Picture this. You’ve just split from your ex but you’re craving a little sexytime. He happens to be down for it too. It’s one night, a bit of fun, no strings attached, I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, you could fall pregnant. And then, you could discover you’re not only expecting a baby with your ex, but you’re pregnant with triplets! That’s a holy sh*t moment x 3 if we’ve ever heard of one!

Single and pregnant with triplets

This happened to UK mum Charliann Broadhurst and her ex-boyfriend Ryan Hill. The pair headed back into the bedroom for one night of cheeky fun and, well, now they are tag-teaming triple nappy duties.

pregnant woman with triplets pregnancy
Triple the surprise after a seemingly innocent one-night stand. Source: RioPlatano/Bigstock

It probably sounds like every single mums’ worst nightmare. But, it’s actually turned into a fairy tale for the expanding family and their trio.

Sex with the ex ends in a surprise pregnancy

If you’ve ever unexpectedly found out you were expecting, then you know the shock, surprise and probably “oh shit” moment that comes after seeing that positive test.

For Charliann, the only silver lining was that she happened to know the father pretty darned well. And not just from his Tinder profile.

Charliann and baby daddy, Ryan, already had three daughters together – Cassi-Lee, Caira-Jae and Siena before calling it quits. The two had an equal co-parenting plan in place and on one particular drop off, the exes decided to take a ride down memory lane. Hell, it’s safer than swiping right. Right?

“He’s my childhood sweetheart and we’ve been together since we were 15 but at the time we were going through a really bad patch,” explained Charliann to Metro.

I tell everyone I fell pregnant on a one night stand – it just happened to be with the man I already had kids with!”

No strings attached, just three babies to take care of

Charliann was sterilised and sure she couldn’t fall pregnant but it turns out, she could. And pregnant with triplets nonetheless. Charliann went from being a single mum of three to a single mum expecting three MORE kids.

“I went to the doctors out of curiosity because I was feeling really unwell and he told me I was pregnant. My mouth fell open.

“Within four hours I realised that I wasn’t just pregnant, I was pregnant with triplets. I could barely take it in. Twins are a fairytale of mine. I dreamed about having twins forever. But triplets – wow.”

Charliann then had the fun task of informing her ex about the babies. Oh to be a fly on the wall during that baby reveal! She admits that Ryan nearly crashed his car when she told him, over the phone, while he was driving.

“He just went silent.”

Babies bring exes back together

The triplet pregnancy was a shock at first, but it was just the surprise the pair needed to restart their relationship.

After a somewhat stressful pregnancy, Charliann had her triplets – two boys and a girl – at 33 weeks gestation in May 2019. She named the little girl Ryana (oh yes, after her ex RYAN) and the boys Carter and Cayon.

And as for the one-night standers? They are back together, working as a team to raise their six kiddies and even thinking about marriage down the road. We love a happy ending, don’t you?!

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