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REVIEW: Vetta Dinosaur Kids Pasta is a Plate Full of Healthy, Prehistoric Fun


Do your little ones love to play with their food? Do they also happen to have a (slight) obsession with dinosaurs?

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve found the perfect pasta for picky eaters and pasta-lovers alike. And best of all, it’s good for them.

We roared with delight when we discovered Vetta all-new SMART Fibre Dinosaurs Kids Pasta. It’s pasta packed with plenty of fibre. It’s low GI and low fat, has a 4.5-star health rating and it’s made in Australia.

Vetta Smart dinosaur pasta review
Photo: Florence Yeoh

But what makes these bite-sized goodies so great is that they are shaped like our kids’ favourite prehistoric pals – Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Brachiosaurus. Or, in the words of a child, Spiky Dino, T-Rex and Long Neck.

These awesome little pasta shapes are fun to eat, easy to make and clean up and great for kids of all ages – toddlers all the way to school-aged kids.

But will they be loved by our toughest food critics – our kids? 

Only one way to find out…

Here’s what our tiny taste testers thought of Vetta SMART Fibre Dinosaur Kids Pasta.

Vetta Pasta Kids
Kids love Vetta Pasta! Photo: Brea Macumber and Zoe Dugan

[mc_block_title custom_title=”14 kids put Vetta SMART Fibre Dinosaur Pasta to the taste test”]

We asked 14 families to test Vetta new Dino Pasta and see what their kids thought of the prehistoric plateful of goodness. Of the 14 families, 10 said their kids are fussy eaters and normally are pretty hard to please.

But even the fussy eaters LOVED dinosaur pasta!

As our reviewers tell us, the kids, even the picky eaters, gobbled the stuff up.

My fussy son loved the dinosaurs and eating the pasta. It was surprisingly pleasant tasting with no grittiness we get from wholemeal pasta.” – Tiffany W

[My daughter] enjoyed it so much she requested to eat it every night of the week!” – Zoe D

Definitely a winner in our house! The shape of the pasta wins my 2-year-old-son over and I love that it has twice the fibre.” – Renee S
The pasta was awesome, my little girl loved it and was excited to have dinner with her special pasta! The size is perfect and safe to eat. The texture when cooked was great and added an element of fun to meals.”  – Amy N
Vetta Pasta dinosaur review
Photo: Rebecca Tolley
My daughter loved the different shapes and the fact they added some fun to her otherwise “boring dinner”. Anything that helps make mealtimes fun is a bonus in my book!” – Rebecca T
Our children and myself loved it. Our 2 younger boys (ages 3 and 5) are slightly picky with their food but they devoured it with no problems and our 3-year-old asked for seconds.” – Sharee U
child eating Vetta pasta
Photo: Florence Yeoh

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Real mums review Vetta Dinosaur Kids Pasta”]

It’s great to find a food that our kids will actually eat. But what really stood out for our mums was not only how quickly the meal was devoured, but also how easy it was to make, clean up and even reheat.

All 14 mums said they would buy it again and almost every single reviewer gave the pasta a perfect score for taste, quality, health ratings and effort needed to clean-up. 

They are fantastic! Cooks up so easy and reheats just as well.” – Karla M.

Very easy to cook and fun to eat but if overcooked they break up.” –  Sharra A

Vetta Pasta Smart Dinosaur review
Photo: Karla Muckenthaler

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Fuelled by fun and fibre”]

Another great thing about Vetta SMART Fibre Dinosaur Kids Pasta is that it is incredibly healthy and loaded with nutrients, but without tasting ‘healthy.’  Contrary to wholemeal pasta which can be unappealing to kids in colour, taste and texture, Vetta Dino Pasta has added oat fibre, which gives it twice the amount of fibre, with the same look and taste as regular white pasta. So the kids won’t even notice!

The additional fibre is a plus point for me definitely and it doesn’t alter the texture of the pasta at all. I have been looking for dinosaur pastas for a long time and was so excited to try the Vetta Smart ones. It’s a staple in my household now.” –  Florence Y

“I will certainly be purchasing Vetta for my family moving forward!” – Amy N

Little girl making Vetta Pasta
Photo: Florence Yeoh

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Healthy, fun and delicious”]

When it comes to feeding our kids, we normally ask ourselves three questions: 1. Is it good for them? 2. Will it be easy to prep and clean up? 3. Will they actually eat it? 

Most of the time we can get two out of three. Yes, they will eat it, but it’s probably not that healthy. Yes, it’s good for them and easy to make, but it ends up on the floor or in the dog’s bowl.

It’s fairly rare to get a meal that ticks all three boxes. This is what makes Vetta’s SMART Fibre Dinosaur Kids Pasta so great. 

This pasta is a great first finger food, an easy peasy dinner option, a great addition to the lunch box and an ideal after-school snack too.

Vetta dinosaur pasta

Vetta Pasta in a lunch box
Photo: Sharra Anderton

mum central

Vetta SMART Fibre Dinosaur Kids Pasta

Purchase Again 10.0
Yummy Taste 9.7
Fussy Eaters Approved 9.7
Quick and Convenient 9.7
Affordable 9.5


  • Aussie-Made
  • Easy to make
  • Loaded with fibre
  • Low GI and fat
  • Fun dino shapes

mum central

Vetta Smart Dino Pasta trial
Photo: Karla Muckenthaler

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Get your dose of dinosaur goodness”]

mum centralOur mums agree: Big on flavour, fibre and FUN, Vetta’s SMART Fibre Dinosaurs Kids Pasta is a plate full of adventure.

Vetta’s all-new dino pasta gets the tick of approval from Mum Central.

Add it to your weekly grocery shop list and see what your little ones think of it. It’s the only kids’ pasta currently located in the pasta aisle. You can get it at Coles for $2 a packet. Bargain!

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