FRUIT DANGER UPDATE: Woolworths Pull Sewing Needles From Shelves

Need a sewing needle? You won’t find them at Woolworths.

As needle fruit sabotage becomes rife across the country, the supermarket giant has removed all sewing needles from shelves.

Police are now investigating more than 100 cases of fruit tampering across Australia, with many needles-in-fruit incidents believed to be the work of copycats or hoaxes.

No more needles

Woolworths has announced it is putting the safety of customers first by removing ALL sewing needles from supermarket shelves. A temporary removal of sewing needle sales is being rolled out in all stores across the country.

It comes as police investigate countless copycat and hoax cases involving other fruits, including bananas and apples.

It’s a move to be celebrated. We can’t be happier about removing temptation from people who don’t care about our fruit industry or public safety.

Government gets tough

The Federal Government is today rushing laws through Parliament to increase the maximum jail time for contaminating food from 10 to 15 years.

And Prime Minister Scott Morrison says a new offence of recklessly contaminating fruit will carry similar jail time. He described the fruit tampering as cowardly” and says both laws are also designed to stop copycats.

“It is basically a law against idiocy,” Mr Morrison told Parliament.

Families need to have the assurance that the Australian produce they are buying is safe for their kids. PM Scott Morrison

And Mum Central agrees. We need to help Aussie farmers and fruit growers more than ever after these acts of sabotage. Please, go forth and eat strawberries with your kids. Slice ‘em, dice ‘em and enjoy them for what they are – delicious fruit.

strawberries diet myths busted

Milk bottle drought levy to help our dairy farmers

Speaking of helping our Aussie farmers, Woolworths are coming to the party for our dairy industry! The supermarket is leading the way with a 10 cent drought levy on its range of drought relief milk. The levy starts in October 2018.

Woolworths drought relief milk will hit the shelves selling at $1.10 per litre, $2.20 for two litres and the family-friendly three-litre bottle will sell at $3.30. Woolworths has confirmed the extra 10 cents from every sale will go to drought-affected suppliers of its own brand fresh milk.

“There’s no doubt many dairy farmers are doing it tough in the face of the drought and we’re keen to support them through this difficult time,” says Woolworths Director of Fresh Food Paul Harker.

“Many of our customers have told us they want to help and are willing to pay more for their milk to do so. This new range of drought relief milk will provide customers with that choice, safe in the knowledge the extra money will flow through to dairy farmers in drought-affected areas.”

Good on you, Woolworths and bring on the milkshakes!

Woolworths store

For more details about the strawberry fruit sabotage, read our article that gives you all the facts and information.

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