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Mum’s Chilling Warning about Silicone Baby Bowls

Having a silicone baby bowl that suctions to the table is a godsend when you have a toddler. Not only do they suction to the table, but, being made of silicone means silicone baby bowls are safe for babies and ideal if bub manages to drop the bowl on the floor.

Mum Laci Wornick would never have ever thought that her daughter’s silicone baby bowl could be a suffocation hazard. However, she recently witnessed her toddler’s face being suctioned to the bowl, making it impossible for the baby to breathe.

Mum’s silicone bowl warning

She shares her story on Facebook as a way to raise awareness and make sure every parent.

Still shaking as I post this, but I felt I needed to raise awareness regarding silicone baby bowls. Elliott was having breakfast and I was taking photos because she was so cute digging in, and had scrambled egg everywhere.”

As Laci stood nearby watching her daughter make a huge mess and cleaning the sink for her daughter’s bath straight after breakfast, she decided to snap some photos of her little one digging in. As she snapped pictures, Elliot placed her head into the silicone bowl.

Silicone baby bowl warning
Source: Facebook
silicone baby bowls warning
Source: Facebook

It suctioned immediately to her face perfectly. The bowl was slick and greasy from her eating.

When I leaned over the island to pull it off, my hands slipped off the bowl.

With every scream she made, the bowl suctioned tighter and tighter. I ran around the island and was able to dig my fingers up under the bowl to break the seal and finally free her.”

As the photos show, the top of the bowl just happened to be the exact same size as her daughter’s face. This isn’t something that happens often but it is important for parents to be aware that something like this could happen and to always, always, always monitor your toddlers while eating.

‘So shaken up’ 

Laci continues:

My sweet girl- she was terrified and so shaken up. I shudder thinking of her unable to breathe in there even for the short amount of time it was. This could have been terrible had I not been literally watching as it happened. And it happened so fast!

I’m so thankful she is ok  I am not though. I feel ridiculously awful that this happened, and I didn’t consider it when I decided to use these. That I didn’t yank it away the minute she brought it to her face. We will not be using these anymore!”

Mum’s advice when using silicone baby bowls – always monitor! 

Since sharing her very scary story, hundreds of people have commented, thanking the new mum for sharing this. Laci also explains that she wasn’t purposely snapping pics of her daughter with the silicone baby bowl suctioned to her face.

I did not pause to take a photo of her unable to breathe. I was snapping a series of photos as it happened and I immediately ran to her aid the minute I realised it had suctioned to her face. 

Accidents happen and often baby products that are safe can pose a risk. We at Mum Central share these stories not to scare, but just to raise awareness so other parents know things like this can happen. Silicone baby bowls are still safe to use – just make sure you’re always watching Bub when eating!

Additional toys to be aware of 

Earlier this year two mums in our Mum Central community witnessed their children become injured while playing with two popular Kmart toys.

Racquelle’s infant son was playing with the Kmart Sensory Cube when the fabric rope got stuck around her seven-month-old son’s neck. Racquelle contacted the store and received a voucher but is still waiting for an official reply from Kmart. You can read her full story here. 

Kmart sensory toy danger
Source: Kmart

Jessie’s two daughters were playing in the bath with a glitter-filled Sensory Shaker ($9.00) from Kmart when the fidget toy opened and leaked all over the girls. They experienced acid burns on their stomachs and legs. You can read her warning here. 

Kmart fidget toy causes acid burns to toddler
Source: Today

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