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Two-Year-Old Child Kills Mum in Car Window Accident

A young mum has died following a freak car window accident in which her two-year-old daughter pressed the auto-close button on the window, strangling her.

Undoubtedly, it acts as a warning to all of us of just how easily devastating accidents can happen.

Yulia Sharkom had been celebrating her 21st birthday with family and friends at a friend’s house when the terrible accident occurred.

Two-year-old kills mum in tragic car window accident

Mum-of-two Yulia was in the family BMW with her youngest daughter when the tragedy happened. Reaching through the semi-open car window to pull her two-year-old daughter out, the child reportedly pressed the window button.

The result is devastating. Indeed, the forced automatic closing of the car window trapped Yulia’s neck in the window, strangling her.

child kills mother car window
Source: The Sun

Husband makes the awful discovery

Heartbreakingly, it was her husband Artur who discovered his wife soon after the accident.

Upon seeing her, Artur broke the jammed window to release his wife and pulled her unconscious, “lifeless body” from the family vehicle. Distraught, he called emergency services, rushing her to hospital.

child kills mother car window
Source: The Sun

A horrific accident leads to devastation

Eight heart-wrenchingly long days after the horrific accident, Yulia dies having suffered asphyxia and trauma, resulting in brain damage. At no time after the incident did she recover consciousness.

“Her brain suffered irreversibly due to clamped arteries,” says a local report.

On a 21st birthday filled with love, laughter and life, this family was dealt a very cruel blow. I can’t begin to imagine how you explain such a horrible accident to your children when they’re older. In particular, the couple’s youngest child.

Yulia leaves behind her husband Artur and two daughters, Margarita, four, and Arianna, two.

child kills mother car window
Source: msn

It’s believed investigative police are examining the circumstances surrounding the incident resulting in the mother’s accidental death.

A lesson for everyone

Next time I’m putting small children in and out of the car, I’ll remember Yulia’s story. As rare as such accidents are, it only takes seconds for tragedy to strike. Be vigilant, even in the simplest of everyday acts to avoid the unthinkable.

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