Wedding Etiquette Fail? Guest Slices into Wedding Cake Before Bride and Groom!

Is it even a wedding if there’s no wedding cake for dessert? This wedding guest didn’t care for wedding etiquette and made a beeline for the unattended cake table, slicing straight into the bride and groom’s wedding cake for a piece. #awkward

For many modern brides, having a wedding cake on your wedding day is a BIG decision. After all, you’ve dreamed of other big dessert plans for your wedding reception yet tradition (and your mum) suggests you throw more money into the endless black hole of a wedding budget to make sure you have a wedding cake, regardless of whether it gets eaten or not.

Aaaah wedding cake, so much money, so little appreciation.

A wedding guest goes rogue and cuts the bride and groom’s wedding cake

Tiktok this week threw a video clip to end all etiquette video clips into my FYP feed over the weekend and it left me as speechless as what I expected this particular bride and groom were on this day, their wedding day.

Mediocrehailey uploaded the video of her wedding cake faux pas to the video-sharing platform and as expected, it blew up quicker than a white marquee on a windy wedding day, fetching more than 5.4 million views in several days.

“Me! A guest at my friend’s wedding! Ignoring the brownie table and confidentially (sic) cutting myself a slice of HER WEDDING CAKE thinking uh-oh! They forgot to serve it to everyone else!” “I know better now, I hate myself!”

@mediocrehaileyMy apologies to the bride & groom♬ original sound – mediocrehailey

I’m going to assume Hailey meant ‘confidently’ instead of confidentially because she looked like a woman on a mission – or rather a woman who REALLY WANTED A PIECE OF THAT CAKE.

Um. Yep. Given the wedding cake has its very own table and everything, it’s kind of obvious to most that no one goes near the cake. Short of putting a baby gate around it and a Mission Impossible-type force field around it the stand aloneness of the wedding cake speaks volumes. Yet, not loud enough for some.

I’ll skip the brownies and take a slice of tradition, thanks

To be fair, the bride and groom had already done the whole slicing of the cake photo bit and had their moment in the (what is rightfully theirs) spotlight, but the top tier remained on the table for show, which could be confusing for new players in the wedding guest game. Or those who are not quite so finely tuned on wedding etiquette.

For those who aren’t familiar, saving the top tier of the wedding cake for the first anniversary is a tradition that symbolises good luck and prosperity for newlyweds. That is unless *cough* someone eats it beforehand.

As you can imagine, the Tiktok community of righteous people came in droves to share their two cents worth on Hailey’s video. But plot twist: the bride did too. And she’s not just any bride, she’s clearly a very patient and understanding bride. She commented:


However, the internet was not quite as forgiving as the bride with people chiming in about the wedding cake disaster with:

“Not to be disrespectful but what is wrong with you?”

“You couldn’t pry this information out of me if I did this to someone at their wedding.”

“Ummmm, because you never heard about a single wedding tradition in your entire life. Do you live under a rock?”

“How can someone have so little self-awareness?”

“This made me angry and it’s not even my wedding”

“As a wedding planner, the way I would have swooped in so fast to stop you”

“Whoever filmed this wtf why didn’t they stop her???”

The outrage was real. So too were the laughs. But also #outrage.

wedding etiquette slicing wedding cake
This is definitely the look of love. Source: TikTok

You can have your cake and eat it too

If you believe the bride, this is a forgivable offence. An honest mistake by a good (and wedding cake-loving) friend. I have no doubt that the mishap will become a core memory for all and something they’ll all look back on with laughter in time.

I predict Hailey won’t be allowed to forget for quite some time while on the wedding guest circuit – possibly singled out in speeches around wedding etiquette and not to cut the wedding cake if she can help it. Cue much laughter from this circle of friends.

And for any brides-to-be out there, add accidental wedding cake eating to your list of things to worry about on your wedding day. Or perhaps whip out a cute ‘DO NOT EAT ME’ sign to display in clear view until your caterers are ready to pack up the cake from the display table. Just heed the warning…

I mean, it could potentially be worse. Kind of. via GIPHY

Did you have any fabulous faux pas at your wedding? Or worse, committed any brilliant bloopers yourself? We’d love to hear (if you don’t mind outing yourself) and share them. Spill the confetti below in the comments!

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