unbelievable first attempt at lollipops, it was all part of the feast and no detail was spared.

Trolls birthday party
What a delicious rainbow Trolls themed party spread! Source: Facebook/Lisa Quince

Just look below at how thrilled Britt is with her Trolls birthday bonanza!

My daughter Britt gets so much out of her big day it’s so heartwarming to see her beautiful face light up with excitement.

While Lisa currently bakes gorgeous cakes and treats for family and friends (including those of the four-legged, furry doggo kind), we think her future is very bright should she ever wish for a side hustle or career change. We take our hat Trolls wig off to Lisa, you’re amazing!

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Happy birthday Britt! Source: Facebook/Lisa Quince

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