Watch How Amazing This Homeless Man is at Playing the Piano…WOW!

Homeless Piano Man, Donald (Boone) Gould has become an overnight viral sensation with his incredible and, quite possibly, wasted musical talent.

When Dylan Henry and her mother Aurore came across Donald playing on a publicly accessible piano, they filmed him playing and uploaded to Youtube. It went viral almost immediately! When you watch it, you’ll understand why… goosebump alert!

This video of his absolutely beautiful version of Styx, “Come Sail Away” in downtown Sarasota has over 2 million hits!

YouTube video

The next day they happened to bump into him in the street again and filmed this interview in which he tells them “Actually I played the clarinet in the marine corps. I was a drum major in high school then all over the world I was in a symphonic band.”

Could it be fate that these people were brought together?

YouTube video

“I go there about everyday. Try and put my hat our for tips”

Donald and his best friend Paul Lenardo play the streets of Sarasota daily. Donald is a former Marine and is just a few classes short a degree in music theory. He tragically lost his wife and is now in search of his 18 year old son.

Donald needs a second chance at life. He is extremely musically talented and can play or teach any instrument that comes his way. From drums to piccolos to clarinets and the piano.

Dylan and Aurore have set up a Go Fund Me Campaign HERE to help make this man’s dream of teaching music come true. All funds will go to Donald (Boone) Gould to secure a home, a car and to possibly return to school for his last 3 classes for his music theory degree.

They are of course making their first priority to seek counselling and rehab services for him as well. They want him to have every opportunity to get back on track to his true potential.

So do we x


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