It is being hailed as a “miraculous birth”, and with good reason! A mum in India, who had “no idea” she was even expecting twins, has welcomed healthy conjoined twins.  

However, amongst the joy comes fear for the infants as the mother flees the hospital with them only hours after giving birth. Now doctors are urging the mother to make contact with medical staff to discuss the surgery these beautiful babies so desperately need.

Their names, gender and whereabouts remain unknown, but the two little miracles born 2 September 2017, are already having quite an impact on the medical world.

Attached at the abdomen, the conjoined infants share an umbilical cord but were both born with their own set of limbs and organs. However, it is impossible to determine the babies’ genders without surgery.

According to Dr Rahul Aggarwal, who delivered the infants, the whole experience was nothing short of surreal.

“She had no idea”

India conjoined twins

The 32-year-old mother arrived at the Bhawani Prasad Hospital, in Uttar Pradesh in northern India, mid-labour. She lives in a nearby village and was not even aware she was expecting twins.  Within an hour after finding out, the mother gave birth naturally to the two infants.

“Delivering conjoined twins naturally, especially when they are attached at the abdomen, is quite challenging. It’s very rare,” Dr. Aggaral said. “The woman bravely delivered the twins and fortunately all did fine.”

Dr Aggarwal says the mother bonded with her babies instantly. He also reveals how the beautiful bond between the two babies was absolutely “remarkable to watch”.

“If we stimulated one, both of them would react and start crying together,” Dr Aggarwal explains.  “They both responded to what the other was doing.”

conjoined twins born in India

Separation is the best chance of survival

While the surgical separation of conjoined twins is always risky, in this instance, it may also be necessary.

“They each had four limbs and a heart and other organs, but being attached at the abdomen and sharing the same umbilical cord made blood circulation challenging,” Dr Aggarwal explains. “They desperately need surgery so they can go on and have a chance.”

Conjoined twins occur once every 200,000 live births, with the overall survival rate somewhere between 5 percent and 25 percent.

Dr Aggaral referred the new mum to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to further assess the infants and determine the best plan of action. However, only a few hours after giving birth, the mother discharged herself, taking her babies with her.

At this stage, her whereabouts and the welfare of the babies remain unknown.

“I can only hope they seek further help.”

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