Aussie Dad Raises the Bar with his Disney Pixar Inspired UP Cubby House


Forget Paradise Falls … the iconic house from Disney Pixar’s UP has proudly come to life in Canberra, and boy oh boy, we are absolutely blown away!

Superdad Scott Fincher has spent the past 15 months designing the dream cubby house for his children, including his 7-year-old  son Leo, who is 100% UP-obsessed!  The iconic cubby looks EXACTLY like the Pixar film’s version, complete with the various colours and adorable and iconic design.

Up cubby house
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Up, up and away! 

If you’re not familiar with the movie UP, it’s a heartwarming tale, one of Disney Pixar’s bests in our opinion. It follows the journey of recently widowed Mr Carl Frederickson as his beloved house is drowned out by city skyscrapers. When he accidentally injures a construction worker, the court deems him a public menace and orders him to move to a retirement home. However, Carl resolves to keep his promise to his late wife Ellie to go to Paradise Falls, turning his house into a makeshift airship using thousands of helium balloons and flying away.  It’s a beautiful story but just be warned the first ten minutes will break you.

Cubby house Up
The house in UP and the cubby house Scott made. Amazing! Image via Facebook

The house featured is one of the best things about the film (not including resident Golden Retriever Dug who is clearly the star). Not only does it serve nostalgic purposes but it’s also quite the sight, complete with every colour under the sun. Not to mention the fact that it flies!

Anyhow, Scott has managed to recreate the house in the form of a perfectly pint-sized cubby for his kids in the backyard of his family’s Conder home.

up cubby house
The kids LOVE it! Images via Facebook

After watching the film about a gazillion times, Scott decided that perhaps he could pull the impossible off and build his children Leo, Taiya and Hugh one just like it. His son was asking for a cubby house, so he thought, “Okay, how far should I go with that?”

mum central
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The sky’s the limit!

Scott admits that the task at hand wasn’t an easy one but was well worth the time and effort. Scott, who is an IT consultant, used the same materials a tradesperson would use to build a house.

“It’s constructed just like a house and weighs between three and four tonnes,”  Scott told ABC News. “I think it’s more solid than our own house.”

mum central

mum central
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The house includes two stories, a play kitchen, seating, and even Wi-Fi so the kids can stream movies. It’s fully insulated and perfect for sleepovers too. All that’s missing is that mobile chair thingy Carl uses to get up and down the stairs.

mum central

What an epic job! Dad, “you done good!”

A labour of love

Now, a feat like this isn’t going to come cheap and Scott admits that the final price tag was probably around the $10,000 mark.

“It’s about $1,500 worth of roofing, a couple of thousand dollars worth of structural pine plus. That all adds up.”

He also reckons he would have spent thousands of hours working on the project but his son did lend a hand.

Cubby house UP
We mean, just take a look at that! What a feat! Image via Facebook

The house looks nearly identical to the one from the film, minus the thousands of balloons coming out of the roof. What an absolute masterpiece!

Mr Frederickson (and indeed sidekick Russell) would be very proud!

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